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Laver Cup 2018 Final Team Reveal | J.P. Morgan

October 16, 2019

bring up our first special guest. He’s an
11-time major champion the winner of the calendar Grand Slam in two different
years. He’s one of the absolute legends of the game, and he’s the man for which
this competition has been named. All the way from Australia,
please welcome Rod Laver. Welcome Rod! So good to see you. We’re
gonna be right here I’m gonna join you for a moment right here on this right
here perfect. Well, welcome! I have to say, Rod, one year
ago at this time Laver Cup was still an idea in our minds. What was it like
sitting courtside in Prague watching it all unfold in real time? Rod: Yeah it was
pretty amazing. I’m I’m still sort of starstruck that it’s called the Laver
Cup but watching that event for three days– it was just magnificent the
way the players played, how they performed, how they enjoyed it and of
course 17,000 people just to admire all the players. And when you see
your name, you mentioned headlining such a successful event. What are the emotions?
What goes through your mind? Rod: oh, I think yeah starting off as a kid, you’re not
thinking anything like this. But I was very fortunate. I played some
of our best tennis at the right time in my career, and so you know, when winning
those Wimbledon 12b, winning a Grand Slam, you know, it’s just purely a yeah–it’s a
dream come true. And finally, Rod, we want to say happy
belated birthday. You just celebrated the big eight oh I hope you celebrated in
style. Rod:I would like to forget them, but I think I did a lot in these these 80 years. I think you know you
packed a lot in for sure. Let’s welcome our next special guest. Set to once again
serve as captain for Team World, a seven-time singles, and 10 time doubles
Grand Slam champion, a former world number one in both singles and doubles,
Davis Cup champion, and lifetime New Yorker, please welcome John McEnroe. John, welcome. You have one year
under your belt now as captain of Team World. Tell us what it was like from a
captain’s perspective. John: I mean I think it was one of the best and most exciting
weeks that I’ve been around for many years to be part of you know this my
idol here to my right and to see the players get behind it as as much as they
did and the crowd was amazing so we’re hoping that now that we have
the home court advantage, that in Chicago, which is a great sports town, that we can
we can pull this out so whether the players are excited I’m excited it was
an awesome week and we’re looking forward to it being even better this
year. Well we talked about the idea of rivals becoming teammates it really
looked as if the players had no trouble making that transition. Was that your
experience? John: well we were obviously big underdogs, as we will be this year.
However, I feel like we had a great team spirit which is you know in part and
parcel that you’ll see the players that are going to be playing for us and I
think that sometimes they can it helps bring out human things you didn’t know
you could accomplish beforehand so we felt like we we’re struggling early and
the next thing you know we were just so close to winning it so we’re hoping to
make that next step this year. Well you mentioned Rod as your idol. I know
you looked up to him as a kid. How nice is it to be able to really grow his
legacy in such an important way? John: Well I think that the tennis recognizes
hopefully then and the people be Roger in particular to get behind something
like this where you know he’s our Babe Ruth of our sport and we’re all happy to
be part of this and I think it’s important for our history that people
the players and fans are aware of how we got to where we are today
absolutely well I think it’s time to welcome our next guest ranked as high as
number one in the world he’s a 13 time Grand Slam champion a Davis Cup champion
as of Sunday the only player to ever win all nine ATP Masters 1000 titles from
Serbia and from Team Europe please welcome Novak Djokovic welcome Novak so good to have you here
fresh off your win in Cincinnati speaking of one year ago you weren’t
even playing tennis one year ago as you as you were rehabbing your elbow today you sit with us as a Wimbledon champion as the holder of the career golden masters and now we’re
looking forward to Labor Cup can you sum up the last year and tell us what you’re
most looking forward to yes well thank you it’s a thrill to be here and to of
course share the stage with the legends of our sport and to be you know
announcing the Laver Cup for this year I’ve watched Laver Cup from my home last
year. I wasn’t competing I had the elbow injury that kept me away from the tour,
but Laver Cup looked looked really really good on the TV, and all the people
who were who were there, who were participating, were saying only nice
things about it. It was it’s a new concept, it’s a new format, it’s a new
competition. It’s very refreshing. It resembles Ryder Cup in golf and carries
the name of a living legend, and it’s it’s phenomenal. It’s just– it’s a great
pleasure to be part of it. In Cincinnati, Roger Federer talked about looking
forward to Laver Cup as well, but he specifically said he’s looking forward
to spending time with you. What has your rivalry with Roger meant to you
in your career? 46 matchups now, and what’s it going to be like to possibly
join him, maybe on the doubles court? Novak: well yeah I’m looking forward to that
hopefully if it comes to that yeah I look forward to spend time with with him
and with all the other players we don’t it’s you know life on the tour is
different obvious you have your team it’s individual sport you know the
only team competition so far that we played on in was Davis Cup historically
so share you know those type of team team weeks with with only your
countrymen and and you don’t get to mix up too much with with your biggest
rivals you know for obvious reasons but Laver Cup is a competition that unites
us all and and it was really unusual to to see that, but also very very nice that,
you know, all the players were backing and supporting the player who
was performing on the court every single day. I thought that was that was really
really nice and new friendships were formed and some friendships were even
stronger after that competition so I really look forward to that.
And finally, I’m told there’s a large Serbian population in Chicago. You have
Serbian fans wherever you go, but how nice is it to see those flags and those
fans cheering? Novak: yeah I mean that I look forward to that very much. I’ve been
invited to come to Chicago because of the the large Serbian community for
many years now. It’s gonna be my first time in Chicago. It’s a great occasion
Laver Cup plus I’m gonna have you know hopefully some little bit of a spare
time to go around the city and see many people all right well it is time now to
talk about our teams I would love for you to help me do the honors as the lone
representative of Team Europe go ahead and announce our team Europe here we go.
um okay should I stand or okay okay so everybody’s and gentlemen the Team
Europe for Laver Cup, in absence of our captain mr. Mr. Bjorn Borg, I have the honors, so I will start with the Roger Federer, Grigor Dimitrov, Alexander Zverev, Kyle Edmund, David Goffin, and myself. There we go. It is quite the lineup, and
coincidentally, these first five members of Team Europe are currently ranked two
four six eight and ten in the world and the captain’s pick is Kyle Edmund that
is our breaking news today number sixteen in the world and John I want to
ask you you’ve seen Kyle grow over the last few years he’s settling into his
role as the British number one very well he is but he’s not going to know what
pressure is so he gets to the Laver Cup he’s in for a very rude awakening fair
enough what are your thoughts on the overall
strength of this team it speaks for itself oh yeah exactly I mean you’ve got
two of the greatest you know we’re I’m sitting next to two of the all-time
greats and Roger obviously is there so this is a tall order
so I decided in because of the talent that you’re seeing with Team Europe that
I would get the world’s tallest team in there to try to intimidate our opponents
come September well that is a perfect segue we’d love for you to do the honors
you can sit or stand and announce team world. Well I will stand as Novak did
team rest of the world is going to consist of John Isner, a mere 6′ 10″,
Kevin Anderson at 6′ 8″, Diego Schwartzman at 5′ 7″, Nick Kyrgios a mere 6′ 3″, Jack Sock who I’ve just added, a mere 6′ 2″, and our team
leader, who I see just in the back over there a gentleman by the name of Juan
Martín Del Potro I’m very happy to be in his presence today. All right, Juan is joining us now all the way from
Argentina. So great to see you. Right there on the end. All right Juan, you got to watch
this event last year. How excited are you to be able to experience it firsthand in
September? Well of course I watch it at home. I was cheering for Team World, for sure, but now I will have the the chance to play and to enjoy the great week with
these gentlemen, and I will try to to win for sure, but it’s not going to be easy
for us but I’ll at least we are the tallest team and that’s good for us. Well
you have a little mini team Argentina playing for Team world. You and Diego
Schwartzman only a foot height difference but I imagine you guys are a
great friends countrymen and I’ve competed together before. Yes, of course,
Diego is a pretty small guy but he’s so funny and we would like to to
play for for Team World to try to win this legend and also we have a good friends
on the team leading by John which is an honor for us and for sure we we have a
good time there we have two guys with big hearts you know Juan Martín, I mean
all of them but especially Diego Schwartzman I mean he is you we have all
have a lot of respect for what he’s been able to accomplish and still I believe
he’s 12 or 13 in the world as we speak and five out of five out of seven
biggest servers in the game are right there
yes gonna have a blast returning and the courts gonna be very fast
you heard it here first one what’s it going to be like to be coached by John
McEnroe I imagine someone you watched growing up? Well it’s when I says it’s an
honor for me to sit so close to him to learn what he wants to advise to me and the
rest of the players is this happens only once a year so it’s a good opportunity
to keep learning about the about this sport and will be a pleasure to help
what he wants to advise for for us as you well aware we have very similar
playing styles love it John talk about your captain’s pick in Jack Sock he on
the double sport in particular has had an incredible year he had success last
year in Laver Cup. Why did you decide to go? Well you just hit the nail on the
head he’s the best doubles player in the world he’s been struggling obviously in
singles he had a great run at the end of last year I believe he put a lot of
pressure on himself to try to back that up and in it’s taken its toll but you
know he’s a great team player as Nick is and you know I believe that that they’ll
make each other better and I believe that being around the team atmosphere is
going to help jack hopefully play some great singles as well absolutely and
this is a question for all of you are there any matchups team World Team
Europe that you’re particularly looking forward to potential matchups? Juan Martín versus Novak Djokovic you going to see the best play the best absolutely
their best if there’s really every match has the potential to be like a slam
semi-final final level but there’s no question and you know I listen Kevin
Anderson’s got a lot to be proud of he came here and got to the finals of the
US Open last year he backed it up with a great run in Wimbledon. Isner, you know,
came off his best ever run, so I think guys are you know most of these guys are
playing with a lot of confidence and you know nick is very I’d say unpredictable
so you know he’s but he rises to the occasion up against the best players you
know he usually plays his best against Novak and then Roger so it’s going to be
interesting one of the breakout stars of the inaugural Laver Cup where the
sideline celebrations in particular for a team world Novak I
feel like if there was ever someone to bring it to the team Europe side it
would be you do you have any plans they were acting out yeah any ideas any
thoughts of what goes into the choreography yet and I obviously have to
talk with with our team members to see whether whether we are going to do
something about it but I don’t think that we will be a competition to team
world because they just mastered the the choreography behind the court yeah but
you’ve got Bjorn Borg he’s a a person that we’ve got is a showman
okay relax Me. Borg plus points if you could involve Bjorn Borg and your
sideline celebrations and finally Jon I want to wrap up just by talking one more
time about Chicago and about that home court advantage what its gonna be into
team world and it also has a little special place in your heart career-wise
well I’m you may be referring to the last tournament I ever won where I beat my
brother in the final so Chicago is a great sports town I think the people in
the states understand that and so I think other than you know I’m a little
biased but I believe in New York’s the greatest city in the world followed very
closely by Chicago so New York has the US Open so you know given the fact that
the proximity in terms of the calendar the thing it makes sense to try to bring
it to a place where they’re hungry for some great tennis action and it’s been a
long time so it’s been an event there so I know from what I’m hearing the people
are very excited in Chicago about having this event and last but not least
any advice for Juan and Novak? You can give it to Juan, and Novak can listen if
you don’t want to give advice to the opposing side. Well you can say it in Spanish. Yeah the
only words I know in Spanish are curse words so
I think that we have to sort of keep keep things close to the vest right now
because you know if you’d noticed this guy seems to be playing you know pretty
well again so we we have our hands full but I think we’re gonna have a couple
tricks up our sleeve alright well it is going to be fun to watch I think at this
time we’re going to turn it over to some questions for the media do we have the
roaming mic you

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