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Learning Motivation by Training Pro Tennis Players – Maurizio de Franciscis

October 9, 2019

Erik: What did training professional tennis
players teach you about motivating others? Maurizio: I think the most important thing
they taught me is, it’s the balance. A tennis player is an incredible asset and
it’s a person in a very stressful situation. Tennis is a mental game. It’s like chess. Great players continuously told me the difference
between the top 200 players in the world is actually not very much in terms of game. It’s all in their mind. And this is what the players say. I know that this is not what the journalists
say because people want to have their heroes. I think what it taught me is the importance
of showing somebody their gaps and what they can improve without denting their motivation. It’s a continuous give and take of the balance
and it’s important to also help them mark their improvements so even if the journey
looks long they feel that they are getting somewhere. You know I realize that if I had to put it
down on paper it would be — it would make for a pretty banal statement but having lived
it gives me a sense for it that I could not get from reading that statement.

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