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Lee Skyrme post Exeter City U18 v Man City U18

February 26, 2020

Alright Lee, we’ve just drawn 2-2 against
Man City’s under-18s – you must be delighted all in all. Yeah, yeah – very pleased. Obviously to get
a result like that against a team like Manchester City, who gave us a very very tough game today…
it was nice. I thought we deserved to get something out of the game. Our first half
performance was very good and we were a bit disappointed that we came in a goal down,
rather than maybe being a goal up. Second half, we were a little disjointed as
we were starting to chase the game and we were getting a bit fatigued, but the boys
showed their character which I know they’ve got and they’ve had since I’ve been here.
They work hard and they’re tough kids. It was great to get two late goals to get the
point – if it was a league game, y’know. What was most pleasing for you really – was
it the result, or was it the performance, or a combination of the two? It’s always about performance with these guys.
It’s about seeing where they are in terms of their development, so I was really pleased
with the first half. It was a little bit loose at times in the final third; if we weren’t
so loose there with a few things then maybe we would have created a few better chances
and stuff like that. Also I’m pleased with the character – to be
two goals down to a good side like that and to come back… I’m very pleased. And the
result is always a bonus, you know. But performance first and result second for
me in that game.

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