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Life Perspective | 15 Paparazzi Pics Of Female Athletes We Couldn’t Look Away From | Part1

January 14, 2020

15 Paparazzi Pics Of Female Athletes We Couldn’t
Look Away From. The paparazzi make a living based on catching
world-famous celebrities as they go about their daily life. Sometimes, they catch celebs in awkward and
embarrassing moments or not looking their best. At the same time, catching celebs looking
steamy and sultry is just as good. However, for the paparazzi, nothing compares
to catching a gorgeous female athlete going about their day. The paparazzi will lurk in the shadows hoping
to catch the perfect pic of the finest female sports stars. These athletes are huge stars in their respected
sports but are starting to branch out. Several of them have received offers to model
and appear in film and television. However, no modelling pic can compare to some
of the images caught by the paparazzi. There is a great risk that photographers take
when trying to catch a candid pic of these world-class athletes. They can’t outrun them and will likely get
knocked out in a fistfight. However, it’s all worth it for that one
provocative image that will make jaws drop around the world. Still, many of them are putting their lives
in great danger to snap these pics. These female athletes are the best at what
they do and just happen to be beautiful. Here is a look at 15 Paparazzi Pics of Female
Athletes We Can’t Look Away From. 1. Allison Stokke. This is the kind of sultry paparazzi pic that
can make a photographer’s career. That’s why so many of them attend track
and field events now. None will give up the chance to snap a shot
of the incredibly beautiful Allison Stokke. She first gained attention as a pole-vaulter
in high school after breaking several records. At the age of 17, a pic of her competing at
an event instantly went viral, and she became an Internet sensation. This resulted in the paparazzi following her
every move. Despite all the attention, she continues to
pursue an education at the University of California Berkley where she continues to break several
records. She has started working as a fitness model
and worked with several top brands, including Uniqlo, Athleta, and Nike. It’s obvious from this pic that she’ll
have a great career as a model. However, it’s also evident from this pic
that she is much more focused on her pole-vaulting career. 2. Eugenie Bouchard. Oftentimes, the paparazzi can be intrusive
and disrupt the lives of celebs and athletes. The public is usually against photographers
for crossing boundaries. However, there is a good chance that this
isn’t one of those times. There is nobody complaining about this red-hot
image of Genie Bouchard in action. This photographer caught a candid pic of Bouchard
having fun at a tennis event. She first gained wide recognition after winning
the 2013 WTA Newcomer of the Year. In 2014, she made it to the finals of the
Wimbledon Championship. Additionally, she reached the semi-finals
of both the 2014 French Open and the 2014 Australian Open. For obvious reasons, most major brands want
to work with her and want her to be the face of their products. She has signed endorsement deals with Nike,
Babolat, and Coca-Cola. Not only is she a world champion tennis player
but she should also win an award for steamiest athlete in yoga pants. 3. Anastasia Ashley. Photographers love to follow Anastasia Ashley
around the beach. They get to spend a day at the beach and get
to take pics of her looking gorgeous. She’s a perfect 10 and is guaranteed to
deliver the most beautiful images. Ashley is a world-famous pro surfer but is
starting to turn heads as a model. She won her first surf contest at the age
of 6 after finding a board in a trashcan. She won her first major title at the young
age of 16. In 2003, she won the Triple Crown Rookie of
the Year. In 2010, she won the Pipeline Women’s Pro
in Hawaii. Her success has resulted in a very successful
modelling career. In fact, she often steals the spotlight when
appearing alongside the most famous models. In 2014, she appeared in Sports Illustrated
Swimsuit Edition. This photographer snapped a pic of her while
shooting her latest and steamiest photoshoot for SI. 4. Paige VanZant. Don’t let Paige VanZant’s stunning beauty
and innocent smile fool you because she isn’t just a gorgeous knockout. If you mess with her, she’ll knock you out. VanZant is a mixed marital artist that competes
in the UFC’s Women’s Flyweight division. As of November 8th, she is ranked at number
10 on the official UFC Women’s Flyweight rankings. She is a warrior in the Octagon known for
her aggressive grappling and striking style. Her success in the Octagon resulted in her
competing on the reality competition series Dancing with the Stars. VanZant and her dance partner made it to the
finals but ended up finishing second. She’s dabbled in some modelling early in
her career and is landing some major deals now. As demonstrated in this pic, even when she’s
headed to the gym for a day of intense training, she still looks like she belongs on the cover
of Vogue. 5. Alex Morgan. Historically, soccer (or football, as it’s
better known) has never been very popular in the United States. However, in the last several years, women’s
soccer has started to catch on, and some of the credit must got to football star Alex
Morgan. She is a member of the United States women’s
national team and currently plays for the Orlando Pride of the NWSL. In 2012, she played a crucial role in helping
the U.S. national team win a gold medal at the 2012 Olympic games in London. In 2015, she helped lead the U.S. national
team to another major victory as they won the FIFA’s Women’s World Cup. Her success on the field and incredible beauty
has resulted in a great deal of success off the field. She’s landed major endorsement deals and
appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated several times, in addition to appearing in
the Swimsuit Issue. 6. Serena Williams. Serena Williams is widely regarded as the
greatest female tennis player of all time. Her success has resulted in mainstream coverage
and modelling opportunities. However, there are not many pics that are
as luscious as this candid shot of Serena. She has won the second most Grand Slam singles
titles of all time with 23. Additionally, Serena has won four Olympic
Gold Medals and with her sister, Venus, won 14 Grand Slam doubles titles. She was ranked the number 1 singles player
on 8 separate occasions between 2002 and 2017. In total, she was the number 1 ranked tennis
player in the world for 319 weeks. She appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
Issues on several occasions. She has also signed numerous endorsement deals,
including Pepsi, Aston Martin, and Beats by Dre. It’s obvious from this pic why all those
companies would want Serena to be the face of their brand. 7. Michelle Jenneke. Before each of Michelle Jenneke’s races,
photographers push each other out of the way to snap a pic of her in action. Most of them don’t care about the race. It’s her pre-match routine that has them
going crazy. She competes mostly in hurdling events and
won a silver medal at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics. She also competed in the 2016 Rio Olympic
Games. However, she is best known for her pre-match
warm-up dance. She first did her warm-up dance at the 2012
World Junior Championships in Barcelona, and the video instantly went viral. This steamy dance gained her worldwide media
attention. She was featured in the 2013 Sports Illustrated
Swimsuit Issue. As evidenced in the pic, she continues to
do her dance before each race. It usually receives more attention than the
race she competes in. It’s nearly impossible to look away from
Michelle when she’s in action.

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