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Light Racket – Red Rocks Premieres

January 11, 2020

So this is um Nikhil Harper it’s from a part of Sweden called a plum and We just use it here for like indie rock, but um, it’s fun. It’s a very old instrument I think it came before the violin so they were playing it a long time ago 1300s I think. Yeah, um, I was born in Sweden yeah, so I speak Swedish – I Came here when I was a kid, but I still spent a lot of time in Sweden So I grew up a little back and forth From Boston. I’ve been here since 2000. So I’m pretty much a Colorado native. I feel I grew up in Denver I For a really long time since I was about maybe six months Old sweepy Ali moved to Denver from New Mexico like way back. So I’ve been here eyes will be a native – I’m from the Chicago area And I’ve been out here for about four years. So consider myself a Chicagoan Makes noise for light racket And Write it down Was it saved you every time Escaping what you Drive your car into the Sun It didn’t go over so well Shooting up the time and time again Was it Was it In the water Playing kind of off and on For about ten years maybe yeah fry I do the primary usually usually the initial writing and then Everyone else comes up with their own parts. You just usually will do it like that. So depends on the song. Yeah I’m the new addition of the band and I’m the cellist. I know Adrian. I played in the Colorado Symphony, so And Adrian plays a lot with us. And so she Sort of was the one who knew me. That was my my in with my racket. I Like playing this kind of music because it’s a little different from the very detail-oriented Sort of perfectionistic classical music world. So it it lets me sort of just like relax a little bit and And also it’s you know, I’m doing a lot of improvising here with them which For me is not something I do often. It’s not something. I’m very good at but I am trying to get better at it and Yeah, it’s just fun. It’s new it’s different and it’s it’s challenging and also Like just way more relaxed Um, well it’s kind of the same with Austin I get to work on improvising and playing outside of the box which is it’s really fun and it helps, you know, It makes me a better more well-rounded musician. I play drums and actually, Hawkinsville Not extremely well I don’t usually sing and I sing with Ellen I love playing in this group, though because I never get to play with strings players really so they get to play with like three other people on stringed instruments is A treat for me actually To bring your horse sound you’re Leavin Take you gather In the sauce Or this dark winters And Silverman Silverman and The eyes right yeah Mm so bourbon and rum And Oh Red Rocks premiers will continue Denver is home to some of the country’s best places for Concerts theaters and events were also home to a vibrant arts and cultural scene that’s arts and venues Denver Red Rocks Amphitheatre That’s arts and venues Denver the Performing Arts Complex. That’s arts and venues, Denver The Convention Center Coliseum and McNichol Civic Center, that’s arts and venues, Denver Look around at Denver’s array of public art that’s arts and venues Denver to guiding and maintaining the city’s distinguished display And it’s also diverse cultural programs such as One Book One Denver Film Fiesta and the by points Jazz Festival Arts and venues Denver aims to amplify our quality of life and enrich our city’s vibrancy and culture Arts and venues Denver a dynamic city agency serving you It’s very beautiful and all the cottonwoods are super pretty and we’re very excited to be here I played here a few times before Yeah with some other bands, it’s always wonderful every time we play here. It really is. Yeah, the sound is great It’s so beautiful. I mean it can’t be beat Near the end what do you what do you hope to leave the audience with when you’re part of the show is only 200? I guess Just an experience of the songs. Yeah just to have experience to them Yeah, and hopefully enjoyed them too Merriman Combination People We are light rocket we will have some CDs for sale over here on the right-hand side To me Oh Listen Tyler Thank you very much In

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  • Reply Mary O'neal August 3, 2019 at 7:34 pm

    Fabulous. Beautiful music, and harmonies. Elin has an unforgettable, passionate voice.

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