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Lion Trident | review | #tabletennisexperts

February 17, 2020

The trident is a type of melee weapon that was used by fishermen to hunt larger fish and octopus. The trident is an attribute of the Greek Poseidon, Roman Neptune – the patron of Gdańsk. This review is recorded in Gdansk. The trident was also used in gladiator fights – it was used to finish off tethered enemy. The name of the rubber indicates its unusual use and so it really is. It is a very soft rubber which, regardless of the type of opponent’s rotation, will give the opportunity to lead an offensive move. You need good technique and agility to play with this rubber. The condition of the Greek warrior Sparta or Roman gladiator is most advisable. The Trident weapon needed network support to deal the most damage. Trident rubber also in conjunction with pips or anti-spin will provide the possibility of a finishing attack. It is perfect that the review is recorded in Gdańsk at the coolest table tennis hall in Poland. Halfvoley This rubber gives a very high feeling. Due to the very soft sponge, we can use much more force when hitting than with HARD rubbers. Striking hard, we keep a lot of control and the ability to level the ball. This rubber is not too sensitive to the opponent’s rotation and even by doing this play on the opponent’s topspin we can get points. backhand or forehand The rubber performs much better on forehand. We have the ability to generate much faster and stronger hits. With a backahnd where you can’t put in so much power into the hit it’s hard to surprise your opponent. Topspin forehand This rubber gives a lot of rotation and an unpleasant ball path. However, it must be taken into account that the move must be made much more vertically. The soft sponge keeps the ball on the racket for a long time and the movement must be directed more smoothly. At the same time, this rubber is not sensitive to the opponent’s rotation. You have to be careful not to shorten the movement and not break it because then there is a high probability that we throw the ball behind the table. The softness and lack of sensitivity to opponent’s rotation means that this rubber can be used for initial training. Perfect for any table tennis student who wants to start playing Combined with faster blades and dynamic movement, it allows unconventional attacks and can cause a lot of problems. Especially less trained players, but with aspirations for results should consider this rubber. Combination elements With proper dynamics and arrangement on the table, everyone has the opportunity to play a finishing attack with this rubber. Depending on the table setting, you must choose a place where there is no opponent. You can play very hard and confidently with a lot of control. It is not a speed and rotation demon but not everyone needs it. I will say more, not everyone should look for the best parameters of rubber because they just can’t handle it. Everyone must go a certain way to be able to play with better equipment depending on what level you are at. Offensive play from the second and first zone can be played with high rotation. Depending on the topspin move we make, we have the opportunity to surprise the opponent. In the first zone it is better to play more semi-slow and in the second zone add more side rotation. The ball can literally escape under the rocket while playing. The competitor gets less feedback in his hand than in the case of tensor rubbers. However, at this price it’s hard to find something better. Thank you for watching till the end. If you liked it, leave a like. If you want to receive such materials on a regular basis, subscribe. Check what’s on us on Instagram and facebook – you’ll find the best actions from the matches we’ve been to there. Take a look at TikTok where we popularize table tennis among children and teenagers. All links in the description.


  • Reply Artur Bobkiewicz February 10, 2020 at 1:40 pm

    Gdańsk fajne miasto 😀

  • Reply kurczak kurczak February 10, 2020 at 3:36 pm

    do jakiej okładziny byscie porównali lion trident

  • Reply Niekryty Boxdel February 10, 2020 at 7:22 pm

    Gdzie zamówikiście okładzine

  • Reply Odkrywca Świata February 10, 2020 at 11:17 pm

    Polecicie jakąś okładzinę podobna do Yasaka Rigan, tańsza opcja dla amatora któremu bdb gra sie Riganem, ale szkoda mu 220 zł na dwie takie okładki?

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