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Lionel Messi Vs Cristiano Ronaldo ● FIFA WORLD CUP 2018

August 30, 2019

mesmerized them with this that’s master
Anna finding messy finish one note of football club Barcelona hello
Oh Platinum guard from Cristiano Ronaldo psychologic such an important time to
score just a coupler but it’s before half-time Taurus in that memorial so
it’s gifted too messy you don’t want to do that layer messy over the top but
it’s won’t nil wanna finish Salvatori silikal left in no-man’s land
layer Messi breaks the deadlock back live with you now here is a chance
to double real madrid’s lead in the parts in a car the position is
messy Benzema is going to find him down
aleksander the defender ronaldo handing off her Carbajal caramel in an DBM it has been hit more times
than any of the man the history of the Christian which gets agents with messy messy books team hasn’t gone in six platicas but he’s
back to homes Real Madrid Benzie bar really viable Leo Messi yes he can
three one two football club Barcelona Leo Messi second direct free kick goal it could be the post his messy
Chancellor parser at this time it goes in
Leo Messi gives football club Barcelona the net you can’t give bar sir too many
chances great skill from Messi and a brilliant clinical finish as well
Cristiano Ronaldo they can only stand and stare at these planets they’re
putting a deposit on the traffic even two superstars like the rabid red
team you could see when it matches to that almost daring Messi who does take a
deal and freezes the keeper Messi the brilliance of this men never ceases to
amaze history to score it all Bart said to get wide thanks for missing the post and burn
someone that doubles its lead Niska
as Kristen we’re still gonna let gives inside
that’s typically brilliant turning defense into attack round Madrid in the
blink of an eye you know exactly what he’s gonna do it’s a clear start and
Oakland where nowadays it cuts his son and his right foot and Louis
right at the end – NNN they’re bad but look at this play
by your name messy there is the misfortune mirror message
shows release without a director it’s not been Luis Suarez day yes story that
also had three or four other job opportunities since you releasing Toni
Kroos good good to see what’s on come back for another sensational finish
and it just had to be him to release attention Cristiano
breathing space from Real Madrid well this is the peck of the box for
being Kevin this is something


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