Living with fires in Australia – PART I : Evacuation

February 10, 2020

What ? Your guitalélé is here Ah yes I was looking for it Where it is ? It’s really scary No Really ? You’re like ” cool there is fire” I’m not like ” cool there is fire” Michèle It’s sucks there is fire but we’re not in mortal danger right now No, but it’s scary anyway maybe everything is going to burn … It’s not your fault It’s not my fault I’m not saying it’s not my fault It’s our responsibility now but it’s not my fault, our fault, that it happens That’s what I’m saying It’s just civilization thing You know we’ve built a civilization and it’s not sustainable and it will crash and that’s it For forty years, I’ve been studying climate change I’m a research historian I look at facts as I find them and analyze them I don’t build up theories on anything except the facts that I’ve given so I’m not a scientist but I speak with my 40-year knowledge of science so my background and this is pretty pretty solid and most of the scientists I speak to and many of the papers I’ve read give me the same story It is probably too late at this moment to do anything about what is coming the fire if it comes here the best things we can do outside and inside if we have to end up being inside which they’ve recommended if the fires coming find an inside space with an exit to the outside we need to have windows covered with woolen blankets wetting down towels for under door cracks and locking in key holes there was another thing and we need to if we’ve got mops or towels wet they all need to be wet so that if there is embers coming into the house they’re going to come in through roof cavities or under the floor so then, we need to have things wet so we can put things out easily everyone to have protective clothing available so long sleeves, long pants, cotton and wool, no synthetics and covered shoes Yeah, and I think it’s fine at this stage for us all to be just as we are in a relaxed way It’s just that point of we probably could start putting things up on the windows inside and choose this big room maybe two rooms or safe rooms then if it does happen that we do need to go inside we know where to go there’s no panic If the house is on fire we stay cautious Because there’s too much risk of radiant heat and this bushfire safety awareness says a lot of data states that two-thirds of black Saturday fatalities died while sheltering in or near their house researched by bushfires scientists revealed that they did not die because they were sheltering they died because they did not know how to shelter safely don’t raise the level of panic until there’s a problem if we can’t all fit here. There’s the surf beach there’s the Golf club and there is the Bowling club Leasure center is probably a good place for us to go if the fire does go because it’s only two minutes away 2 minutes ? And it’s a big brick building much more safe than here So this is the leisure center here and we’re just checking it up cause it looks like it’s quite closed off which I assume they blacking out the windows but I’m not sure and it seems to be locked so we’re just gonna check and see what’s happening that put you details to be able to others people to find you and then you can actually just go somewhere you feel safe it’s 10h18 and we’re in Narooma and the sky is turning fairly dark, black, I would say it’s you know very dark gray and we’ve got a few embers falling in and we’re trying to organize our fire plan of where we’re going to evacuate to and my eyes are starting to sting and my lungs are starting to feel quite uncomfortable so we’re going to go back to the house and watch out for the car and then we can register at the evacuation center I was here camping at Mystery bay this morning Martin just woke up on his own Around 7:00 and he heard other people Packing so he wake us up and said well everybody’s is packing, I think there is evacuation so we were very surprised and confused we just woke up and it was still dark the sky was completely red we came to friend’s house to Badgi and Tara’s house and everybody was amazing because they were organized and they were organizing water on the garden, house we have a lot of people here who support each other I don’t feel any tension just imagine that we here have a much hotter environment then think how much hotter than that it’s going to be in the middle East that’s going to be so hot that people can’t live there Already, it is too hot in some of the middle eastern and northern Indian cities for people to go out of doors during the day the problems that are coming are monumental and they cascade on top of each other Because one little problem will set off the next one which will make the next one even bigger We can see it with all the life that’s in the world It’s all dying Because of us so we will look out one day and there won’t be any insects maybe not even any flies and then we really are alone on this planet

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