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Long Tail Pro How to find low competition keywords quickly

January 24, 2020

all right so let’s get into the kinds of
keywords that there are so first of all there’s two types of keywords I hope you
guys can see this picture all right I tried to make it bigger but it gets a
little bit blurry but this was the best picture that I could come up with that
that really showed a good description of what I’ll be talking about so basically
there are short tail keywords or seed keywords and there are long tail
keywords and then of course there’s a keywords that are in between those those
two but those are the two main types okay so a short tail keyword would be a
phrase like shoes you know it’s just very plain there’s no descriptive words
that are with it it’s just choose someone looking for shoes we have no
idea what they really want do they want pictures of shoes do they want to buy
shoes what kinds of shoes are they looking for you know we have no idea
what it is that they want shoes we they just typed in shoes okay so that’s a
short tail or a seed keyword now something that would be a long tail
keyword would be something like red Nike men’s running shoes that’s very specific
we know exactly what they want we even know the color that they’re looking for
so that’s super duper targeted now of course the word shoes is going to get
way more searches than red Nike men’s running shoes however a very important
thing to take into account and keep in your mind is that there’s no way there
is virtual it’s virtually impossible this day and age to rank for seed
keywords things like shoes purses digital marketing you know digital
marketing would actually be more in between those two like the word
marketing for example that would be a seen keyword it’s just an even digital
marketing would be like you probably wouldn’t want to go
to that term because there’s just going to be so much competition that you
wouldn’t actually ever get a chance to rank for that term and what point is it
to try to go after a term that you have no chance of ranking for it’s just a
waste of time and energy so the whole point of keyword research is to find
terms that we can actually use and rank for so that we can actually get that
traffic and those extra visitors to our website because if we’re choosing and
the I I’ve had this before especially working on Fiverr and doing freelance
work sometimes you will return the research back to clients and they will
still refuse to use your recommendations which at the end of the day I can’t you
know you can only lead a horse to water you can’t make it drink however I do
recommend doing keyword research in order to find terms that you can rank
for and using those terms otherwise you’re just going to be you know kind of
fooling yourself in a sense of trying to try and rank for something like shoes or
even Nike shoes that would be like ridiculously hard to try and rank for
and you probably don’t have the time or budget in order to be able to rank for a
term like that so that’s why we our whole strategy here that we’re going to
be talking about in this entire course is built around finding these longtail
keyword phrases because and the reason we want to do that is threefold
number one lower competition way lower competition we actually have a chance of
ranking for terms like this that are that are low or longtail terms the other
thing is that it helps us optimize for semantic search if in case you guys
don’t know what that means it’s when people are typing things into Google or
another search engine or nowadays they’re on their phones and that’s
really where semantic search came into play is when people are talking into
their phones maybe they want to look up you know dentist Atlanta Georgia so that
would be a search term another thing would be you know hotels
in Atlanta Georgia that would be semantic search where it’s
almost like a conversation it’s it’s human English right it’s it’s useable
it’s user friendly and it makes sense when you read it out even read Nike
men’s running shoes that that still makes sense when you’re reading it out
now sometimes as you dive in more to the research you you will see that even
terms like maybe it’ll be men’s running shoes Nike red now that’s weird that’s
sort of a weird term because obviously we know that people may be searching
that in because they want to find those results but it’s very hard for us to use
that in a way that would make sense in our content now it’s not impossible
there are creative ways that you can still use those those terms for example
if it was a term that didn’t read well you could use it for optimizing images
you know most blogs have hundreds of images and eventually you’re going to
have to use keywords a few times but the best thing do is use other variations of
keywords so that would be a great way to use a misspelling or another type of
longtail phrase that doesn’t really make sense it wouldn’t really make sense in
an article or as a title but maybe it would you do well as a image
optimization or a video title inside of the the file name so those are other
ways that you can optimize things that are that don’t read well but are still
valuable for SEO so going back here for a moment between our our seed keywords
or the short tail keywords and of course the long tail keywords then you have
those middle phrases where maybe it’s something like men’s shoes or maybe it’s
like men’s Nike shoes so those would be in between these two here now a good
rule of thumb is if it’s one word it’s a seed keyword for sure or short tail
keyword phrase if it has three to four or more
birds it can be considered a longtail keyword usually if it’s over four words
or more but sometimes even three it just depends on your industry and market for
example online marketing or any type of marketing services you’re probably gonna
need to go to like four key words four words until you’re getting into the
longer tail keywords that are easier to rank for because there can still be a
lot of competition when you’re going for things like social media marketing or
social media management you can still have enormous lehigh competition so
maybe things like social media management for small business that would
be a longtail keyword phrase that might be a better thing to go after so that is
the difference between short tail and long tail keyword phrases and I just
kind of put some perspective what we’re going to be covering over this entire
course and of course you can see here as we go along this curve the chances of
you converting these people also increase because that is a term that
buyers are looking for right someone that is ready to buy a new pair of
tennis shoes they’re looking up I want red Nike men’s running shoes so they’re
they know exactly what they want and they’re closer to being ready to buy
people that are just typing in shoes they’re nowhere near ready to buy they
don’t even know what kind of shoes they want right so that’s why we like to go
after these long tail keyword phrases because not only are they easier to rank
for they’re also going to be easier to convert people because we’re targeting
the people that are closer to the end of the customer buying phase and we’re
going to be talking about that later on in this course in case you’re not quite
familiar with what the customer buying phases are stay tuned for that later in
this course and you can review that there so that has been deep
main types of keywords

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