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February 14, 2020

Hi all guys welcome to this new video I know I’m a little devastated but the derby has just finished I’m not even going to say it, I’m sorry for the Milan fans, I’mi very happy for us Inter fans I’m so enjoy this so very much I’m enjoying this so much. But beyond that the motogp tests in malaysia are over so it is absolutely necessary a summary. a lot of topics to look at, very interesting ones, including lorenzo who coaches valentino rossi: the pictures are so unimaginable pedrosa who goes very very fast despite not being in business anymore quartararo practically on fire and marquez having a hard time however, in my opinion something is going on, however we’ll talk about it after the intro and if you are not yet subscribed to the channel remember to subscribe I would say to start from the important things that is: to see these pictures I have a hard time believing in lorenzo next to valentino rossi who were big enemies up until 3 years ago now they are there working together to develop Yamaha and go faster they even said that Lorenzo gave advice on the trajectories to valentino just like a real coach really really incredible then lorenzo as soon as he put his butt on the yamaha right away I’d like to do a wild card and he’s talking about barcelona let’s say that this withdrawal has become a half-withdrawal Because if with a few races he starts making some important results the situation will change immediately, in my opinion it really is useless to talk about lap times for the simple fact that they have raced practically six days, between testers and official drivers, official drivers a little less but still they made it, so from the first to the 19th they are inside by just one second a very small difference, so talking about positions and everything else it is not even so indicative, but instead it is very indicative to speak of the paces ris and vinales were very convincing on the pace, they were the only ones who managed to turn on the low 59 very good! and think: the best third on the pace is I think, I spent a while there watching, is Aleix Espargaró with the new aprilia the work they have done is incredible in three months they made a motorbike from scratch, they went from a V engine of 75 degress to 90 and this allowed them to be able to redistribute the weights to change the dimensions of the frame in order to make a bike truly completely different The results were immediately visible having a bike that, brand new, already works so well is a big step forward and also Aleix Espargaró said that if the race were to be run the next day he could probably make it to the podium and he is a very realistic one so I’m really happy for Aprilia who after years and years of of disasters has pulled out a convincing bike but we’ll wait for qatar because you never know and above all we wait for Iannone, who is also very much in balance, as you know the defense of iannone brought as evidence the hair, an analysis of the hair, what is positive about it? is that it can take a much wider time frame than urine so despite it being done later manages to get up to four months before that urine sample that made poor Ian positive Having said that now the prosecution will have to reanalyze these tests, which the defense of Iannone brought and reevaluate the situation a little, and from how it started it became a bit better fingers crossed! quartararo was there in first place for all three days he managed to turn in a crazy time: 58 low, that is incredible stuff 58.5 and the record is 58.3 so really very interesting times but on the pace he was not so incisive so who knows he said “I found it a little difficult to be able to replicate the same time for the duration of the race simulation stint” because at the center of the curve, his strong point it had a little movement, and he was struggling a lot. the ducati, the ducati every time when you read the interviews there is always one: the tire that favors yamaha, it is the tire that favors this one, we don’t understand also ’cause miller made some very interesting things, and finished second in the second day it was very, very constant … I don’t know, you too can tell me what you think, but it seems to me that in ducati every time at the beginning of the year, it seems that they always want to play it safe, this is a bit what it feels like you tell me too… and now let’s conclude with marquez having a hard time I think he’s so self-assured, he is so sure of his means that the truth is that he did not want to push too hard in these tests, even if he stumbled on some falls, but it’s ok, and in any case the honda is such a difficult bike that if you are not fully alert and especially being a very physical bike, if you are not 100% in the condition and always there ready to get up with your elbow you fall, but in my opinion it is as usual marquez, at the first race, he will be there in front playing for the championship as always, because they should put that guy on the rims to put him in trouble therefore for these texts it is useless to look at his times and his pace because in my opinion he walked To conclude, one thing that has given me a lot of pleasure is seeing dani pedrosa that after a long time of work behind the scenes for ktm in these tests he took and placed himself in front, because he is in the top 7 top 8 if I’m not mistaken very few tenths from the first place and after 2 years out of the scene I would really like to see him in the race because he is a talent and like lorenzo in my opinion he had simply lost himself and had to regain some self-confidence and he’s like those pilots who with too much pressure they are no longer having fun and are unable to perform as they could in situations much more , how to say familiar, if they are not comfortable if they are not calm They begin to enter a vortex precisely of too much pressure they just don’t go. instead there are other champs that maybe have less quality technique but mentally are much much stronger I’m not here to give you examples you can figure out who they are or guess, I can’t wait for myself, after five months, to get back on track I don’t know yet where and where where will I go? write it in the comments I know it’s a shitty situation I told you but I hope to tell you everything shortly also because we have reached the point of either inside or outside as soon as you know everything I will inform you with all the calendars, all things, I will do with a dedicated video about my 2020 season until then, fingers crossed as usual gas and see you in the next video as we wait for the new season..

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