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Making of The Video Escape – Enrique Iglesias Anna Kournikova

October 23, 2019

from Ridgid laziest marika shows us the
finer points of making the video when you try to shoot a sexy video you should
go all the way we’re trying to get as much sex in this video, as possible sex
music that’s all we need and it all comes down to the perfect co-star a
beautiful talented great tennis player I don’t we have a sex scene in the car but
would we be able to win this match doesn’t take a good actor to try to kiss
Anna I mentioned evil plus the world premiere is video I’m thinking of why I wrote the song I
know I wrote the song for it’s sort of like a recounting of lost love he’s
thinking about it because she’s lost girl she just happens to be in the
audience all right only then a rake Enrique world can stuff like this happen
I’ll be singing uh you can run you can hide but you tennis took my love and
boom we’ll go back in time to a moment when I was with that girl and then he
recounts his love with her and they they escape at the end you know back in love
wreak a having the reputation that he does has to have very very very special
guests the special guest is Anna Kournikova she’s awfully awfully
beautiful tennis player so we’re gonna bring her into the movie world
and they Enrique and her be very steamy there’s gonna be I think four different
vignettes one or in a motorcycle the other one where uh we’re going to the
movies you know another one is sex in the car sex on my
car this gotta be sex in the video and the other one is sex in the bathroom
there’s gotta be six in the bathroom you know Enrique is a Don Juan I think we’ve
got the the best ingredients for a song you know we had sex music and and a band
that’s only hey what’s up Enrique Iglesias it’s early in the morning I’m
tired and we’re in the day one of the video shoot escape so follow me I love
the camera follow me they have Myers on the scene but make
some interesting stuff happened today performance-wise with the stage what we
did is we’re trying to feature Enrique with a band which she was actually never
seen in one of those videos so those guys I throw with you know young guys
you know great players you know keep you out of trouble
keep you out of trouble kind of doing a mix between like a modern-day Frank
Sinatra you know with the lone frontman with the band you know Moody Leal it
behind and anti Lenny Kravitz type you know we’re a little more rock this guy’s
look great and then the great players and today they’re playing real good
the playing just like the record just like what you want to do is just that
the the back and forth like you can rock this way hey Dave I got onion breath no
from the top let’s roll playback please starting that’s what next up we’re flipping around we’re
doing the big million-dollar you know crowd filled the house and wreak a does
it for the audience of America shot what they’re gonna do here their computer
eyes are gonna fill it up because you only have like 100 or 150 150 extras
it’s gonna look like it’s sold out you know not very typical for us but it’s
gonna get sold out very very beginning of the song before the first verse yeah
a little opening you know I just want you to sing that we’re not big it’s more
like you you’re starting you’re starting your response and actually that was some of the girls like wetting
her shirt water first wanna do it I was to another girl to a covered top but you
said I want to do it when you try to shoot a sexy video should go all the way
cuz you can always come back but well you know quite get there and you don’t
have it then there’s no place to go all right that’s it that’s a wrap on the
band the bands right thank you the scene where I’m watching man working
in the concert and I get all excited watching I know we have a sex scene in the car
do we have a sexy in the car I have put that in the treatment I mean they made
me quit what you asked me to the video no and that’s sexy no in the
car you know you put it now I didn’t want to
put it in you know take it out you know the video
it wouldn’t be real I’m gonna be seeing is anything you want
to be singing and then sec 1 there’s no way
that passionate ending moment embracing my arms I’m not gonna get excited here we go
pictures up here we go playback I never met her before me but I’m a big
fan yeah I’m sure a lot of guys wanna meet her you know I’m
which is beautiful talented great tennis plan you know I’m sure she’s gonna be
great in the video and look up a tree kay and stand up hey Rita and honor are done for the day
their rap for the day okay is day two it’s 8:00 in the morning
with all with boning slept about four hours and we’re about to shoot this
first thing of the day we’re going to shoot right in front of movie theater
or well you could be waiting for guns you know stuff you just
left me waiting for you and the life here in like the walk-up
question me you know versus blink once right sir it was funny night a shot that’s gonna
be probably two seconds in the videos three hours
fustrating going into shot like this done
it’s not very frustrating I think that was a kid them changed he’s
gotta change he’s got changed we’re done with my
scene and now we’re going to the bathroom shooting bathroom scene and we’re trying
to make it as sexy as possible I’m in the bathroom and it’s a woman’s bathroom the culmination of your relationship is
this scene because it’s the the dirtiest scene is the bathroom all right so it
shows how like badass you guys aren’t just why stuff for a lot of doing this
kind of seams my head
here we go no fighting it’s very gently you’re gonna go back
and forth from kissing and looking at her lift away from her for a sec and slowly
come back in filled your neck yeah pull away again and switch next to the
other side that completes his work on the escape
video kind of interesting as okay moving on were downstairs with
Mickey downstairs and get him change for the motorcycle alright guys so it’s midnight we should
recycle scene in front of the green screen this is last shot of the
night so hopefully we’ll get it done in about what eight hours nice
one of these I’d kill myself Mike’s gonna call back and forth there they’re
controlling it but you’ve got this riff just let the change the blades alright
you want to lower your chin any more than that you can look around look over
your shoulder that cut stuff let’s go let’s do it I’ll make a little key all
right here we go pitches up this is performance and we
can lie down play back here we go slate sir I don’t know why whenever it comes out
to shooting a video I always get sick you know but for this video I’m sick and
I’m tired but I love the song and that’s what pushes you that’s what pushes me
you know I feel confident about the song I feel comfort about the video I think
it’s gonna be it’s gonna be good so it’s worth okay ladies and gentlemen that is a wrap
thank you very much one fizzy I’m sake right 30
you know but it’s worth it bye-bye sir you’re finishing up
Enrique’s new video it’s going really cool or putting together the transition
shots that we were talking about on set with the motion control in the pan left
and right and stuff so that as the world’s changed and doing all the little
morphs and crazy stuff that we do here in post and it’s all going really well
once you take a look here’s an arene case final video escape
you can’t escape my love girl in five


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