Manchester United vs Liverpool 1-1 -GINGER NINJA! Paul Scholes Rant! Coutinho Goal! Europa League

September 16, 2019

It’s Manchesthair United vs Liverpool on Jt Sport… Coming in your house in 2016 whether you like it or not. Last week there was a lack of fight. I see Adam the Llama stud-rolling, he’s almost taking the mickey. Tackle him. Smash him. More Scholesy. Bash him! Trash him! SLASH HIMMMMMMM!!!!! Yes! He’s gone full Ginger Ninja! Let’s get trending, Scholesy! Quietly spoke footballer by day… Outspoken TV pundit by night. SMASH HIM! Yes, Scholesy! We are trending 10th Worldwide! MORE Scholesy! Martial waits patiently to take the penalty kick. Don’t wait patiently…SMASH HIM! This won’t affect my catching ability… You’re not wrong there. Here’s Coutinyho…oh, he’s chipped him! Don’t let him chip you like that…SMASH HIM! It’s only the corner flag that’s gone ‘up’ so the goal stands! Klopp celebrates the victory! Don’t just sit there…SMASH HIM! Jesush Chrisht ! We’re back in 3. Steve, can we lose the hat? No! Don’t let Inspector McGadget speak to you like that…SMASH HIM We’re trending second worldwide…do it Scholesy! No…please!

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