MatPat Reacts To MatPat/Game Theory Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos

October 21, 2019

– (FBE) So today,
we have a game. – I love a game.
– (FBE) A game just for you. – For me?
Just for me? – (FBE) Just for you.
– Or just for us as YouTubers? – (FBE) Just for you, MatPat.
– Really? – (FBE) We’re gonna show you
some highlights of the top ten most viewed videos
from your channel. – Ha!
Yeah, okay. – (FBE) At the time that
we’re filming this episode. – FNAF, FNAF, FNAF, FNAF,
FNAF, FNAF, FNAF. – (FBE) Well, we’re gonna see
if you can place all the FNAFs in the correct order from
most viewed to least viewed. – Oh no.
Oh God, oh no. Oh, they’re all the same! – (FBE) All right, so here’s
your whiteboard. – Ah, great.
– (FBE) Same as our other games. While we’re watching,
you can start placing them in the order you think is correct.
– Yeah. – (FBE) You ready to do this?
– This is gonna be super fun. – (MatPat) 56 episodes.
– Aw, it’s my Draw My Life. – (MatPat) This is the story
of Game Theory. – This got so many clicks
because it was our unsubscribe trailer
for a really long time and so it just accumulates
a lot of views there. – (MatPat) Hello, internet.
– I’ve been meaning to do one of these as an update
for ten million subscribers. – (MatPat) Somebody else
probably made it. – That’s great.
Ah, I love that video. How many views does it have?
That’s gonna be on the lower end,
but it has a decent number. I’m gonna go eight. – (MatPat) Wheel of gaming.
– Oh my gosh, Is Link Dead? – (MatPat) Tell me the fanbase
I should burn. Oh, jeez.
– Is Link Dead in Majora’s Mask? I didn’t realize that that’s
the one that I introduced the– I remember.
That’s great, where I crash the system and stuff.
Ah, super fun. I didn’t realize that that
was the one where I introduced the wheel of gaming,
which I use as a recurring intro for a couple of them.
That’s one of the all time classics that put Game Theory on the map.
I’m gonna put that around five. – (MatPat) So, it looks like someone
finally got a piece of that cake, if you know what I’m saying.
– Sound effects. Nudge, nudge.
– (car horn) – (MatPat) Bow chicka bow bow.
– So good. – (MatPat) But how can Peach
be here and here? All shall be revealed today.
– That’s great. That is without question,
my all time favorite theory that we’ve ever done
because it combines deep lore research from the games,
it combines international research of different versions
of the game across the world. That being said,
I think it’s on the lower end, so I’m gonna say–
Draw My Life. I’m gonna say it’s nine.
This is really hard, ’cause also, they just
accumulate views over the years and you don’t check back up
on them a year afterwards. – Ah, Five Nights at Freddy’s
number one. – (MatPat) We are playing
the scariest game of all creation. – This whole intro was me
just expressing my frustration at how everyone was
faking their reactions to Five Nights at Freddy’s.
– (MatPat) It’s a camera. The camera came up.
Was that a bunny? Was that a bunny?
– This is also one of the first that I actually did
a legit scripted sketch intro. FNAF Part 1,
that’s gotta be number one, ’cause that one has
the most of all the FNAF videos. FNAF 2, what?
– (MatPat) I’m here to answer any questions the game
may have left unanswered. – I really wanted Scott
to cast me as the phone guy in the new Five Nights at Freddy’s
movie that’s coming out next year. I thought my performance
here was really solid. I thought if someone
other than Scott could capture the phone guy,
I gotta throw my hat in the ring. I feel like I’m a pretty solid
phone guy. It’s up there.
Again, ’cause it’s the immediate one
that follows FNAF 1. I’m gonna say FNAF 2
is actually number three. FNAF Mysteries Solved Part 1!
Oh, this is cringey. This is rough.
I’m like, I’m gonna be edgy in my closet.
– (phone ringing) – I was really proud
of the lighting effects though. The FNAF episodes have
such pressure on them because they’re such
a big deal for the channel and such a big deal
for the audience and so I always wanted
to make it exciting and more special by doing
those sorts of live action intros. FNAF 3, less popular one
in the franchise, but the third video
that we did on it. I’m gonna say it’s actually
number six. – (MatPat) Sorry Scott Cawthon,
I’m tired of waiting for you. This time you’ll have to
keep up with me. Oh, never mind.
– FNAF 4, okay. – (MatPat) Instead of waiting
for FNAF 4 to be released, this time we’re getting out
ahead of the game. – Yeah, this is the one
that I got out before the game and then everyone was like,
“You got it wrong.” And Scott himself went
in the comments and was like, “You missed stuff, MatPat.”
and I’m like, “It was in the middle of Vidcon.”
He released the game in the middle of Vidcon.
There’s nothing I could do, so I knew going into it
that he was gonna release at a really bad time for us,
so I’m like, “I’m getting out ahead of you.”
I just needed to do it for my own sanity
to stave off the vitriol that I would get from the internet
when it would take me two weeks to cover a FNAF game.
For now, I’m gonna put it at four.
FNAF 4 at number four, but I think I’m gonna
have to shift them around a little bit because I know
the other one that’s gonna be up here,
which is “We Solved FNAF,” which we did.
We totally solved FNAF. That’s probably the next one
that’s coming up. – (MatPat) I’m MatPat!
– Damn it. Damn it, I was so wrong.
It’s the start of my YouTube Red series.
YouTube Premium now. I was doing YouTube Red–
I was doing YouTube Premium when it was still YouTube Red, guys.
I’m an OG. Oh, FNAF.
There you go. – (MatPat) And are gamers
as good in real life as they are on screen?
– I love this intro. I’m so proud of this intro
and this song. This song, we worked
really hard on. It turned out so well
and that intro, the controller and the–
I’m so proud of how Game Lab turned out.
That episode has been getting a lot of extra traffic
recently as YouTube’s algorithms do weird stuff with how
it’s sorting content right now and so if you look at our
highest subscriber converting videos right now, Game Lab
is one of them. I have two available right now.
I’m gonna put it in two. – (MatPat) Today, we end the horror.
Today, we solve FNAF. – I’m so proud of this video, too.
Right, at this point, I’m like, no more cringey intros,
just do glitchy intro. – (MatPat) I’m back to finally
put the original FNAF tetrology to rest.
– There were only supposed to be four games, Scott.
There are only supposed to be four. There was only supposed to be
three, technically. He’s like, “Three is the final one”
and then he’s like, “Four is the final one.”
People complain all the time that it’s like, “You cover FNAF
all the time.” Yeah, because people expect
it of me. If I’m not gonna put this
thing together, who is? Right now, it’s at seven.
That’s gonna get bumped up. Really?
– (MatPat) Bite of ’87. – Huh, I’m surprised.
I thought– – (MatPat) I must be close.
– Oh, this is the one where Mark makes an appearance.
This is a good intro. – (MatPat) Is that Markiplier?
– (Markiplier) It was me the whole time
and that’s no theory. – That’s right, collab
with Markiplier. That’s the highlight
of my career. That was a big get for me.
I get nervous asking him for stuff, so that was exciting.
FNAF Will Never End. FNAF–
that’s ten right now. FNAF Never Ends,
which is true. That’s so cool.
Thanks, guys. Thanks for putting this
together for me. – (FBE) So, now you have
a chance to make some changes. – Right.
So I think FNAF 1 has to stay as number one,
’cause it’s far and away the biggest.
Game Lab, YouTube did a huge push around
when it first launched. I think it might have
to stay as number two. We’re gonna say FNAF 4
is seven. Draw My Life is eight.
Rosalina– so I didn’t change
all that much. – (FBE) All right, ready to find
out the real list? – Yeah, let’s see.
Do I– how’s the scoring system work?
– (FBE) One point if you’re one off,
two points if you get it exactly correct.
– Okay. – (FBE) So, number ten,
with 13.8 million views, we have Game Theory
FNAF Mystery Solved Part 1. – FNAF Myst–
that’s FNAF 3. Okay, so I put that
as number six, so that is wrong.
FNAF Mysteries Solved. There’s only so many ways
that you can frame these videos, okay?
– (FBE) Number nine, with 13.9 million views,
Why FNAF Will Never End. – Yeah, FNAF Never Ends.
I had that as number ten. Yep, so that’s a point there.
– (FBE) Number eight, is Rosalina unmasked Part 2.
– Whoo. That’s a point for me,
’cause I had that at number nine. – (FBE) Number seven,
with 14.1 million views, Is Link Dead in Majora’s Mask? – Ah, really?
I had that at five. Shoot.
It was wishful thinking. I wanted Link Dead
being up there, since that was–
when people think about the channel,
that’s one that people are like, “That was my
favorite theory. That’s the one that
defines the channel.” – (FBE) Number six
is FNAF 4 Got It All Wrong. – Number six, FNAF 4 Got It–
good, I had that at number seven, so that’s a point.
– (FBE) Number five, with 15 million views,
is Draw My Life. – Number five was
Draw My– wow, Draw My Life surging.
That unsubscribed trailer, man. Helps drive a lot of views.
That one to me is really indicative of how
I still view the channel to this day where it saved me at
a really difficult time in my life and it’s been a community
effort ever since. – (FBE) Number four.
– Yeah. – (FBE) We’ve got
FNAF number two. – Number four, FNAF 2.
I have that at number three, so there we go.
– (FBE) Number three is the first Five Nights
at Freddy’s. Five Nights at Freddy’s
Scariest Monster is You. – Really?
That’s number three? Really?
Wow. I did not know that.
I’m actually shocked. I had that at number one.
– (FBE) Two, with 21 million views, we have FNAF, the Clue
that Solves Five Nights at Freddy’s.
– I had it at four. And number one,
– (FBE) And that means number one…
– Is Game Lab. – (FBE) Is Game Lab.
– Wow. – (FBE) With 23 million views.
– Man. Well, I get a point for that,
so I get five. Man, it just goes to show
how when they wanna promote something,
YouTube can make things really popular.
YouTube has told me that Game Lab is one of
the highest performing YouTube Premium series
and also has one of the longest tails of any series.
The reason, I tell them, I’m like, “It’s because
I made it searchable.” You gotta use your platform,
YouTube. That’s great, wow.
I didn’t realize it was that many. I got five points,
but this was a nice walk down memory lane.
– (FBE) So on YouTube, many viewers often stumble
upon channels and watch their most popular videos.
– Yeah. – (FBE) If someone who
was unfamiliar with your channel saw any of these videos,
do you think it would give a good representation
of your content? – Yeah, I mean it is.
I do wish that there was maybe one or two
more mixed in that wasn’t so FNAF oriented.
If you boil down the channel to its three main elements
of deep lore mystery research, applying science and math
to video games, and experimenting
with new premium ways of approaching video gaming,
I think that’s a good distillation of it.
I’m happy. I’m proud of those videos. – Hey guys, Ethan here
from FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode. A huge thank you to MatPat
for coming in and being a part of our content
and the FBE fam. Be sure to Subscribe
to his channel. If you wanna check out more,
you can click on the link right over there.
Bye, guys.

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