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Matt’s world opened up to him through WAAPA Design

December 12, 2019

I’m Matt Raven and I’m studying Design at
WAAPA. I first heard about WAAPA through my brother and at the time I was
working as a police officer. I had some time off and I thought that I would
suss the industry out. I had a theatre background in a sense that I did drama
and stuff at school and woodwork and metal work like physically I love to
build things and create things so it’s always been an underlying passion for me
and I think it was, it was something that when I came to the place and actually
saw it, it just sort of opened the world up to me and I was, Ihad to do it. The
study experience has been really great, I’ve had the privilege of working with
two external directors, which for me gives me sort of a, an experience of the
outside world as well as as well as WAAPA, and next year I’m getting to
work with an in-house director so I’m getting the best of both worlds really.
So first show I worked on was Wonderful World of Dissocia, I was the scenic
designer for that and we worked with an external director which was really good,
Michael McCall, and then the second show I worked on was Ideal Husband and that was
another external director and I was the costume designer for that so it was
really good, I got to do a scenic design at the start of the year and then a
costume design later on. I think WAAPA is unique in a sense that, here you get
multiple productions a year to work on which is incredibly different I think to
elsewhere in Australia. So we get at least two productions that we’ll work on
and that’s not including the studio classes that we, that we work with so I
think that the volume of work that we’re involved with and the external people
that we work with I think is really unique. I would definitely recommend the
course to others thinking about studying design. Come in with an open mind and be
prepared to push yourself and challenge yourself.

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