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Meet Team JOOLA’s Daniel Habesohn

August 31, 2019

(upbeat music) – Hi everyone, my name is Lily Zhang, and welcome to another
video of Meet Team JOOLA. So today I’m here with Daniel Habesohn. Daniel is from the Austrian national team, and he is the 2012 and 2018
European Doubles Champion, as well as the 2015
European Teams Champion. So, thank you so much for coming today, taking the time to talk to us. How are you? – (chuckles) Thank you,
I’m very good, I’m fine. A little bit tired because
I woke up very early, but its okay.
(laughing) – That’s good to hear. So you’ve achieved so many titles, throughout your entire career. Do you have one that’s the most memorable? – Every title is memorable so, for me there was some special moments, the first one of course,
it’s special because it’s a new feeling. But the last one, I can say
was a little bit more special because me and my doubles
partner Robert Gardos, we had a little bit of trouble. So, we had problems, we
didn’t understand that good. In private as well as on the
table, like in the double. So, yeah. We tried to (mumbles)
together again, and yeah, it paid of, so we were very
happy to win a title again. – And you’re talking about
the European Championship? – Exactly, the whole, yeah exactly. The whole year, and like
one of the half years, we wound up playing good
also in the World Tour. And before the European Championships, we spoke together, I
called him and I was asking if he want to try really
hard again to prepare, like before, and he agreed. He came to Austria because
he is living in Spain. We went into special doubles
preparation, and yeah. So, in the end we were very
happy that, in this case, we one the title, yeah. – Mhmm. Can you talk to us a little
bit about the emotions running through your head
after you guys won the title? – Yeah.
(laughing) – It’s like, “wow,” again.
(laughing) – This was my first feeling. Yeah, for me it was very
emotional also because my mother was there. She’s usually no where, and yeah. So, she saw it, she
could celebrate with me. – Mhmm.
– And this was for me, very emotional moment,
because she raised me, in table tennis, she did everything, that I had the possibility
to be a good player. And for me, this moment was, like, when I saw in her eyes,
she’s so happy and so proud. This was for me like, I
can say heartbreaking. – Aw.
– Yeah. I also started to cry when I saw her, she’s crying, and yeah. This was very emotional for me. – That’s fantastic. Before you switched to the Energon Blade, it was very interesting to see the handle of your blade being
wrapped in edge tape. Why would you do this
as opposed to, you know, a rubber grip? – I did it also now with the Energon. – Oh.
– I don’t know, I’m just used to it, I can say for me it’s more comfortable, it’s more grippy. Because I was always a little bit like, when I was sweating so
much, it was moving. And yeah, before I had the normal band, but then I, somehow it broke. And I had just this edge band.
(laughing) That’s why I covered it with this. Then I says, okay it’s like,
also comfortable for me and I, yeah stayed with JOOLA
because it’s a JOOLA one. It’s for free!
(laughing) And that’s why I stay with this one. – Would you say it’s
like a superstition now? Or do you have any other superstitions? – To be honest, I had, but not anymore. I’m more relaxed. But yeah, I also had some things like, I didn’t want to go to
shower before the match because I did before always,
then I lost one match, and then never again.
– Wow. (laughing)
– Yeah, it was like, no, I made shower, I
did shower, but not like directly before the match. – Right, right.
– Because before it was like, some kind of superstitious
for me, and yeah. So, but now I don’t have any more. Just this edge band is yeah,
– Okay. – What I keep.
– So now you just play, You play?
– Now I just play, yeah. (laughing) – ITTF named your behind the back shot against Ma Lin and Hao
Shuai, one of the most breathtaking shots of that year. Do you remember that shot? And was it pure instinct,
or was it something you had practiced before? – I didn’t practice it before, like just for fun sometimes, I tried. Yeah, this was a very lucky shot. Especially in this moment. But, I hit it also like, in the league, a few times already. – Okay (laughs).
– Yeah, this was a different case,
because it was really, it was in quarter final
world championships, like television table. Yeah, it was really special. Also, in this moment, I didn’t know if I should laugh or not because– (laughing)
– it was a serious moment, you know, it was important, and yeah. But now, if I see this shot,
I’m also thinking like, I was so stupid, I should like, celebrate a little bit more! I was so serious in this moment. – Mhmm.
– Yeah. It was really lucky, I can say yeah. – Yeah, but also you don’t wanna like, break your concentration, you know. – Yeah, that’s why, because especially my double partner, he’s
very serious always, and I was a little bit afraid of him, I can say–
(laughing) – If I start to make some like jokes– – Yeah.
– He’s angry at me. – I actually remember watching that play, it was in France right? – Yes.
– Yeah, I saw and the whole crowd just exploded. – Yes, yes.
– It was fantastic! – Yeah, it was pure fear from Gardos that I didn’t celebrate. – Okay, (laughs) got it. Next time though, next time. – Next time, I know, yeah. – So, given that you’ve had
so much success in doubles, would you call yourself
a doubles specialist? And why do you like to play doubles? – I think I’m just used to my partner. So, we play long time already together, and this is I think most important. You know where the other one is moving, what’s happening. Like, it’s instinct already. I know he will play this
shot to this position. And I’m moving already, even the open end is not playing the ball yet. So yeah, I just think we
are very good together. Yeah, and I have a lot of fun, because if you have success once, you’re like, highly motivated
and the self confidence is there, so yeah. I think I play quite good
double, also in the league. Many times when I play it, I won. So yeah, I have a lot of self confidence, I can say in doubles yeah. – Would you say you like
playing doubles more, or singles more? – No, I’m sure singles–
– Singles? – Yeah, of course, but doubles is I can say, it’s interesting
because anything can happen. So, you can beat everybody,
like all kind of doubles, and that’s why I think it’s also, really interesting, for me. And, yeah. But of course singles. I create myself what I want,
and it’s different feeling. Singles, yeah. – Yeah. – When it was announced
that you were signing with Post SV Mühlhausen, President
Thomas Beyer said that you fit very well with the club, as an emotionally and
strong fighting player. Do you find this to be true? And how has it been, being with the club? – Yeah, it was not just
my decision to go there, to be honest. Also my wife, she influenced me a lot, because I had some offers and, yeah my wife said, “Okay,
Germany is like, very close, same language, you will feel comfortable.” I heard also the club is very good, from other players. Yeah, and then I signed with the club, and the president was so happy, and yeah. He said already, he knew me. He saw me already in television and this, and yeah, I was always emotional player. Like, sometimes little
bit too much emotional. But, fighting player is true, I fight for every ball, I want to win, doesn’t matter if I play
like, a non-important match or a very important, of course. And yeah, they thought I
would fit perfect in the team, because of my fighting spirit, and to be a leader, because
I came from a big club. And yeah, I think I managed quite good to be the person he wanted. – Okay, yeah. And you said that you have a family, your wife influenced you. How is it being able to, you know, travel so much and you
know, try to be a father and a husband as well? – It’s quite difficult sometimes because I have two kids, and yeah. This year I’m really
traveling very much, and yeah. I’m a family guy, so
I want to be a father. I was always helping my wife to like, wake up in the morning, to
feed the kids or whatever. So, for me it was hard
to travel that much. I was calling everyday,
like Facetime or video chat, whatever, and yeah. For the family it’s also very hard, because my wife is alone
with two kids and yeah, they always ask, “Where’s
Papa, where’s papa?” So, it’s really hard for her, and for me. So, yeah. But now I’m in the age I practice less, I can say.
(laughing) – So I use the time for family. – Okay.
– Yeah. But, soon I will have more time I think. (laughing) – Okay and your kids are three and six? – Exactly. – (mumbles), do you want
them to play table tennis in the future? – I don’t know. With my son, he’s six, I try
to start now a little bit. But not with the goal already to be professional table tennis player, I just want to show him table tennis, to make sport. Because he’s doing also
other sports, and yeah. I would say, I think it’s always difficult if the parent teach the kid.
– Yeah. – So, I start, and if I
see okay he has fun in table tennis, he will get another teacher, and I will tell him some advice only. (laughing) – Yeah, did your parents ever play? Are you speaking from experience? – Yeah, just my mother. – She played, and yeah.
– Okay. – But, I know many like, parents that say it’s not possible to teach the kid, and also heard stories,
and you read everywhere– – Mhmm.
– About this, and I know it because
I teached him skiing, and he was always speaking against. (laughing) – Like, didn’t matter what I said, always he had some answers, and yeah. So I think it will be difficult. If not, I will teach him of course. But, if it start like this, he will get another trainer yeah. – Right, okay. (laughing) – Can you tell us a little
bit about your equipment, what are you currently using,
and what was the process to choosing the right equipment for you? – So, right now I’m using
the Joola Energon Blade, with the Rhyzer, Rhyzym, sorry, Rhyzer Rubbers because
before I played the Rhyzym. And yeah, I’m already
long time with Joola, and I always try to play
new rubbers, new blades. They were asking me to
try this one, this one, to improve the things. And yeah, right now I’m quite satisfied. I play hard rubbers, and yeah. I think its a good combination for me now, because I also play
very good in the league, international I play good now. So yeah, there’s no need
to change anymore, I think. – Mhmm, yeah. So, last question. Why Joola? – Because they gave me
their trust when I was a cadet player, and yeah. Since now, I am always satisfied with good connection, like
everybody is very friendly. I’m really satisfied,
and also the rubbers, the blades are good now,
so I can’t complain. – That’s awesome. Just one big happy family. – Yeah, exactly. (laughing) – All right Daniel, thank you so much– – Thank you.
– For joining us today, this was another episode
of Meet Team Joola, and we’ll see you guys next time. Bye.
– Bye. – Don’t forget to like,
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