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Meghan Markle blasted by Piers Morgan for making ‘cash-strapped nurses’ fund £2.4m home

September 10, 2019

 The Good Morning Britain host attacked the Duchess of Sussex after details of the huge bill emerged yesterday Mr Morgan compared former actress Meghan to American reality star Kim Kardashian for their extravagant lifestyles And he accused Harry’s wife of “shirking” royal duties, warning of public anger if she takes the perks without “putting the work in”  Writing in his Daily Mail column, Mr Morgan said: “She wants all the Kardashian-style fame and fortune that comes with being a royal, but she wants taxpayers to support it  “And I wouldn’t mind so much if she didn’t then shirk important royal duties like turning out to meet the President of the United States on his state visit, just because she doesn’t like Donald Trump  “There’s a deal if you become a royal – you get the luxury and privilege, but you have to put the work in  “When you don’t, public unrest follows very quickly.”  The former newspaper editor pointed out that Meghan and Harry were offered a Kensington Palace apartment next door to Prince William and Kate which would have saved the massive sum  But they turned down the offer amid rumours of a rift with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge  Mr Morgan added that while William and Kate cost the taxpayer millions of pounds several years ago for renovations to their royal residence, they are the future king and queen  He said: “Harry and Meghan will never reign on the throne, and should therefore be treated in an entirely separate manner commensurate with their relatively lowly royal status  “But there’s a growing fear amongst palace courtiers that the couple think their rising global celebrity status entitles them to be considered as just as important ” The GMB presenter went on to accuse Meghan and Harry of refusing to foot the bill themselves despite their joint fortune, and instead forcing hard-working taxpayers to cough up  He said: “The bottom line with this Frogmore expenses scandal is that Meghan’s a multi-millionaire Hollywood actress, and Harry is also a multi-millionaire with a fortune estimated at over £20 million  “They could easily have afforded to pay for all these renovations themselves rather than for just a few fittings and fixtures, particularly as the Queen gifted them the actual property, but they didn’t want to  “Instead they wanted to make cash-strapped nurses, teachers, soldiers and police officers pay for large chunks of the expense ” Meghan and Harry moved to Frogmore Cottage earlier this year following the lavish makeover which took around six months to complete  The residence was converted from five properties into a single home for the couple and their baby Archie  The cost of the renovation was revealed after the annual royal accounts were released


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    Meghan Markle is only in it for the Title and the MONEY. Mind you don't think Harry really loved her either Creseda didn't want him.

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