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Men’s Tennis Highlights vs Davenport

February 5, 2020

I think it’s great for the program I
think it’s great for the players I think that it’s a good day for us
you know we’re not done yet though we still got one more match to play on
Friday and we got to take care of business on Friday and then after that
is about continuing to execute and practice and then we go and continue and
execute at conference tournaments so we’re not done yet we got a lot of work
to do we’re just going to keep our head down and keep working.
Speaking of execution how do you feel about the way you guys competed today against Davenport? I think I think they came through on the big moments I think there were times
when we could have executed a little better but I do think that we came
through on the big moments Davenport’s a tough team and they wanted to
win today and you know they’ve given us everything that we could handle today so
a lot of respect to them for making our guys play at a very high level so I know
that Davenport is going to want to compete against us again and then in probably
a week or two but we’re gonna be ready we’re gonna get
after it over the next two weeks and practice and we’re gonna get after it.
Anything specifically that you’re looking for to improve before we get to the conference tournament? I think that we just need to execute a little better on some aggressive shots and
doubles I think that we just need to keep our head in the game a little bit
more when and then the intense moments but I think we’re in a good spot we just
need to continue to clean up the little small things in practice each day.

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