Michael Johnson and his Iconic Golden Spikes | Fashion Behind the Game

October 17, 2019

MICHAEL JOHNSON) This is the year 1996. Wait a minute. 1996 was a leap year. You know, in a leap year all kinds of crazy things
can happen. Let’s see, a super computer
named Deep Blue defeats a human for the first time in history. The most bizarre phenomenon
of all times is born – Pokémon. Arigato, guys! But wait,
there’s something bigger. Yep, in the Atlanta 1996
Olympic Games there was a fashion moment
that is going to last forever. And everything starts
with this guy, Michael Duane Johnson. American sprinter,
born to be a legend. But let’s move backwards
to 1995. A team of experts is working
against time to make a revolutionary shoe
for Johnson. Johnson challenged the team
to look for a simple, lightweight shoe that would
allow him to feel the track beneath his feet. In the 18 months leading up to the Atlanta 1996
Olympic Games trials, they brought countless pairs
of prototypes for Johnson to try, but Johnson and his team
rejected them. The reason? They were metallic-like,
almost silvered. And Johnson was going
for the gold, and nothing but the gold. All right, so… 1996 Olympics.
Michael Johnson. Overwhelming favourite. So, Johnson up to
a very good start. I’m sure he would want
to come out the bend in the lead.
He does have the lead. I would expect now
the 400-metre strength to kick in, and it has. And there you see,
crossing the finish line. And a fantastic performance
by Michael Johnson. Sorry, I forgot about you
over there. Don’t worry, sir,
you couldn’t make it better, it was an honour. Pictures of the athlete running
the legendary race with his golden sneakers
went around the world. By that time, Johnson was
the fastest man on Earth, and a celebrity. Soon after, he was on the cover
of every magazine with his two medals
and, yep, you guessed it,
the golden sneakers. Crazy, right? 1996 would turn out to be
the best year of his career. And the beginning
of his legacy. (FASHION MOMENT –

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