Mikael Ymer Is the Next Gen In Fashion Design

October 9, 2019

the first time I think I walked the red carpet
you know it was great food good atmosphere was it the first time you walked the red carpet or
the first time you walked the red carpet here the red carpet overall
ever? I’m young I’m still 19
I’m only 19 I know! what was that like? It was very nice … photos everywhere how did you get red carpet-ready today?
talk about your outfit, your fashion, your style I have Yeezy on the bottom
These my mom helped me do everything on them she does them exactly the way she does
she cuts she puts every bandanna and everything wait a minute… hold on hold the roll
these are custom jeans by your mother do you tell her or does she just take it away I tell her what I tell her what I want she stitched in
the bandannas on the back as you see we do a very good team effort
I love this! You like it? Yes! you are a fashionista… fashionisto!

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