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Mindstrong – Roger Federer

February 5, 2020

– Hey everyone, Evonne Englezos here from MindStrong Global
and I’m talking about a lesson you can take in business from Roger Federer, so
Roger Federer one of the greatest tennis players of all time. But what can you take from watching him into your business life? I particularly want to focus
on his psychological endurance. Super important because the reality is his skillset is very high, right, his physical fitness is amazing, but there’s something that Roger does that we can take into business to have the longevity that he has had in tennis, into the business world. Part of what he does amazingly well is in crucial moments he is able to conserve his emotional energy, he’s able to stay calm, collected, and he doesn’t waste his emotional energy on things such as anger and frustration and acting out. So when it comes to the crunch, Roger has an amazing capacity, in those crucial moments, to have reserves that other people do
not because of how he, his psychological endurance and how he doesn’t act out badly when
things are getting tough. So I want you to think about do you waste a lot of emotional energy? It’s not saying don’t have feelings, but do you waste a lot of emotional energy when you’re acting out when things are not going well in business? His ability, right, in
those crucial moments, he draws on effort to stay calm, to stay composed, which lets
him outlast competitors, a lot of the time these competitors are way younger than him. Now I was interested to find out that he actually went to a sports psychologist many years ago, many, many years ago, ’cause we’ve all come to know a very calm, composed amazingly cool competitor, but he didn’t start off like that. He was quite erratic, a lot of anger, breaking racquets and I
just want you to think of it about in business what’s your equivalent to breaking racquets, right? Can you stop acting out when things don’t go well, when
things are really tough, and in those moments when things are tough in business, can you draw on that
psychological endurance to get you through without acting out, ’cause it’s all the recovery work that ends up being
really what depletes you of energy to keep consistent, ’cause that’s his thing, he is consistent with his mood, with his temperament, and that is key. I hope you found this business tip super helpful today and don’t forget, I’m here to help you stay
psychologically healthy and sharp for business.

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