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Mountain bikers’ dreams are coming true on new Tasmanian bike trails

March 13, 2020

We’ve designed a network of 35
kilometers of mountain bike trail starting here right in the township of
Queenstown, taking you right up onto the near the summit of Mount Allen. I suppose
the key thing here is basically the whole trail network is focused around
these bucket list, kind of, hero trail experiences. So I think at this point, up
near the top, there certainly is gonna be a lot of
harder stuff but early word is that it’s going to be very accessible to
intermediate riders like a long way up the mountain which is really good. It’s gonna
be pretty amazing. Well, I guess it’s gonna be a lot more natural sort of
trails than what else is out there. There’s nothing else quite like it in Australia. With the feeling of exposure and the big mountain-style descent The mountain bike opportunity for the west coast is not
just about one town, it’s about all towns. And it provides a huge opportunity to
diversify the economic base So what we’re building on mountain is completely unique, the topography and the trail style that will build
there does not exist in Australia at this point in time, it is completely
unique. We don’t want to be another Derby, given our terrain and given our
topography. Let’s actually embrace that doing some enthusiast trails on the
top of the mountain that are black, double black. It’s just under three
million dollars that we have to spend on the Mount Owen project and then we’ve got
up to about another 30 kilometers of trails in the Heemskirk Range, which
is just outside Zeehan, and to do some feasibility work on a backcountry trail
from Queenstown to Strahan which will be exciting. Huge event potential. You know,
Derby has proved that as well. They are the benchmark and the amount of
international events they’ve actually held now. You know, don’t be surprised if
when we finish Mt Owen there isn’t an event happening pretty quickly on the
back of that. I’ve been mountain biking all my life. We’ve always had the existing trails
here on the west coast. It was always gonna be big thing here. Montezuma Fall
trail, the climbers trail. It’s just a dream dream that they’re starting to build some trails around here. And I don’t think the locals understand what could be able to come. Constructing this trail in Oonah Hill, it was fun but it was actually
tough at the same time. We got some days of beautiful stunning views all the way
through. If you’ve seen the track, it’s just views everywhere and it’s quite
distracting to build the track. Riding this thing is unbelievable yeah.
Every time we finished building during the day we just get onto bikes and ride it. Tied to our enthusiasm for mountain biking, we are acutely aware from our 2025 community
plan there’s a need on the west coast for us to diversify the economy. By going
down this track, lol, mountain bike track that’s a good way to achieve some
diversification that’s necessary and at face value if we could attract third
of the visitors that go to Derby any day of the week now I think would be off and
running them pretty happy. We travel around the country a lot for work, our
mountain bike focused and development work, and a lot of people are talking
about this project already. manufacturers in the industry. They’re looking at this for product launches and
content shoots and things. It is a really unique landscape and already strong
demand for people wanting to use that you

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