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Move-in Day for the Class of 2023

August 29, 2019

I’m from outside of Boston, Massachusetts.
I’m from Washington DC. I’m from Oak Hills, California. I’m from Scranton. I’m from Germantown Maryland. I’m from Seoul, South Korea. I’m from Fairfax, Virginia. [Anna Job] I picked Rochester because I looked
online and I saw that it had a great financial program and a great medical
program since that’s what I’m interested in. [Jenny Jordahl] So I visited a couple
times and I just like really loved the campus and I could really feel that
there was a great community. [Hannah Leyva] I like the clusters how I can like go into
different things with the humanities and social sciences and still be a natural
science major. [Josh Loysch] I really like the campus and everything. My friend was coming here
and everything just looked really awesome. I knew would be a good program. [Garrett Cashion] It was a perfect combination of small, but not too small, and you know a good
location. Not a big city, but not middle of nowhere. [Paul Yoon] I really like like the open
curriculum. It’s pretty unique to Rochester, where we don’t have to follow core curriculum. [Skye Ehlert] I’m going to be studying arts and performing arts here. [Josh] I’m going to be
studying computer science. [Anna] I’m thinking microbiology. [Garrett] I’m majoring in mechanical
engineering. [Hannah] I’m really excited because I want to be a neurosurgeon when I get
older, so I just I’m excited to start taking some of the prereqs for that. [Jenny] I’m
thinking something in the social sciences, like psychology or political
science. [Paul] I’m majoring in environmental science. [Skye] I have my guitar here. [Jenny] Laptop definitely
important. [Anna] I brought a rug. I brought a nice rug. [Josh] Computer, Xbox, ton of clothes, area
rug. [Garrett] Lots of clothes. Lots of jackets. “Good morning! Good morning!
Welcome to U of R.” [Skye] I’m excited. I’m a bit scared because it’s my first time going away. [Paul] Definitely nervous but like a good type of nervous. Excited for what’s
come. [Josh] I’m not too nervous. I’m more like hopeful and I’m excited to see what’s
gonna happen next. [Anna] I’m looking forward to making new
friends and exploring new interests [Stanley Job] I look forward to her becoming a
great kid, great student and looking forward to her coming back soon. [Peter Cashion] Today
is a historic day. We’re dropping off my son at school and he’s the first one to be
dropped. So yeah it’s exciting. It’ll be sad, but hey it’s all part of the natural
process. [Tom Jordahl] Well, I’ve already sent one child off, so this is the child number two of
two. And so the house is going to be a little a lot quieter now that they’re both gone, but we’re excited for her to start at University of Rochester and
find her passion. [Elaina Leyva] This is the first one going thousand miles away. Too
far, but happy, but yet sad. [Stanley] I’ll be missing her very much. [Tom] I’m going to miss her
tremendously. Yeah, but she’s coming back for a vacation in October. [Jenny] So one
thing I’m gonna miss from home is definitely my two cats and my parents. [interviewer] What about your sister? [Jenny] And my sister! [Josh] Probably old friends [interviewer] Corrent answer: Mom. [Anna] I’m going to miss my family! [Jenny] I’m really
looking forward to meeting President Mangelsdorf. She seems really nice and
from the videos and the articles I’ve read by her, so really excited to be
starting our first years together. [Skye] I don’t know. We’re all in the same boat. So I gue ss it will be fun. [Anna] She s eems like a very nice lovely woman. So I’m excited to see her and maybe meet her.

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