#MurrayMondays – Choosing a Doubles Partner

February 3, 2020

Okay what do I look for in a doubles partner? Two things; I think, someone that will complement your personality on court, someone you can bond with on a personal level. Obviously you want to find someone you can match up your style with sometimes it helps to have two different styles, because then the opponents don’t necessarily know what’s coming and they’ve got to think what each player might come up with rather knowing well they just hit these shots and that’s that. For me I want to play with someone I can win the biggest tournament in the world with, Grand Slams, Masters Series, events like that. So I’m hoping that we can do that with Neal over the next few years, but that remains to be seen. I hoping that, this is our first full year on the tour we played 6 months last year, we had a good finish to the year, good last few months in the US summer and in to the fall season and really looking forward to getting on with things and getting a full year under our belt and seeing what we can do out on the tour.

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