Nadal vs Kyrgios: Bad Boy Feud

December 14, 2019

This is Marco with tennis pal and this
is the tennis minute if you’re a Nick Kyrgios fan or simply love watching his
crazy antics there’s no missing his ongoing feud with Rafa Nadal. Things
really heated up after Kyrgios beat Rafa in Acapulco. After that loss Nadal said
what he lacks is a little respect for the public for his rival and also for
himself. In return Kyrgios said he doesn’t know me so I’m not gonna listen
at all this set the stage for Wimbledon and the meeting did not disappoint
ultimately Nadal won in four long sets but there was tension throughout, shows
of testosterone from the Nadal, underhand serves from Kyrgios and some code
violations. The climax of the nastiness culminated when Nick sent a 100 mile an
hour forehand bullet straight at Nadal. Nadal later stated in his press
conference that it was irresponsible and of course there was no apologies from
Nick. They are like the yin and the yang which is interesting because a lot of
other players absolutely love Nicky Kyrgios Federer seems to like him and taps him
for the Laver Cup and brings him along on press tours Andy Murray and Nick
routinely hanging out and sharing meals together so maybe it’s just left-handed
Spaniards that he doesn’t like as many people recall he got in a nasty spat
with Fernando Verdasco last year would be fun to see Nadal and Kyrgios on a hard
court this summer though more fireworks

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