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Name That Starter Pack ft. Swoozie

November 8, 2019

( music playing )We’ve removed the noodles
from our pants and the peanut butter
from your armpits, right? Most of it,
but I can still
smell it. But we’re still
hanging out with Swoozie. and uh, we’re gonna
play a game. – This should be fun.
– I love games. Now, you’ve heard
about the starter pack meme. They make a lot of them
for me. – Rhett: Yes.
– Link: They do? Link:Here’s another example,The “Emo Middle Schooler”
Starter Pack,
if you’re new to this.So this is Osiris tennis shoes,that type of lower lip
that type of hair,
and that type of store.
Yes, the old smosh haircut. Uh, so what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna play
a game where we’re gonna be presented
with photos with the headline
of the meme removed. – Okay.
– So, we have to work
together as a team to figure out, um,
what starter pack is actually being depicted. And if we get
three right – you win something.
– A million dollars? – We’ve won so many prizes.
– Not a million dollars We just sat ’em all
in our closets, but we’re all playing
for you. Did we discuss what
the budget actually was
for this episode? ‘Cause we could do
cash prizes. It’s– it’s a little
late for that. – Next time.
– Okay, next time. Next time you’ll
get cash. All right, show us
the first one. Let’s get into it. Hmm. Link:So, starter packs can
also be amalgamation like this?
– Swoozie:This is a good game.
– Link:Okay.80’s road maps.
Jesus swag. – Huh. Medicated Chapstick.
– I don’t even know
where to look. – there’s so many things.
– Yeah. – This is a grandpa.
– Or a grandma. – Grandma.
– Rain bonnet, funeral cards. This is– yeah.
friends are dying. Medicated Chapstick, uh… This is the…
Jesus swag. I think this is
the organist. The old lady organist
at your church. Well, it says Tampa there. Is that a clue?
Or nah? Map of Tampa? – I mean, is grandma–
– This is a retired. – Retired in–
– Ooh! Retirement home? – Retired woman in Florida.
– Retirement home starter kit. Retirement home starter
kit. That’s our answer. Stevie:Uh, you’re so close.I want to give you
a half a point,
but the answer is
a grandma’s glove box.
– Link:Grandma’s glove box.
– Rhett:A glove box!– Link:And she’s retired.
– Swoozie:Okay, okay.– We left out glove box.
– Okay. I don’t think we could
have gotten glove box. – Next one.
– Swoozie:Hmm.Rhett:A gaming chair.Link:16 and a half million
– Oh, I think I know this one.
– Oh. Um… you got funny
colored hair. You’ve got, um,
brightly colored thumbnails. This is just YouTube gamer
starter packs. – ( laughs ) Yes.
– YouTube gamer starter pack. No, I’m laughing at
the starts every video with the loud,
“What’s up, guys!
Tadadadada.” – ( laughter )
– Literally, yeah. Yeah, YouTube gamer
starter pack. That is our final answer. Stevie:I’m gonna give
it to you,
but the answer is…( Rhett groaning )
– Swoozie:Hold on though,
– ( laughter )
– Pause, ’cause– you can’t just categorize
every YouTuber in there. That’s a YouTuber gamer. – Yep.
– Stevie: Okay, 1.5 points. – Okay, fair. Fair? – Yeah.
– Yeah. We have an extra
half a point. We’re righter than
the rightness. – Let’s go.
– Give it. Rhett:
Ooh, Bud Light, bald cap, polo,
This looks like a– Gerard Butler starter
pack. ( laughter ) Iced coffee. – Who’s into big drinks.
– Or coach! It could be a football coach. This is a Nascar fan, maybe? This is a dad on
the sidelines– on the sidelines
of his child’s little league game. Coach, little league dad,
or Nascar starter pack. One of those three. But we do agree
it’s a dad. – Yes.
– It’s some form
of a dad. Well, Bud Light
and the coffee, bro? – Yeah–
– I think that’s the clue. You gotta wake up
and have both of ’em
for breakfast. – Hmm.
– Sounded more like a coach. – Uh, this is tough, man.
– Judges? – Can we phone a friend?
– Can we get a hint? – Can you help us?
– All my friends are here. Stevie:Uh, you guys haven’t
said it yet.
It’s a– it’s a specific
– Occupation?
– Stevie:But– they’re not
in the occu–
they’re uh– not practicing
their occupation.
and therefore, they’re
doing these things.
This is really hard.She said we haven’t said it.– Retired somebody?
– This is an account– This is an accountant
on the weekend. I was gonna say like
a Tiger Woods kind of
situation. Stevie:Oh, gosh, I just can’t
give it to you.
It’s an off duty cop.– Link:Yeah!
– Rhett:Oh, come on!– Swoozie:Yeah, that one…
– Link:I see it now but that’s
We’re not giving
up though, give us
another one. If there was a gun,
I would have gotten
that one. Yeah. – Swoozie:Mmm.
– Link:Ooh, fast food.Swoozie:Me! Swoozie
starter pack!
– ( laughs )
– Arby’s? Diabetic’s starter pack. Like, legit, that’s what
I had my whole diet yesterday. – You think I’m kidding.
– Really? I think this is
type 2 diabetes
starter pack. – ( laughs )
– Yeah. Stevie:You’re actually
really close.
Like, keep– like, keep–
you’re close.
– Hmm.
– Heart attack starter pack? – Health un-nut.
– That rhymed. Junk food starter– no. ‘Cause this is like
all my friends on the weekend. If you had Netflix there,
boom, done. All his friends
on the weekend. But it’s a medical
condition ’cause you said I was
close with diabetes. Stevie:Uh, something happens
to you when you consume
all of these items,
starter pack.
Sugar rush,
uh, crash. – The “itis”
– Crash at three in the
afternoon. – Weight gain starter pack?
– Ooh. Stevie:
( sighs ) It’s the “why do
I have diarrhea
all the time?” starter pack?– Swoozie:Mmm.
– Link:I actually like this
starter pack.
– This is so tough.
– But that’s a rookie move. When you’re actually pro
and you do this meal every day, – you don’t get diarrhea.
– Right, right. your body adjusts to it. – Yeah, it’s solid
as a rock.
– Your body adjusts. All right, one more try
to try to get this
home for you? – Link:Cheeto hands,
snot nose,

– Rhett:Oh, gosh. Yuck.Link:Minecraft.Is this a mom
starter pack? Wiping snot is a mom
thing, but isn’t that hand
is from the kid. Gosh, that’s a gross
picture. That’s what’s throwing
me off. This is like,
super spoiled toddler. Troublesome toddler,
annoying toddler
starter pack. I think it’s a funny one. One that we wouldn’t
be able to guess, but when we hear the title. – That has been the pattern.
– Stevie:That is correct.That has been the pattern,
has it not.
But a… it is a kid,
right? It is like a toddler. Stevie:
So what, like, what would
this kid’s–
this is really hard,
I’m sorry.
What would this kid
be asking people?
Or saying to people?
It’s very specific.
– Whiny, snot nosed,
Cheeto handed kid….
– We need a win here. – This is the last one.
– with poor fashion taste. I mean, this is a lot
like my kid– my son. Stevie:
Yes– yeah, he’s very much
like Shep.
I would say this–
this statement would
come from him.
The top two are throwing me
that’s the one’s that’s like… Like, I need some
Ritalin starter pack? ( laughter ) – Please prescribe me…
– I’m actually wearing– – ADHD starter pack?
– You’re wearing those shoes? No, not those shoes,
but I have those shoes. I have that shirt,
and I’m wearing the “Star Wars” underwear
right now. You want all these
starter packs to be you. I think they are, bro. – Okay, what is it?
– Yeah. Stevie:Okay, I’m gonna
give it to you anyway
’cause I really want
Swoozie to win.
but it’s….( Rhett groans )
( laughter )– Swoozie:That one’s a reach.
– Rhett:I get that question
a lot.
That’s good.
It’s very difficult
though. But, yeah, we’ll take
the point though. Let’s show him what
he would have won though. – What–
– He did win. – We got the point,
she gave us the point.
– Yes! Congratulations
we got the pity point.- Thanks, I couldn’t have
done it without you, guys. And you win
the starter pack –you’ve been asking for
this whole time.

– Swoozie:Hey!You guys are good.Link:You got
the Trinidad flag.
You guys did your homework.
Yeah, we did–
uh, Streamy award
from 2016, for best animated channel,
show or series. – Um…
– I’m laughing at
Swoozie Kurtz, – that’s what I was–
( laughs )
– Yeah. – Swoozie Kurtz.
– You know her. Uh, Tony Award winner.
Two time. Uh, Chicago Bulls hat,
uh, you love those a lot. Your high school logo
and mascot. Let’s talk about
the games. You guys picked
my favorite games. Stevie is this you also? She is creeping
on your, man. ( laughter ) All right, that was
fun. You can take this
starter pack wherever
you go. – All right.
– We’ll print it out
for you. – Please.
– Be sure to check out Swoozie’s
YouTube channel, guys. And thank you,
for commenting, liking,
and subscribing. You say, “You know
what time it is.” You know what time it is. Should I do it bigger? You know what time it is! – Yeah!
– Twice, yeah. – Hi, I’m Edgar.
– I’m Estra. And this is my
garden hose trumpet. – We’re from Norway.
– Both: And it’s time to spin
the wheel of mythicality. ( trumpet sounds ) The what? – ( laughter )
– I think he said
beer bong. – ( laughs )
– Click the bottom link
to watch this episode from the beginning. And click the top link
to watch us play tiny pool with huge Hulk hands. And to find out where
the wheel of mythicality
is going to land. Rhett:Get everything you need
for a mythical starter pack
like this mythical hat,
shirt, and mug,
available at


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