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Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams

December 19, 2019

Hey What’s up YouTube! Just a quick video to talk to you about Serena Williams being portrayed as an angry baby. The cartoon has received a lot of backlash. Williams is depicted with racist and very stereotypical type features. In a cartoon that was published by an Australian newspaper, the Herald Sun. So far the cartoon has faced backlash for the portrayal of Williams. Also, rightfully so, for depicting Naomi Osaka as a blonde haired white woman. The referee was actually shown as a white male. The cartoon which was drawn by Knight and published in Rupert Murdoch’s Herald Sun tabloid has of course been met with international condemnation. A couple of things wrong with this picture. Number one, is the caricature of Venus Williams. Number two, the portrayal of Naomi Osaka as a blonde-haired white woman. Number three the judge who is Hispanic was also portrayed as a Caucasian male The way that Knight drew Williams has been compared to racist illustrations that are very similar to characterizations of blacks during the United States Jim Crow era. It’s close to the sambo cartoons that have been found of course in the United States and even here in Japan. Many people have condemned the cartoon. The artist, Knight, said that he has no knowledge of the cartoons of that period He thought that people were making this stuff up! Knight’s newspaper defended his actions and said that it did not find the cartoon racist in nature. Knight also said that he can’t undraw the cartoon and that he thinks people have just misinterpreted what was drawn. He also said, maybe there’s a different understanding of what cartooning is in America versus cartooning in Australia. “The cartoon was only based on her temper tantrum of that date and that’s all it was.” So anyway, just a quick video to talk about this and join in online discussions on race and identity in Japan. Congratulations to Naomi Osaka on her historic win. Also a big shout out to Serena. She remains the greatest of all time! Thank you for watching! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and hit that LIKE button. I look forward to talking to you the next video.


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  • Reply Shoty loves Stanimal channel September 15, 2018 at 1:30 am

    I was actually in the stadium (I posted a vid), and felt awkward about this final as well. The racquet smash was definetely not a good thing to do, but a game penalty was maybe too much for her… and I understand how serena felt (a massive pressure under the home crowd and all that). In addition, there was this cartoon problem that you were talking about. In my opinion, even if it's a cartoon, if it's going to be on media or somethin, they should understand that the cartoon actually last forever and everyone is going to see it.
    btw, I play tennis and I'm really glad you've posted a vid related to it!!! One day, I want to see you play tennis 🙂 Nice video!!!

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  • Reply Kay Em September 16, 2018 at 10:04 am

    Serena is drawn in a lighter color skin in the cartoon too. Naomi's color is different to the umpire's too. I wish someone would redraw it in the "right" way for us to see. Otherwise any cartoon of a black person would be "racist".

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    Angry OSAKA

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    Get yourself straight — it's Serena NOT Venus. You said Venus.

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