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Natural Bodybuilding: Become the best version of yourself | Mischa Janiec | TEDxHSG

January 15, 2020

Reviewer: Riyad Almubarak Hello, everybody. I have a question for you: What is the first thing
which pops into your mind when you hear the term “bodybuilding?” Chicken breasts, brown rice,
and broccoli, right? (Laughter) Or is it rather a way too muscular,
narcissistic guy like overtanned, flexing in front
of the mirror of your gym, or the classic: steroids. (Laughter) That’s what I always hear. It’s usually not a very positive idea, and to be honest with you, for a long time, it wasn’t for me either. Well, today I’m going to tell you
something about bodybuilding. I’m going to tell you how I used
this powerful lifestyle as a tool to become the best version of myself: mainly through learning how mental and physical fitness
are connected to each other, recognizing self-reflection as a success driving attitude and learning that failure is a necessary step
towards success. My name is Mischa Janiec. I’m a personal coach, entrepreneur,
and a natural pro bodybuilder, and I’ve been doing this sport
for almost eight years, that means I’ve completed
over 2,000 workouts, and spent over 5,000 hours
in the gym so far. (Laughter) Unbelievable! I’ve also bench pressed
over ten million kilos, that’s the equivalent of 100 blue whales: the biggest and heaviest
animal on this planet. It’s a good amount of weight,
don’t you think? But let’s start where
it all began eight years ago. I grew up in Switzerland as a very
non-reflected, lazy troublemaker. (Laughter) You know, the kind of kids
teachers never wanted to deal with, and also lacking in willpower,
and afraid of leaving my comfort zone. It’s a wrong slide by the way … (Laughter) of leaving my own comfort zone. Well, today I can say
I made a lot of mistakes. That was also the reason why I lost my first apprenticeship
at an insurance company after only eight months. And the funny but also sad fact about it: I didn’t even recognize it
as my own mistake. So a few months later, I got diagnosed – my back started to hurt very bad,
and I got diagnosed with scoliosis. So scoliosis is a medical condition in which a person’s spine
has a sideways curve. The most common symptoms for scoliosis are a limited mobility,
and pain in the shoulder, back, and neck. Funny story: at the screening for the Swiss Army the cardiologist couldn’t even
take a proper X-ray of my heart, because my spine was twisted so bad
that it got covered almost completely. And this started to worry me
about my future, especially my health. Time went by, the doctors were adamant
that I had to take on physiotherapy but after a few weeks
I gave up on that again. Time went by,
and my back issues got worse. I was secretly hoping that there is a magic pill
which could solve my problem overnight. But back at the doctor’s office, he confirmed that there is no quick fix. Instead, he offered me the solution which turned out
to be the key to my success. He proposed going to the gym
only twice a week to build up my overall muscularity,
and help my condition. Now that didn’t sound
like a bad idea, you know. I instantly saw chances
of approaching women, walking on the beach
with a nice six-pack and muscular arms, and of course,
all the girls staring at me. And that was actually
how it began my journey (Laughter) to become the best version of myself. Yeah, now a few of you will ask, like: how can swinging
some dumbbells in the gym change your life so drastically? I strongly believe
that your physical fitness has a great influence
on your mental health, and you can’t enhance one
without the other to a certain extent. Therefore, you need to build
up your physical strength to reach your full potential. Let me give you a few examples here. As soon as you start to work out, you start to sweat,
you start to breathe deeply, and after you finished
you just feel absolutely amazing to not say [unlimited]. And the reason for this is endorphins: a hormone your body releases
after you get physically active. It’s comparable to the high runners get after they surpass the first heavy miles. And it’s also the reason
why so many people nowadays choose the gym or a run
as a part of their morning routine, you know, to get a head start
above everyone else. Another even more important reason
is your body posture. It’s not only proven that a bad body posture
causes people to appear insecure and sad, but also to change
their whole mental state. And it goes in both directions: that means, as soon as you start
to work on your physical appearance, you’re not only going to look happier, you can become happier, more secure. Amy Cuddy held a very
interesting TED talk about this topic, like body language shapes who you are,
be sure to check that out. And, I mean for a lot of you guys, I see so many young,
ambitious students here, that you guys, you’ve already worked hard,
you know, like you have dreams. You study for weeks, months,
years, even for decades with the goal to change
the world someday, right? But what if you can’t make it
out of bed anymore, because you’re going to suffer
from chronic back pain. That’s actually the case
for a lot of young people nowadays – working in offices,
and studying in schools. This should give you a first impression of how your physical fitness
affects your mentality as well. But there is more. Natural bodybuilding also, helps people
to become self-confident. And, people wrongly assume
that the muscle itself are the reason
for this change in attitude. But, I want you to explain
why there is a way more relevant factor when it comes to this change. You know, as soon as you start to work out, you’re going to realize that the mirror is both your best friend
and your worst enemy. Looking in it will always reveal something new
you want to work on, and this kind of
self-criticism is necessary, if you really want to improve,
not just in terms of bodybuilding. The reflection in the mirror
creates the ability to reflect on oneself
on a much deeper level, and it gave me courage to become my own biggest critic
in everything I do. And, it can help you as well. Self-reflection is a process; it builds up slowly but constantly. You learn to accept yourself because knowing about
your weaknesses is not enough, if you’re not willing to work on yourself. People still struggle
to overcome their doubts, and to take action in order to get better. Something deep inside them
won’t let them believe that they need to invest in themselves
if they want to succeed in life. And, I get it, you know, because taking action
requires courage, right? But why is that? Because you could fail. I always hear failing is something bad,
you should avoid failing, like society tells us failing is negative. But I want you to understand
why failing is actually important if you really want to get better. Let’s take it even a step further here. You need failure in order to grow but how can I be so sure about that, because failing every day made me one of the best
natural bodybuilders in the world. Yes, you heard it right, people. I fail almost every
single day, and I love it. Every time I step into the gym, my goal is to push myself
past my limits. I know that reaching failure will only make me stronger
in the long run. Well, some of you heard
about supercompensation, there would be a slide right now here, but there is not. So supercompensation
is a scientific term which explains that as soon as you overreach
a certain capacity your body has, you get stronger than before. So that means you have to overreach
and overreach and overreach, and with this, you get stronger
and stronger and stronger every time. So failing for a bodybuilder
is nothing new. What most people don’t get:
it works the same in your everyday life. So why do people
apply this logic in the gym but not in everything else they do, because the road to success
is never straight. You know this cooperation like that, that’s what you hear
like the road to success how people think it is,
and actually how it is, it’s the same like supercompensation, and it’s up and down. And that’s the reason
why so many young people nowadays choose natural bodybuilding
as a key tool to personal growth. So, should everybody in this room now
become a natural bodybuilder or what? (Laughter) Of course, come on. No, of course not. But everybody in this room should strive to become
the best version of themselves. And natural bodybuilding
is a major stepping stone to get there. Look at the bigger picture,
and forget the negative prejudice; it’s more than just a sport,
it’s a lifestyle. Why don’t you start today –
invest in yourself, go beyond in the gym, and I promise you, you will go beyond
in every other aspect of life as well. It’s your decision. Thank you. (Applause)


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