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New Lets in Tennis Make the Game So Much Easier!

January 20, 2020

Hey everyone I am Fred Robinson with team Body Helix. We make very cool compression, I hope you check us out at Today I want to try to make the game simple for you. In some areas it’s gotten too complicated with the rules, the regulations, players are playing on their leagues who are trying to figure out what can I do? What can I do? So going to talk about the lets. Now these lets are approved by the USTA, the ITF, the ATP, the WTA, the USDA, the American Medical Association, and even Homeland Security, maybe. So, let’s talk about the lets and how they’ve changed and you’re going to maybe you will want to write these down, take some notes. Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel, if you’re on youtube click the alert notification, that way when I post a new video you’ll get notified. When we were playing matches previously, if a ball fell out of our pocket and a lot of players know this or if your hat falls off blows off and it’s windy you would call a let, but now we have to be more specific with our language it’s proper. So when I’m playing a match, the ball drops out or my hat falls off my head I have to call a droplet okay so it’s not just a let. Ball drops out of your pocket it makes perfect sense this is simple it’s a droplet now when the ball comes on the court if the ball is coming onto the court and it hasn’t gotten to the hash mark that’s a little mark at the center of the baseline if the ball hasn’t gotten there yet of course there’s only one thing we’re going to call this that’s going to be called an inlet once it passes that mark it then becomes an outlet so we’re specific everybody knows it’s simple hey Inlet Oh didn’t get the hashmark outlet it’s on its way out they know what’s happening if you’re playing outside you’re on a clay court there are some leaves out there of course ball hits a leaf it’s a shot you know you could have made but it just scoots under your racket and you miss it you just play the point over you just call I’m gonna call a leaflet if he hits a little twig or a branch it’s the only one thing you can call it you call it a branchlet if you’re playing on clay courts and sometimes they have divots little craters out there and the ball hits one of those and you were set up and you knew you were gonna hit a winner but it took a bad bounce and it caused you to make an error playing to point over I’m gonna call a craterlet now if you play with a little donut in your racket and a lot of players play those it can be really annoying when you’re up at the net and you’re volleying and that thing keeps popping out of your racket you can’t help it if you can’t hit the ball here on your racket and it’s accidentally sometimes you hit it down here it just flies out in the middle of the point now we have a new a new let you just simply call a doughlet if you’re serving and this is important if you’re serving and the ball hits the net and falls into the box but it’s the first one it’s called a singlet if you do it again you can’t call it the same thing it’s not the same thing now it’s happened twice has to be called the doublet if you do it again then you call it a triplet if you do it again it’s a quadruplet now you just continue this out until one plus infinity if you get out there it becomes complicated it’s too much you go back and you start with singlet again if you’re playing a match and this has happened to me I’m sure it’s happened to a lot of you and you go up to hit an overhead and the Sun is right in your eyes or you’re trying to hit a serve and the Sun is in your eyes and it and it causes you to miss the ball the shot you know you would have made an overhead you know you were to put away it’s not your overhead it was the Sun what do you do you call an ultraviolet if you’re playing a match and you’re in doubles and you get hit in the eye you’re going to call of course you’re going to call an eyelet now there’s a sublet category to the eyelet and that is if somebody whacks a ball at you and it doesn’t actually hit you in the eye but it impairs your vision meaning you close your eyes and you scream you still get to call an eyelet if you get hit with the ball and it’s going to leave a mark on your arm for a long time that can only be called a scarlet okay so just remember that if you get hit in the arm it’s an armlet if you get hit in the ankle it’s an anklet be hitting wrist it’s a wristlet they hit you in the rib it’s a Riblet if you get hit in the sleeve like this cool body helix sleeve that I have on here if you get hit here you’re gonna call a sleevelet think about it if you had one of these on all over your body you could call those all over the place it could you could have one on your knee you could have one on your calf some players do you could have it on your elbow you call sleevelets so if you’re wearing one of those older braces that are black, bulky things that are uncomfortable they have the sticky velcro things on them you still get to call a let but what you call if you’re wearing one of those you don’t get to call a sleevelet you have to call a bracelet now if you happen to be wearing that bandage stretchy stuff that they put on the old gauze taped it’s a 100 year old technology I don’t know why you would do that but if you did you will get to call something and it’s called a no-let you might ask me well coach what is a no-let? A no-let is you don’t get a let because the game has passed you by you don’t get anything you just wear that stuff if you’re up at the net or your opponents up at the net and they move and they hit a volley and the ball hits their frame or it hits their handle and the ball goes over and it falls over it doesn’t take any skill to do that at all you know it they know it you just say timeout throw them the ball we’re playing the point over and they want to know why we call it a skillet now if you’re playing a point where someone drop shots you and you come running in and you get to the ball and you run it down and then they lob the ball on the audacity then they lob the ball over your head now you have to run and get it and they’re toying with you okay you run it down you get it you lob it back and they hit another drop shot they’re toying with you out there catch the ball say we’re not doing this anymore we’re starting this point over throw them the ball and when they want to know why of course you’re going to call a toilet on them so if you’re playing doubles and you hit a beautiful return cross-court you crack one it’s a nice shot and your opponent has the audacity to cut across and and poach and put it away you stop them again you just catch the ball you throw it back over you go not happening today throw the ball back and what are you going to call there’s only one thing you can call they cut across the net you call a cutlet it’s simple the game is so simple now what’s really cool is and that and that gets rid of all the poaching there’s no more nonsense about them cutting and poaching your balls they can’t do it they’re not allowed to just call cutlets whenever they do it so you’re playing and you’re coming into the net and your partner your partner is cutting in front of you and they’re taking the balls away from you that you know you could crush and look like a hero and put away but they’re they’re hogging the balls you get to call a let on them what do you call you call a a piglet so you have a cutlet if they’re cutting in and you have a piglet if your partner’s picking the ball if people are next to the court and you hear them giggling or you miss a shot and people are giggling stop play it over calling a giglet now if you’re playing doubles and you get hit boys if you get hit with the ball in the gonads there this is a specific set of lets you need to pay attention if you get hit with the ball and it’s going to take you 0 to 5 minutes to recover you call a nutlet if it’s going to take you 5 to 10 minutes to recover that hurts more you’re going to call an owlet if it’s going to take you 10 minutes to infinity to recover you’re down for the count you call a howlet so again you have a nutlet you have an owlet and you have a howlet now if you play in Florida and you’re playing outside you may not know this but pelicans they are highly intelligent creatures they have fully developed sphincter muscles and have a really cool sense of humor so if you’re out playing a match and you see a pelican or several of them coming towards your court and they’re lining up you cannot call an eyelet or even think about it if you look up do not first of all don’t look up you see a pelican flying overhead because if you do you’re gonna get what you deserve cover up wait for them to fly by but if they happen to drop on your court there’s only one thing you can do and that is you call a what a pellet they’re pelicans see I’m making this game so simple for everyone so let’s say that we are now playing a match and this this happens and this is used to create a lot of anger on the court but all that anger stuff is now gone we don’t need it anymore the racket breaking and smashing there’s no need we’ve got let to take care of this you’re playing your ball lands three inches in both ways inside the line your opponent calls it out of the team calls it out and you’re thinking in your mind that is total bullsh you thought I was gonna say a bad word but this is a video and I don’t say bad words on video so you never never say bad words on video because you don’t know who’s going to be listening to it you don’t have to get worked up you don’t have to get angry or mad you just smile and say hey not gonna happen today you playing it over I’m calling a bullet on you so here’s the let that you want to remember today is the most the most important one and that is when you’re playing if somebody calls a pellet or if they call a skillet if they call a dolet whatever they’re calling and you don’t like it you have three seconds to make this call you can in three seconds call a what do you think you call an unlet and if you call an unlet that undoes their let and then you have to go back and play so that takes care of that if you didn’t write this down and you’re trying to remember these and you and you need a refresher on them you can reach out to us and when you do send us an email send us a text and say hey could you please send me a what are you gonna ask for you’re gonna ask for a pamphlet could you please send me a pamphlet and I want the pamphlet that’s called lets for nincompoops I hope I’ve made the game simple for you today doesn’t need to be confusing and this will help you on the court in your next match this is your tip from body helix move through it

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