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Noble Park Tennis Club – ANZ Grant 2017

October 8, 2019

Hi, I’m Phoebe. Hi, I’m Matthew. Hi, I’m Zihan. And we’re from Noble Park Tennis Club! We are located in the south eastern suburbs
of Victoria, around 30km from Melbourne. We are on Ellendale Road, and are part of
Parkfield Reserve. We have 6 synthetic clay courts, with 4 under
lights, and our clubhouse is in the middle. We have many visitors to the club, with lots
of tennis happening everyday. From Hot Shots, to junior and senior competitions,
to tennis coaching, and a lot of social play, the club is well used. Hi, I’m Maria, and I’m Suzanne, and we’re
on the committee at Noble Park Tennis Club. We are very proud of all of our members. The club has a great community feel with many
families from all backgrounds coming together. We’ve seen a great increase in the numbers
of new junior players in recent years. Most of them starting their tennis journey
in Hot Shots tennis. $10,000 would be wonderful for the club, and
greatly help our community. Some of the ideas suggested by the committee
include, repairing some of the court lights,
the purchase of bench seats for each court, and new items for inside the clubhouse, such
as blinds, fridge, and TV, and a new honour board to recognise our junior
tennis champions. We would like to give back directly to our
members, some of whom struggle financially, and we could help them through membership
and coaching subsidies. Our goal is to keep growing our club into
a wonderful venue for the community, where people can socialise and connect through tennis. With lots of junior players coming through,
this is crucial to our future success. So there you have it ANZ, we hope you like
our grant application. As you can see, we have lots of good ideas
at Noble Park Tennis Club. Thanks ANZ, we hope we can hear from you soon. YEAH! Hehehe, what was that? And we’re from Noble Park Tennis Club and
we can do that. YEAH!

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