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Nottingham Tennis Centre – What have you done today? (Coach)

February 4, 2020

[music] Ellen: Today,
I am not just a tennis coach. Today, I am Ellen,
the tennis coach and I am going to inspire and motivate a
group of young superstars. Today, I am part of a team,
leading a group of amazing youngsters on a journey
that I may never know the final destination,
but that doesn’t matter because I know I’ve been
a part of that journey. Some may go on to be
champions and some won’t, but in my eyes, they are all
champions and this is why. Today, every day, we are
learning some different skills. Yes, we are learning
the game of tennis, forhands and backhand, serving and volleys as well,
but today, we are learning something
much more important. We are learning to cooperate
with others in the group, helping and supporting each
other on this amazing adventure. We are learning to be modest in
victory and gracious in defeat. We are learning to listen
and take instructions then to use that information
to be a better me. At times, I’m the leader
and their role model. Then other times I get to be a big
kid joining in, in the fun and games. I always say, “If you become a
star, I am more than happy to stand in the shadow while you are
enjoying the moment, but until that time, let’s enjoy the game,
our new skills and the qualities we are learning along the way.”
This is more than a job. This is my dream job where I get to
make a difference to so many people. Today, I’ve been a part of the
Nottingham Tennis Centre family. What have you done today? [music]

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