Novak Djokovich Upset at Wimbledon

November 25, 2019

what rank is that your coverage the stuff i have by the f_b_i_ director overtook the
second right tennis player in the world uh… and i had pretty much never seriously uh… even after he went like forty four
and a little s forty four matches the editor now here’s the thing about tennis
uh… tennis stop being a tree like there to guide you got fatter and
at all nobel not need all of my any warning no doubt federer annual it’s not the young at noaa walk camilla
signup you’re seeing a little with them so if he was an exciting play contested
this question is that when you already know the answer but i thought maybe
godly christian a plane when your kid uh… extort uh… so this guy uh… novak yokum till correctional i get is is that
these are good play a good the and any uh… the number-two ranked player in
the world anne was to bring this dog well peer the brutal pupils has a right here uh… the wobbles dog dealt with uh…
that would ban stocks and one member of a uh… joker bitches support team says
he’s upset he can’t bring to your two women for these pleading with the
authorities to let the dog and whatever he can wherever whenever wherever he can you
take the dog within these genuinely upset this is a very serious charge you gotta respect a professional athlete
who is willing to stand up for that bill him an indefinite s not island on fb and i love my book but
uh… non kafka tell of fighters pal but uh… what’s the big are still with
the bandits but he can’t get into the hotel think engaging in the inland but instead i thought i was like at wimbledon literally the court hangout and get upset when i can take my
daughter places it’s not a frickin store then we probably shouldn’t be talking
about this let it go

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