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Ole Miss Men’s Tennis: Seniors – Gustav Hansson

February 2, 2020

My favorite thing about being an Ole Miss Rebel is probably the, like the support behind the whole family, like the Ole Miss Nation, you know. Someone who always gave it all on the court and tried to like help my teammates as much as possible and just be a good team player, I guess. And obviously like someone who matters to the team, you know. My plans are to go pro, starting this summer. And then perhaps one day come back to the states and live here and do something here. Well, first of all I want to thank Toby who recruited me from the start and who has been very important to me throughout my whole Ole Miss career. And I also want to thank my former coach Taylor Vaughn and our current coach Devin Britton who’s been like a mentor for me on and off the court. And obviously I want to thank my family and my teammates who’s always there for me. And then just friends and family in general. And I would also like to thank the whole Ole Miss Nation, so thank you.

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