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Ole Miss Women’s Tennis: Mic’d Up

August 22, 2019

(playful rock music) – Right, over here, we
gonna work on faking, okay? So we’re talking about
when your partner’s serving you gonna fake. There’s gonna be two
people in the net here: one person returning is gonna go right here at the net person. Your goal is to get all
the way across the line and back before the
returner can hit the return. Quick, get away, but
just don’t swing at it. Yeah, I think if you’re going you can even start moving before I hit the ball. Then once you hear me hit it, that’s your move. That’s it Brook, that’s a great fake. And remember when we’re moving, we’re moving to hit the ball, not just to move. So you have to think with your racket too. Get away, come on, last couple, come one. Hit your target, hit your target, hit it like you gonna hit your target. You gotta believe in it. – And make sure when
you’re serving over here let’s work those targets, guys. Don’t just serve without a purpose. Every time you’re getting up there working on a different target, you’ll– (upbeat rock music) – So what we gonna do is, I’m gonna jump in, we gonna
have two people at the net, two people on the baseline, we gonna go til we make 20. Every time either a ballier
misses or baseliner missses or a ballier hits a winner, I’m gonna subtract two. The idea’s to keep the ball going. – I hope I don’t embarrass myself. – Here we go. – Now you’re two. Now you’re one, zero, one. Three, we’re at 12, come on, Mike! 13, 14, 15, 16, good! 17, good, control! 19, huh? – I’m getting a bit cool here. – You don’t ever hit the ball, and we won the point. If you win the point, you run up to net, you want
out of here and feed it. If you lose the point you go the baseline before they, you want out of the net. (screaming) Yes! Yes! Yes! Losers have to pick up the balls. Good work! Losers have to pick up the balls.

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