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One Tweak A Week: One Simple Exercise To Add More Topspin To Your Tennis Forehand

February 9, 2020

– Hey, welcome to Unleash Your Tennis. My name is Joel. And my mission is to share
my tennis knowledge with you, so that you can improve your tennis game and play your best tennis. In this week’s tweak of the week lesson, it is more for those players
with a very wristy forehand. What I mean by wristy forehand, is they tend to hit the shots this way. You’re gonna find that the
technique is not correct. Instead of doing this,
they tend to slap the wrist and the shots tend to be very erratic. This simple trick is basically
thinking of two words, push, and roll. Okay, I repeat push and roll. If I want to be a bit more specific, its actually push and roll up. Why I’m standing here, is because I want to
demonstrate a simple exercise that you can implement. Now, I’m standing beside
the side fence. okay? So to help me understand push and roll up. I’m going to put a ball here. Okay? And my racket is going to hold the ball against the side fence. I want to have the push feel, so I’m pushing the ball against the fence and I’m going to roll up. Again. remember the two
words, push, and roll When you’re pushing
against the back fence, you’ll create some resistance and you will naturally
have the feel of the push. And when you think of rolling up, you will happen to generate
this kind of swing. Push and roll up. When you execute in your forehand swing, you’ll find that your
shots have more top spin. Go ahead and try out this
push and roll exercise and let me know how it goes. I hope you find today’s lesson useful and applicable to your tennis game. If you like this back sides lessons, be sure to hit the red button below and subscribe to Unleash
Your Tennis channel. That’s all for me today. Until next time happy playing.

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