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OneNote Class Notebook and Moodle Integration – OneNote Desktop

September 15, 2019

– [Instructor] The Class
Notebook add-in for OneNote just got even better. Now I can create assignments
in OneNote that publish to my learning management system and even post grades
straight from OneNote. There are just four easy
steps to set this up and I’ll walk you through each
one on the following slides. First you’ll want to ask your Moodle admin for their help to generate a token. Your Moodle admin can also
read this documentation that we’ve put together on this slide. They’ll need to use the latest release of our Moodle Office 365 plug-ins. As well as install the OneNote block in order to get the next steps to work. Step one, connect your LMS to OneNote. You’ll notice a new button in your Class Notebook add-in
ribbon for Connections. It’s here that I select
which LMS I’m connecting to. You can see that OneNote
already connects to many systems and there are more coming soon. If you’d like to see how this
connection works with your LMS just visit and select a tutorial for your LMS. Along with your existing LMS
you’ll also be able to connect to the new Microsoft Classroom
in Office 365 Education. You can sign up to preview
it at or click on the link below. Here I’ll connect to Moodle and log in using the
address to my Moodle site as well as a token which
I got from my IT admin. Now I have a new button
that appears in my ribbon called Manage Classes. Clicking on it will open my browser and take me straight to my LMS. Pretty cool huh? Step two, map your class notebooks. The first thing I’ll do is make sure OneNote knows which notebook belongs to which particular course. From the Connection button, I’ll choose Map Class Notebooks. I need to tell OneNote
which notebooks align to which course I’m teaching. So I’ll match up my class notebooks to the courses I teach and click OK. Step three, create an assignment. You’ll notice I now have a new button called Create Assignment. You can use anything
inside your content library or collaboration space to create an assignment for your class. Let’s go ahead and click on it. Notice that these fields are pre populated based on information from
the OneNote page itself but can be updated however you like. The title is what will
appear in the page itself as well as the description. I’ll update the due date
and add a time as well. Because I would like this
assignment completed by 3:00 p.m. I’ll set the date to
ensure that this assignment is included in the course
calendar in my LMS. Now when I hit the Create button the page will be copied to
each students private notebook. In addition OneNote will also push this assignment information
automatically into my LMS. Let’s go check out what this
looks like in my course. You can see a new assignment notification posted in the course with due dates. If I click on the assignment I can see the details inside
that I created in OneNote. The title, description due date, and time are all here. Step four, review and submit grades. Once students have
completed the assignment I can go back and review their work right inside OneNote. After I click on the
Review Student Work button I’ll check the box to
enter in their grades and then expand this assignment. Here I can enter in a
score for each student. As I click on the students names it takes me directly to their submission in the private notebooks. After I score all the
students, I click Submit. These grades will sync
with my LMS grade book and are easy to update. Now we can see that the
scores I just entered in the OneNote are live in my
grade book here in my LMS. Thank you very much for watching this mix on connecting your LMS with OneNote. Enjoy using Class Notebook. And don’t forget to check
out the OneNote in Education partner site regularly for updates to your specific LMS.

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