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Our Miss Brooks: Head of the Board / Faculty Cheer Leader / Taking the Rap for Mr. Boynton

August 22, 2019

walker cream sample burkhardt lover a
purple hair and colgate battle creek the cleanup work while you clean your key
about popped implicate renewal are met book dying yvonne put directed by how medicated returning from that they can
compile and rapid are looking forward to rebuilding that beautiful armani but on the broke who spent most of our vacation time
teaching english at madison heights summer school doesn’t shed enthusiasm for getting back
into the heart now i’ve been wearing the paying for a
long time bottle thrower but uh… abhorrent when will then did not get i did make up my mind to get a complete
playing with me so i put the money i repeat added that the migrating from the
regular goulburn and by careful budgeting with a buddhist and redo aren’t we independent rule i read all year round
the about friday morning effective my landlady to debate it and i would’ve
helping my planned for friday picnic but by electrical tomorrow caramel that probably probably bacardi david
tomorrow at the last week they are about to go back to having unified they love it when people could
get away with it need change that to a sunday it probably wasn’t bob dot com like will like a good plan that would
limit hello but the next how it happened to be a
future that the problem will pop adding a good time to get the teacher would not
be a good plan a bad time the dot i would be a ballot are you get me several normal yet me today
that i accepted my invitation on the phone that night the it’ll be good
thematic that’s for violent that the damn that got back to the three-week
take place in your mouth guru aren’t going to equal normal we have a problem and wild and well it would be in a while his idea support yet again them anytime with
harriet without the department confident barking at him we keep our political party on the part
of the quick map of the problem is informed of all day wiped them a watanabe and i got him for all of it about the ballot in know that football but now i make my creeping brown the
that i need the actor died will not walking about dot com apple people uh… donald quietly at the bottom formal good
morning records i’ve got this bathrobe picnic tomorrow
do you think it’s big enough for us i don’t know but it might be prime time
live on the darling independently piloting product mall but the barbican way i want to know about your vacation where you win what you did that’s one of the eagle springs and a
beautiful caden did little fishing play some golf and tennis the little rolling till midnight they
had a camp where we’ve broiled or barbecued steak some that that was your
graham will we’re so that they were at the casino but otherwise do it richard about their money back p he’d be doing again thing at the two
p_m_ von that thing yes i like that that’s a little will the i hadn’t been with everyone just
just by myself you know i get autographed all market offer that dark corner the
casino sort of walter are required to the music quite that way dougherty finale popping on your account
the coming how was your trip back to town
old let go of the things quite crowded guests who came a bit out of it they
play with me below but they could get edgar bergen and caliber copy though talent a copy alone lowering a rope though it was wallace
reviewers equal yes ma’am why what do you have
been had dr tired who brought the u_s_ all deprived but i
could have repeated at the chairman of the state board of education are it will probably with lap member
rate mystifying i know you joking with reply didn’t
speak to mister your daughter was related to the people who surrounded by
reporters wake-up call or educational circles in the state though i could do to get a glimpse of
the might be that black always quite short almost completely
born with a little wispy moustache in small beady eyes behind thick glass is
goodlooking bi but and although he’s very stoutly he moves along rather
briskly like like a penguin i want to billing info maybe shopping around for a
new technique output back now to talk about the board of education one
pineapple backward who will open next monday you’re right we procure ever had
a real vacation this summer this picnic tomorrow today i like the phone you name it vibe khup aparato proc our monument after cook popcorn falk practical open are also
all-time tomorrow let’s go that route dot remarkable textbook article open are
all admit the problem monday eight september twelfth altman with open the
file killer article across awful but dot work just a short time ago i received a
telephone call from fiscal policy jimmy stewart chairman of the state board of
education although i think that that particular
codified etc cough cough actually i expect the one hundred
percent carpark akka ox cart cop cookbook post first carpet domestic
problem we’ve got a picnic planned for tomorrow you limit wanted them to
undertake a job offer about or back talk sort for breakfast but hoac brach dot arc about the fact that uh… prabhakar experts call reply are what do you think about them well antibiotic magnifying where down the drain i’m afraid your pressure
that the u_s_ divided on topics who would have been tomorrow morning but the problem bothered at all back to
greet him tomorrow but school does not work personally until monday at noon minute-by-minute livid that message that
almost feeling my parched middle probe could not do it the band of the plane the bath feel that ball a a are ang act well it can’t be while we don’t mind
chemically a shoveling declining how do you got that wilder i got dialing used for u u_n_
you’re going to wait will spread i gotta bought milwaukee volume she worked for candidates email comic
application the the piling up and walter lined out rosensteil what will your all about what
what what perot liberal what looked like the muscle and for i’d probably keeping perot let alone
technical marketing five quite like the last minute about what we’re about to
mildly buckled page about an hour ago like although my vote on the following
uh… hanging if the handkerchief over the mouthpiece and despite my voice but but the a wallop you loaded it with a
right hewlett packard that maplin food that i looked at okay argument riot cannot make it
looking forward to padmaja gartland that or me through it quality i’ll now and then i said i’m
expecting some of the school barrymore robert weapons more office at nine
o’clock tomorrow morning all on lowering substrate control huh but all right backwater of the greatest red important
battle with a bachelor okay hand now double client revealed that buckling
discovery in the fight against him decay group that always using colgate dental
cream right after eating help stop tooth decay before it starts continuous
research hundreds of case histories makes that’s the most important viewers
and that’ll desperate eminent dental ability to provide hundreds of public
men and women for for for a year one group always brought their teeth with
colgate right after eating the other follow their usual dental care and their
audio magazine result the group using colgate double cream as
directed showed a startling reduction an average number of cavities i’ll ask both decay the other group develop new cavity is a
much higher rate no other benefits offers who but these
results and colby contains all the necessary ingredients including an
explicit patented ingredient or effective daily dental care no risk of
irritation to defuse a dom and no change in flavor fall are crammed reaction as always colgate cleans your breath
what it means that the the colgate not your dealers is the same formulate used
in the past always use colgate battle creek right
after eating to help revive you cavities help stop to pick a before it starts but well i’ve got about trying to figure how to keep a lot of
them from being expelled and elgar picnic friday instead of waiting around for over a
particular would never live about or in the morning and idea with
born farah pregnant and it live out of desperation by panic dot org who was due to convene army
heading for marty small shop cuban hangout a property dramatic about a hundred i noted that’s not bad now in the meantime that athletes but let the brain but people buy it now i think that and i including always books at all of
those different than we did you always do but all banner propping lateral we’ll pick
this up two three four at work but for at right now at down anything you passed all year on
expects etc something you’ve got got banned it there what stopped them but on do you get a better idea neutral
magnified engineered a rather foolish prank that today and at the fact that
the leak out he’ll be expelled from adam you are not that cold meat galactic you
cannot happen now how good are you keeping it secret
blog like that was books like that uh… what fell off a template
with data for your points on the phone that although marblehead hope mister
cutler you’ve got a hike it over to school today doctor walter dot maybe part of the key
political that’s why i won’t tell nobody dot
awaited what right or water bottle or the lawyer though like that but many
of those loooove hurt couldn’t figure out a little over a whole background expect the entire faculty and pueden
body have to be in who have morning only because walter indicated that they do it
by telephone and called out marblehead i think the conference down like a little
bit of both the day but you know that was rules and up to the nightly but but i have no idea that can get a
part of the year what would you help me threat through a macbook but to little what
you’re going to do it but i think you would arrive nyc barely that we can all
be depend what but on the home interview with and
mister cochran that neither i wouldn’t i think that you know the little park
right across the mid school library library where all the bookmark at on it dont wait a bit but probably of or a
little for bridal without it with all the portal belorus around there corrected all one florida are now a getting family fat i wanted to get one of those men and
bring into me to be sure you get a fact one blackbirds whether the moment that the problem might be a picture of mister
hewitt somewhere lecture to thought wild looked like that supposedly bill with com he’s got to
come will be helping a human being and it’s right one anything between directly to me with wrote toward a quiet etc area conference
coming over or whatever you do don’t mention the word of big government rick
well shot that came out that they didn’t have a conference parent like you don’t
want people who compton playing out particularly with a little and bruno and
talking you’ve got a lot of the park and to what
i told you i’ll explain the hyatt and get her oath of allegiance about where
we could go all right with god remember now that if macho abhi one with
glasses of number area report paperwork are complete prop applying when mario apple find out how the payment but i took the
werent going admin what the articled audit want all the people
in the park whited repre pick on me but you know it’s not like mom you’re
dark like that go to repair the matter of prop one argument being
light you wouldn’t do not in the park uh… watson who would not be schoolteachers you’re willing to explore well where heat wave of the stuff ordered us history in a minute or to it by name if you would what we’ve been through a chairman of
the state board of education uh… uh… tal well you’ve got i’ve got to go back to the park get
another one hello i’d like to reality now i’m going
to keep this thing through i’ll catch let me know what hahaha quite thank is army practical bad huh what what as pretty as mister hewitt cop a from
the top of the chinese counterfeiting that they’d walk through a little power you know what i don’t know what this is
all about prime sitting in the park review here one that can wait chappy at that dot hard are on the comic that you know that they’re
not needed to get a dollar figure problem icon head crankset probably a comic book order but uit i’ll be calling you by that name here in
philly but by that used to it all you’ve got to do it can be mister
cochran i printable that you are mister hewitt chairman of the state board of
education if you think might call it might help to
convict him i’ve got some of my wallet here that we are the court to write a cult of like this
with a compartment a few whereby they get pregnant gold
leather lilac he hewitt quick that caller coptic comment that
rhetoric that can do it now outpouring of love and the coupon are
about fortunately got the power nap a bifurcation the career with the
newspaper photo which appeared last but there look well ke hewitt chat buffet board of education action curator of the clock is campaigning dot
articulately renew it but you know all the time with it which you said i want all of them that i
believe it might that are help me yuki what cokie do you think back on the
plane train with you even bring it carpet he couldn’t help but very good at tokyo
good-natured jolly that occurred you alive word like to have quite a good chance of
humor about something uh… school doesn’t start until next monday worked with our purple mister cochran want us to get a head start really brand either of you i’d like to request a company line here
on how you wouldn’t need not in on the red i mean output effective english then i’d
like to tell your gifford and outdated attacked iraq probably
high-tech but not in a pair but don’t believe me i think you would take a look
at the power of the ground and hunched over the top end up in a few minutes we
really didn’t make you feel more comfortable without but yeah i would like right mister
cochran told you can’t make it when you come back to the main building
european door with a great english teacher in effect jacket brotherhood dot
questionnaire back and walk right in let me talk with you i don’t think it
didn’t happen with u primary but maybe it can here hittin if your dad finds out when i come home a
little impersonate mister you know what what people alainorellama people find out but i’ve got to be real kiki however replied it uh… right here behind the handball
caught my bare going ought to be q pavani an impersonator of all of our now broker grant wire marketing but with the
company that the carpet depart but the reality here without that everything
about the fact that the kaplan an outside of the talking about the best
they got the private welcome back to his office let me get
back to take action it make you a copy of the problem and the truth about that
on-call combat watered and will be expel care what that at all then we’ve got to
be to think through lifted your ticket getting it to work with political callback gutknecht a traveling
at gap in paris it would be to with the contract academically hewitt how do you consider show you around the
country if you’ll be out on the back of the principle of medicine i i i’m not
too long at all diametrically sort of a young man to be holding that high office
was competent and i might have a very handsome young man into vietnam but parent that paper that the u_s_ contact many printable jumping the gun
like this at coming to look at that time foolish realtravel shortly but should be
issued by reportable i returned to the state capital with a couple of hours ago
all really and we would like to mature traitor dot we recommend we don’t like
to get out of medicare and about heineken cup hockey outfit
dharam outgoing somewhere there not be at red bob but group at that time view reviewed yeah that’s
right the wallet c unit chairman of the state board of education
defect is correct dream all it
but kara com if you look at what i got across product what’s the meaning of it abdul-rauf alert hotmail maya angelou everybody out my picture in
the paper the probiotic take a look at the actual all flipped the your chairman of the state but the orders pivot outbreak of the plan how much are they the yes your honor find him then what with that but
member of the madison high faculty leprechaun you don’t know if i’m a student here but ass you denied their right but happen credit
so we can get a debate to but right up until i get or mister cochran air and didn’t feel it mister wallace do you
know it valued against japanese products cannot detect all of our work equitable one they’ve got mad contact by twelve jewett one of my
period but it here at school uh… specs not back but particular
right but by then but cattery well and then the to provide you
actively diana tried everything in the park at that point the yeah i’d go take a quick polytical a
targeted a but i just got to make that create let me tell you one thing though mister
cochran yea right handbag do you like and with the glee club to lost
headquartered at old adage like if i can tell you what i could fit a particular
that reverted ochoa manning michael bacon but i’m going to take action immediately
secured what activity but kind wonderfully what further certainly won’t
protect nitpick and political expelled out bad but i’m glad i’m not in
a huge john acting sticking out of this decorating practical joke utopia for
family penalized at the state board put it i’d like to take great pleasure in
recommending your immediate inspection without pay nomic brooks what do you take a back well worthwhile grabbed hooted mocked put pep talk and
thought you know your candidate and again if they’re but dot the moment during the green girl for yet like organ about what we really are
back and look after a lobster cream sample after cream world finance shampoo no other campbell in the world youth day
filled with magic blend of secret ingredient plot catalan alone not insult not a liquid laughter cream
sample lead at three weight lovelier frequently clean three of them andrew
opening which team manageable even in the heart of water lobster cream
elaborate instantly not special rent needed after electric reidtemple so gentle laughter cream is wonderful
even for children pair yet tonight trial update cream shampoo ring girl and now let’s recap aaron arbiter wellpoint dot it out of the pretty
dangerous practical joke it will be having architect clean-cut
hope that campbell firemen leaving private cricket gary here we finally prevailed upon that the
hewitt and sent at long last we were up on our people inlet and our department driven up about
thirty thousand wound well it because it allowed but we can
still have to put he can’t and beautiful parents just swell don’t you think how much tax hike that
may get louder your contract you’d agree that the
barton how much movement that my thanks brooks
if you’re not something i can help wishing we had taken my car and there wireless wrote i got back where i left the picnic that and three and help u our best book starring eve arden has
produced by larry bird written and directed by al miller with music by
welfare and doctors who you about their complexion
what there yes thirty-six leaving skin specialist
proved impacts on twelve hundred eighty five different women dot on new method
of printing with pilots so using nothing but palmolive brought new complexion beauty two women
out of three dot washer faced three times dated with
pablo itzel each time for sixty seconds but talking
probably beauty rather onto your skin that red so stock your probably facials today de klerk palmolive so can do for your
complexion in just fourteen days band here at work and that the from the
national foundation for infantile brought market dimes funds for the care of polio
victims will be used up by september thirtieth nineteen date from now it will take over fourteen million
dollars to continue this care don’t abandon america’s children endured i’m ten dollars to polio care of
your local post office now v on the republic are are that inadequate activity beautiful wife it may not about expectation at god-like greatness and one other
comment about apartment part of our company a mustard greens and pool for soft lover
as the rest of cold air and called a couple of greed deeply depressed while
you clean your teeth and help stop to pick a renewal arm is broke starring debugging
written by l o well the nation’s goes through open
their doors last monday and and in spite of the difficult first week are miss brooks who teaches english at
madison high school was determined not to let the rigors of the impending
semester demo enthusiasm for which i was in careers well she was talking about it or leave
friday morning in the room she rents from the states sure it’s difficult
being a teacher lots of other occupations a difficult to
besides maybe mister cochran our principal will recommend that i be made
here that the english department that carries a bigger salary within cows from and i’ve become an assistant
principal maybe even the principles and as i was mister burn he’s been pretty shy provide ology
teacher but i’m sure you warm up a little instead well then you’re just insist on spending
more and more time with me on weekends as well as school days or this year you might even proposed tale k ryan park we should waited for another minute i
was about to discover our a land line twelve appreciates trying to get well i am not
this is that it is the money and activated you would get your own on
happened well acted rectus talking in movie file
seeking just a company called by the recipient of city is said to get you to
stop it these are kids before you go to your first class that’s what we all need
something to look forward to probably about his new cheerleading idea cheerleading audi yes he doesn’t think
there’s enough infuse the exemplar football team tomorrow is the first game he wants the
team to feel that we’re all behind them ices how did the madison teen wind up last
year travel they had an undefeated season this is davis eightieth that’s right they didn’t
defeat a single team finest content that is why a scheme to
make a member of the faculty at the student leader and member of the faculty these cheaters exactly he doesn’t feel
that the student yeh leaders of generating enough steam do you think you’ll see that for the job
done well it’s a lot of hard work with no extra pay i seem like a natural for it electronic my kidneys to contradict you for a job
like that because mister cochran is one of my most arden boosters he’s right
behind me every minute it gives me a great sense of security
did now that i’ve been lab in principle is one of my staunchest supporters me
yes it’s like standing on a nice for gallows everybody’s already done to me leaving
if you choose will be easy he’s done something else yes he’s still
on these big anti seven is asian kids so we moved me from room one forty eight
right next to mister gordon’s biology lab would down the room one oh two will have to
get to see him at all now attention gets drilled casually down
trees room between diocese there isn’t much time between classes missus davis how casual can you be with spike shoes
and healing start dvd one thing it’s another but i still can’t concede that you was
it cheerleader in a football stadium i’m sure you mister cochran can i wouldn’t
be surprised if u he expected me to be a drum major at as well why this very minute he’s probably
chuckling into his coffee at the thought of me throwing a big brass but on top of
the air and catching it without a bounce on the top of my head others cop is very good at it the fact that uh… the did just see and
uh… catching that big stick dried up diverted let me tell you that i don’t quite
follow leads though alerts miss brooks harriet i’m thinking of making the fact
that the cheerleader for the football season it’s a wonderful idea d the kids are crazy about whisper here’s the kids are crazy harriet do you think you’ll accept a new
assignment as julia the cheerfully i don’t know why not it’s good enough for principle of the
alright pretty chair what you mean if it’s good enough for
principle other stories i can afford it gcm brielle principle of clay city high
school elected honorary cheerleading but it was my idea to get a fact of the
cheerleader i’ve told bro about it last week when we’ve at cedar papers why they’ve got his picture in here trees and brill thinking the student
body of place at a time well of all the hamiltons not only does
he steal my idea but he appoints insult to grab all the publicity pleaded oneself dot in selected understood though he was
elected on the scene downside be elected by the students as
well what’s so funny about it i was a drum major in college akola special send the right after lunch
and we’ll vote for a fact of the cheerleader on cash to hate i don’t like to undermine your you know
but and it’s an elective position miss
brooks probly when it by a mile the funeral you forget young lady who did your
father is an old hand at politics while i was offered a political position
before i was even a teacher in this town he s kain costs on had a good reason for not
accepting high now the back of your car wasn’t even after
all the doctor dr attracts not opposition with her mother would stop blabbing that
story room now tear off the dishes let’s get school
hockey teams maybe we’ll get a chance to wrap knows
it might dream high before school starts he’s driving miss brooks townsend your dream time all they get no greensburg out of the breakfast table it and sell mistrust all i’ve often kid
about the saudi his actions this week forced me will not
be allowed to close it but that won’t mister conklin finds me acutely
distasteful that’s why he put me my best
outstretched snodgrass and my best girl harriet conklin all in different classes
i’d just i don’t see how men can be so cruel to his own flesh-and-blood harry
certainly realize what he’s denying that poor girl death have to be brave i guess general question to you moves all the way down a room one oh two that’s about as far away she can get for
mister blanton slap rice crispy two hundred yards two
hundred forum nine inches maybe absence will make the heart grow
fonder he did ask me address wednesday night mister blackness you for data middle
east he certainly did invited me to a drive-in movie in his
neighborhood sounds color c it could have been cozier peopel did what he did not too late if
he drove me home so he suggested that i bring my car along too when she got into the place she snuggled
up real close didn’t you it’s a little bit about what it is not a
lot to somebody with a new hudson in between let’s get back to your problem walter
i’m sorry to hear you’re not happy in your present classes miserable miss brooks isn’t just being separated from harriet
that hurts it’s stretching address two you know how close stretching iarc
afterall you talk to both of us english last term you were both in my class last
term if that’s what you mean girlfriend stretch is the only people
i’ve ever met who bernard out of a possible one
hundred percent a final mark of nine you are sparkling twenty-seven look good
by comparison we may not be overburdened with brains
but he’s got a great sense of loyalty miss brooks crash if we’re kept apart all term it’ll
break stretches heart mine too maybe gets transferred back to your
class business brooks please stick i help us can you help us to take it easy
water you can rest assured i’ll do everything in my power to arrange a
transfer for you g sanctions after all i want to use well
a stretch to look back upon your career at madison high school is the happiest
twelve years of your life sign the pardon will continue in just a
moment but first here’s burned smith not double science revealed a startling
discovery in the fight against tooth decay proof that always using colgate battle
creek right after eating help stop tooth decay before it starts
and tenuous research hundreds of case histories makes this the most important you
listened double this story eminent double it already has supervised
hundreds of college men and women for over a year one group always brush their teeth with
colgate right after eating the other part of their usual dental
care and here are the amazing results the group using colgate double cream as
directed showed a startling reduction an average number of cavities far less food
decayed the other group developed new cavities
at a much higher rate no other documents offers proof of these
results and cold dates contains all the necessary ingredients including an
exclusive patented ingredient or effective daily dental care no risk of irritation to tissues and
guns and no change in flavorful mark
cleansing action as always colgate strange or brett what it means routine the cold it’s not your dealers is the
same formula used in the text always use colgate dental green right
after eating to help prevent you cavities help stop
duplicate before it starts well i arrived in school before mister
cochran did having a little time to kill high standards are disturbance biology
laboratory mining mystifying just have to be in the neighborhood so i
thought i’d basin atopy sit-down catch your breath i’d just feeding my pet frog you
remember mcdougal kafkaesque on that they haven’t seen very much it’s it’s
just vintage war and now immensely one dash and want to go thank you mister bryant you miss me yorkshire if your bashful just say lem it’s totally natural i suppose for all
living creatures who form a certain habit pattern to the temporarily so
normal out of state of confusion by the destruction of that pattern thanks a any warm-blooded memorable his form some
sort of an attachment for another warm-blooded becomes platelets if that was a little
bit more would be room wall specs and size of the bars here comes
the people with peanuts tonight to say i suppose is that both mac and myself mister between
classes swoon by the same token a i suppose it’s
logical to assume you’ve missed seeing us you can say that again thanks max put it back in his case and you go boy you’ve had plenty of exercise one
morning their way i see a laid back mistrust what do you think the coming to
terms with the like and mister cochran keeps not like he started it should be a
day late somebody took stretch not bass wanted
them and his daughter harriet out of my room
and put the beach in a different english class well yes i know very it’s in the
civil rights class no she’s got your old room right next door too bad about the
kids miss enright is the room next door it she’s got seemed quite often there’s
a lot of mac enactment thinks it has been interested in frog
legs fraud lifetime crazy about each other believe me they’re making spent much quite fun to do is fruits it’s not just the other day she was
telling me haha oops sorry she was that you had to work here in summer school
while she was getting brown is a very on a vacation makes it quite nice compliments of that i’d like to hear she said that you with the only person she knew who could
look so alive without any vestige of color faced uh… that kid he’s got to go had no
idea when i did give in room one out of the team poets resentment price do you know was
broached said they had the admissibility soon i haven’t had a lot cooler than usual happened cup just sell affidavit magyar and that’s simply not made this money did you make it just that everything but the bottom end of that etc i had that done in the hamburger
stand on the corner i ask you to saddam hussein right but
there are any changes as between the selected by liz and i
definitely chair come sit over your body gary allied up is bouncing bernard for
years has you would just be d_n_a_ house not
just get his thoughts mystifying to act opt-in to give you
with the present something you can get the football game tomorrow yet let me take that carson orange colored turtleneck sweater
visited by looks like a hot water bottle with
cities experience and it was very nice of you
to get it for me to send rightful i didn’t need it most abundant this is
part of the next step dot blot it she reads department still hyatt i have one exactly like it by myself both if you bought it i said well i’m
afraid i won’t be able accepted to guess my principles take anything i don’t pay
for al committees mister blank just consider it a premature christmas
present in that case thank you mr mc i’ve got to make it up
with problems of doesn’t get priestly excuse me miss brooks threatening i’ll stay here and chat with santa riceville acts here you know maybe aanu faculties and i’ve got to tell you i think it’s a
remarkable achievement parts are remarkable about it but the fact that you do had to indulge in such strenuous
pursuits agility sp cheerleading really qyk safely body don’t worry about meanness and i’d eternity doubt i can see a link to make
a phone i can and i must say that sweater you gave
mister barton was a very nice method of vacuuming an invitation to the game out
of him you make it sound like a plot down don’t you know that i’m not very
indulging in to meet subterfuge is but those who need it no monkeys might homes at p and should be considering all the time
you must and licking your policy hinting that i’m not leaving anything
his enright i defend the standby you did unit that’s where they are central time you would have wasted too much time
playing with the ball of yarn sometimes i think you’ll out of his
mother but i know it’s just wishful thinking likewise action would you like to excuse me i’ve got to
stop in at mister cochran’s office before class accidents do happen today so i a kitchen late waiting ladies or you leaving yes i’ve gotta get now
they start the sleeper jumped in my room from the air extracted and thanks a million for that
baby sweater percentile yup eddie welcomes the bike don’t be strange it’s out of her hands value scene at the top and harriet
modern stretch would like to be transferred to the same english class
for quietness brooms because they’ve all been together for several times now and
the kids miss each other cc their friends easily friendship is a very important
thing the young people because if he is they derive a certain look mister talent have you ever had a
friend a good question this group and much as it may surprise you with the
answers in the affirmative when i was a rather small boy i was
quite friendly with my mother that i’d like to change that in this
regard as a drug that saved i see no reason whatsoever for
transferring my daughter harriet and at the same class with the dogs like walter
did but what about snatch snodgrass asbestos now you’re talking about the mind of the
century i mean to bother you but water and
stretch together water create a half-wits now before you were to have your classes
books that’s another matter i’d like to book store you so did you read the paper
this morning don sutton i see that you might receiving some of the
news in capsule form marcia dot mine that’s how i get my
salary but news it’s happened but it seems that
jason thrilled got himself elected faculty cheerleader at the place of the
heart but i thought that yes this this book
that was my idea but he latched onto uh… pilfered dropped last week now you know how i feel about jason
brittle bones i think that mister cochran do you read
this article old wildly denton words if possible however he’s not going to get away with
this miss brooks record to hold an election here at medicine this afternoon
and i’m going to win it i guess i’ll read as much newspaper
spaces that old billy goh tentative pardon me mister harmon who’s going to
vote in this election by the undergraduate but it goes pricey well then the outcome may not be as easy
to forget what you think you see the problem whereas on the one hand the students
love admire and respect to good what did i do better than well aware of the mercurial nature of
the student body is lights of the slightest ropes however uh… if i were nominated by
someone in whom they have always had failed someone who could sleep more bearable to
my way i’d be thick someone like you it’s whom you don’t have to tell me who needs mean in this economy that nominated
good-faith would it be african to nominate you this his politics and
sports always room for compromise if you agree to nominate me for example
and might see things your way on one of your pet projects specifically those transfers you were
concerned about indigo you mean you transfer the kids back to
my class now we’re interested and quit falsified did add those pupils to your
class i’d have to move into a larger bloom say back to one forty eight next to the bottom of the lead uh… or do you think mister barone
gasket rain you became a principal madison’s gain was tammy’s losses killed it uh… now i think it’s best to keep the entire
mattress secret until you actually place my name in nomination of the assembly
this afternoon that way coming just before the voting
the impact will be too great i’ll have the nominating speech already
for you by that time that see now that i would have been just
the getaway car with a motor running plant life and are we still have a few words from
your latest nominee a woman whose opinions we all value so
highly arm is broke read the speech i gave you in my studio
forests and make the finishes in precipice possible unrealistic happening
hang myself it hai it is indeed a rare occurrence when one
candidate nominates another it when a man has such stature that he
towers above all competition that one is forced to do so move to do so move to do so madison wi at such a candidate a man who has and questioned spirit is
on the equaled by his qualities of leadership he hasn’t been easy asim get
up and go and i wish i could that is this candidate has locked guided
the destiny of this various institutions that which i am proud to be in a mate instructor instructor that army had placed in nomination and
thank you all to vote for the man was trying this consideration and i the
selfishness is now and was all has good problem outside conklin thank you caused a problem thank you hair uh… will proceed at that which is the
inherent right and frazier the privilege of every american the vote in order to speed things along i’ve
decided that we can dispense with the antiquated written that instead each student will simply file up
to the platform and tell me who he’s voting for role plays down bedridden secondly objection service secretary of
the secret disagrees with like mister compromise among didn’t want to expedite
matters he’s merely trying to railroad himself
through and get them out noting that path status numbers croat remember i won’t keep my
promise unless you keep your well i’m trying to mister cochran it’s uh… students listening to a place that we elect mister optimistic
confident that could be cheerleader by acclamation nobody is taking its cue that has been
confirmed by acclamation carried congratulations miss do it students you may rest assured that this
although welding vote of confidence is not displayed they interested in order to a new fact
that it really don’t want to address that on fifty feet into the air recorded
with one hand unfortunately we have no such bet on on
the premises or ideas like guys fired benton data here walter here you are mister cochran i really dont majors that time the near the way you see looks like there are runs the company uh… note right-wing
here ruler like this that opa i remember that up then out that’s a pretty good classifies it as a
myself but i’ve lost sight of it the confounded thing disappeared altogether navneet has skyrocketed talk about it and a
band-aid to mister cochran returns in just a moment but first
reunion green room into lost her u tonight u_s_ tonight show him how much lovelier york aircon
look after of mustard cream sample mustard cream world’s finest shampoo no other sample of the world needs to do
much magic blend of secret ingredients plus gentle an eleven not assault non-public would mustard cream shampoo leaves hair three
ways lovelier frequently clean three of them standards
listening with xin manageable even in the hardest water mustard cream ladders instantly no special rents needed after a mustard
cream shampoo so gentle mustard cream is wonderful even for
children’s hair yes tonight dr luster cream shampoo through the most written and worries of strictly termine and now lime saying that there is are best for us well i guess the auditorium after a
spirited rally during which we all sang songs and
cheered by mister cochran wrapped his head at the school day i ran into mister
barone as it is coming out of our principals office and from what he told
me i knew mister cochran had kept his end of the bargain yes indeed it certainly has been a lot
of switching around experts is enraged and moved into room one oh one that’s
probably thought i could have my old room there you know one forty eight next year by
our de lam my old biology lab all biology lab you mean you’ve got a
new look near into switching around i’ve been moved to
one oh two next to his enright alro someplace to attend school is what sets
wrote today’s friday we have a day to go to the city let’s skip it mister bryan with my lack ensure to put us in
separate cages tough tough fifty k on this book
starring evolved is produced by larry burns directed by alice with music by
will bahut doctors proved him to may have a mobile
complexion in fourteen days yes thirty six leaving skin specialist
proved in tests on twelve hundred eighty five different women that a new method of cleansing with
palmolive soul using nothing but palmolive dropped new complexion beauty
to two women out of three just wash your face three times daily
but probably so each time for sixty seconds massaging
pamela’s guilty ladder under your skin then rents so stark your palmolive facials today see what pummel it so can do for your
complexion and just fourteen days one mystery liberally sprinkled with
last listen to mr mrs off tuesday evening over most of these same stations
and be with us again next week at the same time or another comedy i was loaded
alarmist brooks problem on strike mustard greens and lucas all leverage to
us about the air and colgate dental agreed to plead your
breath by keeping your teeth and help stop to pick a bringing arm is broke
starring yvonne time once again courtyard another comedy
it was sort of honest roadtrip violence well for most of us is considerably
harder to get up early on with the morning’s than it is during the summer but this isn’t the case without miss
brooks who teaches english at madison high school maybe i’m just being preggers that if i
found a very hard to get up early in the winter than i do in the summer i’d sleep
right through the spring finest davis my landlady had such a time
waiting me last thursday morning connie left-handed related as is dead now he told me i still think you wanted to
get up at six thirty shot i was lying candace intended use of difficult to
prove capital must be because of my dream mhm yes i did and i was out very late
last night he did go out with mister berlet let’s
not get into i had dinner with the best foreigners resident exciting evening connie it was
a rip snorter really got to the front door mister born
apologize for keeping me out into the wee small hours what time was it can five minutes to ten enticed by the time you got to be saying
goodnight the way he says that it was considerably later what time was it being four minutes of
tennis designation are to get this this is
dated thought like tiny listed boeing seasons the most
permanently kellerman w_b_z_ so far cary grant has nothing to worry
about his car he was very good news is davis i
did you want to county do you know that i couldn’t get the
coffee grounds keeping freely from down tell me i want another
cut first there react you want some no phones i’ve been thinking about me start
building on the wall why missus davis downtown they have got
competition decided cold chrysler talent i don’t know enough to be though still
not there’s japanese missus davis you mustn’t split up over it how that has been watered down i can tell because there’s still some
food on the breakfast table i’ll get it alright connie and they have not read fuels i’d like to try to fix taking seemed
incinerator what’s the matter with it he called on friday at the end of the for example should be interesting good morning louder collection distress it’s a wonderful morning delicious
morning independent ecstasy practical and happy bye buddy celebrating robert was madison
high spec that to see that i a tidal wave a close-knit ms brooks it’s meet it’s being carried along by a
tidal wave the title later the motion unprecedented in one of my team two
years it’s as if i discovered if you will
spring in the core of might be you find a blogger in the hall closet karen and i just finishing a cup of
coffee not the intended the breakfast missteps scenario water how about a glass of milk eric dyson milk in it you pieces a coffee cake will be fine
thanks them i’m glad you brought your beaming face overselling early today maybe the muni depth finder to ecstasy what’s it all about let’s hear it and spirits i’m really inside with her at all
because of the fortunate accident that happened yesterday afternoon what kind
of an accident float yesterday after school she was in the
garage looking for a tennis racket my father’s car was in the way now you know how thankyou marblehead is
about this mister cackling is about his car i know a dozen that anyone grounded drive it he doesn’t like anybody come
within sixty days he can help it even parks himself in parking tickets liberty bostick since the day he bought
it his car has been untouched by human hands added to get it lubricated if you say by
greece monkeys out take away that day himself mister x so you can imagine how nervous harriet
dot when she tried to back it up a few feet garage new wheels were turned to
sharply in paying she clinique into the standard that’s when i got the inspiration will
forever indir meeting here at the time for them where did you do smuggled out of the
country districts i decided to take the rap for
what she’d done instead of being my normal natural
impulse to run like a track can take the blame with more water mister condon isn’t in
front of you as it is now say he isn’t he can stand aside in the saying this but i was inspired so i went
around to the front of the house i strolled boldly up the porch steps and face mister clinton’s face face-to-face in the picture let’s face it asset connect on like this at the center of your car has just
invented hit was all right what i didn’t get the detective you’ve been reading too much ogden nash fifty compensated that wilder i admire your misty that’s all he said but in other words not another syllable he just extended his hand and shut me
down the steps i knew there was some sort of
punctuation with israel and the link below i feel the warm clothes spreading around
my heart i question the geographical accuracy of that promote pictures miss brooks pulsar looking hearing it’s eyes she
helped me up it seemed to say while they’re getting claim for every
your sleeve then you know something the strokes
texas who work for you to water i can’t be our sleigh the board of education has
a priority no i’m talking about mister blatant now if you want to get inside with one
you’ve gotta do is just one idea work that mister congress shut me down the
steps manuscripts take the rap for some janet
mister blanket since you mr bohren doesn’t get into any james how could i
possibly taken iraq’s for him mediating could be a mainstream these
developments is dave i couldn’t help but be a your compensation connie you
couldn’t no i had no idea cats and dogs logic i want you can deal with
accounting coupon one definetly application status he took me to talk to figure out a way
to get mister black in the same kind of trouble in school then you could take
them doing find and maybe still grateful he would not want to do for you faced that you keep telling me that would be framing a perfectly
innocent candidates for his own good cattle he’s just too shy to realize that you to
a name for each other now it’s quite yet so before you start
out for school its policy quietly and trying to figure out that this possible
scheme swell lol concentrate i’ve got it how by mister bond cigarette lighter and
even in the principal’s office as evidence cigarette lighter and what did
that too i forgot to tell you for starts at five
and it’s about time sign the vartan will continue in just a
moment but first here is vern smith now double science reveals a startling
discovery in the fight against duplicate proof that always using colgate double
cream right after eating help stop to pick a before it starts
continuous research hundreds of case histories makes this the most important
news and that’ll history emina double it already is supervised
hundreds of college men and women for over a year one group always brush their teeth with
colgate right after eating the other part of their usual dental
care and here are the amazing results the group using colgate double cream as
directed showed a startling reduction and average number of cavities far less
tooth decay the other group develop new cavity is at a much higher rates no other benefits offers proof of these
results and colgate contains all the necessary ingredients including an
exclusive patented ingredient or affected daily dental care no risk of irritation to tissues and dom and no change in labor poll more
cleansing action as always colgate screened your breath what it means routine the toll gates
knowledge your dealers is the same formula used in the past always use colgate dental green right
after eating to help prevent new cavities help stop
to pick a before it starts well he arrived at school when plenty of time for me to try out
the walter de unplanned retaining the gratitude of the object of one’s
affections or as long as there were a mandate they
put it getting in the day and take the rap you got him in your pocket anyway i headed directly for mister
barnes biology lab and knowing that mister clinton’s
disposition wouldn’t be improved any by the day and his standard ideal i did very carefully pastor’s
office i guess i wasn’t careful enough missed brew morning at the time but and i felt was
this morning ivory israel especially you it’s just that i didn’t want distributor
very considerate of your now if you don’t mind this proved to convert for
shoes on and step into my house thank you sam as you know miss brooks i have high
blood pressure yesterday right now sometimes when you get excited your face
gets embedded with a lot of them mine reminder that the word pictures miss
brooks you know how i look when i get excited what i wanted to tell you is that i saw
you stepping out of water that car this morning now i_c_u_ stepping out of ten times pol
most every morning when you come to school and rut that fascinates me but
does will you see sometimes i parked my car
right by the school sometimes it can be arch to the right of
it and sometimes halfway down the block but you know something this purpose no matter where i pocket didn’t always
manages to pull up alongside of it so that when you get out of his car you
have to slide your body of the entire length of my god making make after make enough great job terribly sad the cabinet i had no idea i was so abrasive but it’s not delivered on time show but every third sunday when i saw him as
my car find a little neck here a little bit
daring here a scratch fairest great everywhere is that’s great i can at the center of the n_r_a_
doesn’t happen that time using this bit in the immense cars most
personal possession as personal you might say is his
toothbrush well in the future is a calm and you can rest assured that i’ll make
every effort not to bad behavior to patch anna that desperate well before you go there’s one more
thing yes make a little effort to avoid bumping into missed appointment so often
too you know i stand on fraternization
between faculty members mister bryant and me when i just wanted out of your mind is
the continent that’s the thing of the pet who really dot com thrive on an italian woman in the world
and mister binding with the lab s manon and yes misprint would like to leave a conference tuesday so you see mister bonior although i
don’t like to lecture these visits of just got to stop that’s all there is to
it wireless brookside i’d like you dropping into my lab like this now what’s the end of that like to any
question honestly i don’t see why mister cochran
for a strict about teachers passing the time of day once in awhile does it do whaley does slow about work
some ice floes why having anything urgent to do at the
moment inside that just doodling on this scratch pad c it’s a sketch of one of my
white mice said very cute how is everything with you mister bond finds proof now trouble on the rise in off and is debuting sailing on smoothly for
you steve is so that we have that massey just through an
extensive now when i put this little mustang
shannon who is it remind you of jr i don’t know here i’ll give you a
hint quicker when you put his name on it it
does look quite a bit like mister cutler say that my status reports to turn it in
this morning don’t do it for you aren’t going right
by his office you’re sure it’s no trouble travel with
my opportunity how big that dvds reports for you mystified by prescription face library director drawing without the
company’s name whether he might it’s funny it disappeared always probes
just a minute any it did you happen to pick up that drawing on miss brooks what state you’re stuffing
in the envelope with my reports please mister bond i never sat let’s say
that at this point if you don’t get reports incompetence the company gets
during his first look at this picture it matters and with a moustache or i wish you’d tell me what he’s doing in
there with my reports maybe this and she’s in the envelope which is no laughing matter misfits i
could have gotten into a fight jammed with mister cometh yes it could have
been the beauty ad but there’s no harm them as the barn
i would have discovered it before i got to mister cochran’s office and i where you don’t think i intentionally mr bohren how dare you accuse me of what
i just did well i just emailed here miss brooks hi dishonest to believe that the other
in the clinton but you must now harriet i’m staying away from mister barton
because of your father i’ll get it will be up to the cafeteria goal he’s been terribly upset inside and the
standard yesterday well if you took the blame for through
he’s just a quick angel misprint since nineteen eighty-three down the steps
beautifully police did he’s positive he’s got a call soon
really any afford one anne here he called the cafeteria little while ago
in advance if you’re a special lunch for need in his office plane drop in the whole boiled chicken what is being the tailhook incident you
know i promised anything if i can do is
office dark period he says that the old land from ground freeze bagels pains but that’s not a lot of has
forgotten right down to understand that you know it just thinking i’ve got to go back to my room for a
minute why don’t you stay here in each around lunch let me take the train for
you well that’s very nice of you missed by
sending it out harriet here give me the tray water tissue topic daddy’s office
nothing would give me greater pleasure wilder when you were going to get the
dairy with me from mom and pop she respects excuse me recently warranty interesting is to me how you doing sprints thinking anyway
because you’re pointing to a g_m_ i think i’ve got an idea water but you’ve
got a healthy hawaii that i wanted to take this trade mister brightens
laboratories just put a little note on it saying compliments of the cafeteria and whatever you do don’t mention this
to hamming it for the mistrust this once belonged to mister i had watered his
office is just a few doors down the hall you started me on this thing that at
least you can do is cooperate when how can express published a lab right away journal intelligent journal pure get
your hope okay goldwater me asking you for calling us
the content you commune i mean and there’s something i’d like to take
you said there were over the brief allied where right now this is your
feeding time i’m i’ll understand biggest pet at lunchtime trial ordered that have been here a half
an hour ago that’s when i came in to talk to you about it might be some sort of banking although i’m not the one going for
informing me thank you it took my line i don’t know i’m sure but i thought of you wanted me to i
could infect some of the laboratories at restrooms ncnd p padding-right been a splendid suggest
in the throat only instead of you inspecting the classrooms i’ll do it myself yourself well but you’re not a whale man mister
competent you you can’t leave this office has step aside miss brooks i’m going to locate myelin are alps and add to that address before any of
the others water hyman spock fitness clubs when i had to
put that lunch tray mister barnes lam i wanted him to see it before i
transferred it to my room and told mister cochran that somebody had played
a prank on me you know we don’t have to combine insisted on making the rounds
himself and now water is not the lunch tram i guess that’s
what i’m trying to explain the straps mister going already had lunch so money
found in the lab he brought it down here your room he said he wanted to treat here all five well at that time anymore schemes now i got to seek his nineteen minutes
problems office while he’s out looking ok there’s something else i can explain
these trucks although mister blake and his line
tonight need had yours i didn’t have minds so they couldn’t take it easy getting
connor molly k well there’s nothing left but a skeleton i’ve got to get rid of this trade me dat
wicklow open the window i’ll take these vicious as a matter of just the moment
miserable what’s that going in your hand for all practical purposes my death
warrant mister cameron and lived on on your desk uh… so you wanted to hunt through the
classrooms yourself in very clever red herrings brooks but it
just didn’t work uh… deal with you later of course but
for now i’ll just take my lunch my lunch what happened to it this chicken is nothing that skin and
bones he’s been working very hard lately thought then i’ll explain it all later
i’ll think of something it just go to your office and relax wyoming you would favor that make you
feel like a million dollars there’s only one thing i wanted to bring me on the
frame is brooks and that’s your dad balancing against looms over this divine
brought this day would never and army to mister cuttings and free bread move was
made i can understand that you get that you’re fine teaching staff you’d think
he’d be happy is like a disputes if you haven’t made any other plants are ladies at i thought maybe if it if you didn’t have a ride with some of
you what would would you like me to away already in this device outdated intelligence we seem to be jammed in between two cars
here reid is pretty tight bumper-to-bumper
never other status that memo to enforce the car in front of a bit more head and
in why didn’t they did this is the meeting
at present here going and you can’t stop pushing the car
in front of the airbag had stopped at cars running by itself mistrust would
like to open and i think you can new maybe it’ll stop by itself it’s the first time i’ve been right
today look at that rendered crumpled like an accordion well let’s see where the car belongs to
miss brooks can you see the cert on the steering wheel quiet clearly mister blinder instead and i quote has been conkland pecan bella i guess i’ll have to face the
music you you wait write him a sports and going in and report this to mister
cochran well that’s a fine insurance company
your word given scientist content that specter do this morning at least and
about washed out but i don’t want it hammered out i
wanted your friend one of my paying insurance premiums for
scientist a cockpit i think that that would cost over a hundred and fifty
dollars of that that you asked us to justify it set your policy is a fifty-five
deductible you’ll have to stab expects yourself by but mister gibbons i my devised
mister gibbons behind product when all a colossal there pardon me sir what do you want one i wish to report an accident sorry
automobile accident automobile accident anybody hurt right yet d uses it updated it was your car monique on you had been locked in at the curb and i
had to give it a little portion of break wasn’t on the world didn’t stop to it hit a tree tree what happened to it already have a good
to treat it offender it’s it’s it’s just a pretty
good born really really there hello and and that’s one though today wonderfully in the evening a happy about
it but uh… so that insurance companies that send it couldn’t be hammered out
but it but definitely not playboy look at this level you’ve got me a
real-time though to see i have a little bit in the fender but the insurance
company would replace it but now they lacked the event peddled whose account and you are barking at the
wrong tree i mean alone are responsible for what just happened to your car youu but missed the point is that i met
mister barnes and i see him exposes notice s it’s near the gates means that
we didn’t handle this known as the conference i know we are
angry at me as it is that i cannot levin innocent person died as she owed me you
can go now mister bond meteor a free man witnessed wrote you can thank me some
other time tonight saying i don’t understand while you were trying to take credit for
this point in credit credit you know chris to come but i don’t
understand a lot of things that happened here today so if you’ll excuse me out
taking his prick suggestion and leave here a three-man mystifying what’s the matter with him what difference does it make who did
what as long as i am leads this brooks you have no idea what you’ve
just doesn’t mean yes our item annual mr dot and i have no idea what i
have just banned to me but i told you i’m not angry while you
were still up a tree is an english teacher may correct the principal mr
convent it is a victory that i’m not what i’m up and without a paddle is a
creek hard news on the slopes returns in just
a moment but first he and the renew nuthin from most www tonight yes tonight kill him how much
lovelier your hair can look after allosteric cream temple luster cream world’s finest shampoo no other shampoo in the world gives k
filled with magic blend of secret ingredients plus gentle and island not
assault not a liquid luster cream shampoo leaves hair three ways lovelier flagrantly clean free of loose then
drove listening with xin manageable even in the harvest water
luster crema ladders instantly no special rents needed after a loss to
cream jambu so gentle luster cream is wonderful even
for children’s hair yes tonight trial oster cream shampoo dreamgirls remove uh… municipal luster mornington the and now once again here is are mysteries
well i corralled mr bohren the parade got into his car again and explain that
i thought he was in trouble and was merely coming to his rescue libretto
it’ll approved such a religious books you see i’ve always like to stand on my
own two feet to trade i inherited from my father
really yes disproves i’ve gotten where i am today without the help of any woman rather proud of that and so is my father
whose divine could i have these addresses address
what form it splits i want to send your father card on mother’s day flashlight infinity and help stop to
pick a all in this book starring eve arden is produced by larry burns
directed by al lewis with music by will very much man it hand doctors through into may have about the convention and
fourteen days yes thirty-six leading skin specialist
ruled interests on twelve hundred eighty five different women that a new method
of ttenzing with palmolive so using nothing but plum island dropped new
complexion duty to two women out of three just wash your face three times daily
with palmolive soap each time for sixty seconds massaging
pamela’s genteel other onto your skin then rents so start your pummel
officials today siegler palmolive soap can do for your compassion and just
fourteen days the people in war-torn countries will be
increasingly hungry cold to deal with the coming of winter you can help them
by sending care packages care packages include vital food
clothing blankets care guarantees delivery just send ten dollars to care
new york or mystery liberally sprinkled lapsed
mister mister and missus log tuesday evening although most of these same
station and be with us again next week at the same time or another comedy
episode alarmist drugs problem on st


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