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Outside the Ball Surprises Giveaway Winner with Petra Kvitova Racquet

December 9, 2019

This signed racket from Petra could be yours
wish them good luck Good luck guys! We have a winner of the Petra giveaway. Her name is
Liz Weingart and she lives right here in New York City. Liz knows she’s won the giveaway
but has no idea we’re there to surprise her Excuse me I’m looking for Liz Weingart Hi Liz! From Outside the Ball. How are you? Good! How are you? Oh I have something for you Delivery Petra Kvitova’s signed racket Wow this is beautiful! Can you find where she signed it? There it is right here How did you end up signing up for the giveaway? well I always watch the Outside the Ball videos and I love the coverage of the
behind the scenes of tennis I signed up and I think you know you never know
and here we are And here we are See what happens when you watch
Outside the Ball videos all the time great things can happen

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  • Reply EpicPauze September 14, 2019 at 3:34 pm

    Lady @ 0:22 ran off in a hurry ?

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