PARIS SUBURBS APARTMENT TOUR | An Australian Living in France

January 26, 2020

Hi I’m Lily. Welcome to my room tour
and before you enter don’t forget to subscribe below! Now come on in! So this is my kitchen. What I really love about this kitchen is the fact that I actually have a dishwasher I’m pretty, pretty happy saves a lot of energy and the fact that I’ve also got
24/7 access to the laundry. Some typical meals I make in here are probably pasta… ham and cheese toasties, of course. I decided to become an au pair
because when I was at home I was really struggling to find a job and I knew I
really wanted to travel overseas because I really wanted to use my French again I
just didn’t know how because I didn’t have any money and I thought, “Hm, what
can I do to be in Europe without having to save up?” and I thought, “Au-pairing!” My host family they’re so cool. Honestly they’re just so lovely and I actually found them on
AuPairWorld and I was thinking about staying near Evian-Les-Bains which is
near the Swiss border, but I just thought Paris was really my my first
option and the fact that I got offered a spot here was just unreal. And this is my bedroom My host mum she works for Amazon and my host dad works as a production manager for Canal+. I look after two kids. Some things I want to do before I leave Paris is find a language partner so I can hopefully become really good at my French. I’d love to join an art club for
drawing and painting. To get to Paris from here, it takes about I’d probably say about 25 minutes and then it’s about 20… 15-20 minute walk from here to Montrouge. Here’s my wardrobe! When I first arrived in Paris, it was really warm like
this it was about 20…20 degrees and this was late March and I thought, “Oh good,
because I didn’t bring any warm clothes,” because you know I thought maybe my mom who comes back and forth to France and Australia a lot would bring some back
for me when I needed them. Lo and behold, after maybe that week it got freezing like definitely bring jeans, bring a load of sneakers, I brought way too many. You probably need maybe like two…two dressy sneakers, pair of runners, and something
that you can also dress down so if it’s a nice dress maybe that you can wear with
sneakers. Don’t forget to bring books as well. Like for me when I first arrived, I didn’t really know anyone and I just thought, “Oh like, oh what am I gonna do? I don’t want to go out by myself,” But all you need is a good book because if you get stuck, at least you’ve got a book to read and yeah. This is my bathroom! One of the best things about this bathroom is probably the natural light I mean this might be weird, but like in Australia we don’t have the heated towel racks so for me this is really nifty. I’m like, “Cool like it’s, it’s and nice warm!” and your towel dries really quickly it’s great. I’m really lucky with the space I have and and I can cook my own meals because my host
family buy my food so yeah I’m really, really, really lucky. Thank you so much for watching. To watch more videos click here and to subscribe, click here!

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