Perfect Yoga Pose for Tennis Players

August 31, 2019

I’m Pam Radar and today we’re going to be
looking at the perfect pose for tennis players, on the court your
shoulders and hip joints get quite tight, so cow face pose
is the perfect pose to alleviate both let’s take Sarah into cow face,
right leg crosses over left leg, knees stacking, if the knees don’t
stack exactly, that’s okay let them be where they will let’s lift the right arm to the sky and the
left arm behind the back fingertips coming up between the
shoulder blades, then reach down and try to catch your fingertips together, if they don’t catch,
don’t worry, it’s just about opening up the shoulders, lift your chest high take a few deep breaths here and then
you’ll repeat this post on the opposite side this is the perfect pose for tennis players

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