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Perfectionists: Wim Wenders Rules for Cinema | Stella Artois UK

January 19, 2020

The first rule is you need a good title from the
beginning obviously continuity is clearly overrated don’t count on your mistakes being fixed in-post. less make-up better is better. If you like football don’t shoot during the world championship. Avoid shooting with animals they never do what you want them to do respect your actors, their job is ten times
more dangerous than yours Don’t quote other movies don’t tell a
story somebody else could tell better. Don’t shoot a Western if you don’t like
horses. Never fall in love with your leading
lady. Keep in mind other people have good
ideas too. Are you should said that? always keep your can acceptance speech short Thank you mama and finally the last
rule there are no rules but actually there is one more: always wait another five
seconds before you say cut You never know. You see.

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