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Pickleball Battle of the Sexes SINGLES Match – 2017

September 12, 2019

– And now, ladies and gentlemen, this is the main event of the Battle. (crowd cheering) The moment pickleball
fans around the world have been waiting for. Sponsored by Pickleball Trips, world-class instruction at
amazing places around the globe. Selkirk, ProLite, Franklin Sports, and Bitter Brothers Brewing. Proceeds going to Feeding San Diego. We are live from the Bobby
Riggs Tennis Club and Museum. It’s time for one match for the undisputed Battle of the Sexes Champion of the World. Introducing first… Fighting out of Naples, Florida by way of Santa Maria, Brazil, a pickleball and tennis professional, at 37 years of age, she stands
five foot, seven inches tall. (crowd cheers) – With a 68″ reach.
Weighing in at 136 pounds. She is the former number one ranked American college doubles tennis player. Sponsored by ProLite and Pickleboat. With a 2017 winning record of
63 wins and only three losses. (crowd cheers) She is a 12 time major championship winner with gold medals in the U.S. Open, the Tournament of Champions,
and the National Championships. U.S. Open triple crown winner. Ladies and gentlemen, she
is the beauty to his beast. The pride of Santa Maria, Brazil. The crown princess of pickleball. Reigning, defending, undefeated Women’s Champion of the World! Simone Jardim! (cheering) – And now, introducing her opponent. Fighting out of Colorado Springs
by way of Fort Worth, Texas a touring professional at 55 years of age, standing at 6 foot, 2 inches tall with a huge reach of 76 inches, weighing at 170 pounds. Sponsored by Paddletek, he is a three time Tournament of Champions
triple crown winner, 12 time National Champion, three time U.S. Open champion in doubles, mixed, and singles. He has the Midas touch of pickleball. He is the alpha and the omega. He is the rock and the hard place. I give you the reigning,
defending, undisputed champion of Senior Men’s pickleball,
Mr. Scott Moore. (crowd cheers) – [Alex] Not too bad an
introduction of Mr. Moore, as well. – This game is gonna be the
best two out of three to 11, win by two points. Your referee court side
is going to be none other than local legend, Mr. Jay Meinhardt. Simone, are you ready? – [Simone] I’m ready to rumble. – Scott, are you ready? – Yes, sir! – Gentleman and ladies, are you ready? – [Crowd] Yeah! – Well, let’s get ready for battle! – 0-0! – [Alex] Game on. Ooh, Simone putting the pressure on early. – 0-0. – [Alex] Quick change of serve. – [Crowd] Ooh. – [Alex] Oh, Simone’s fast but she was about a short step away. – [Jay] 0-0.
– [Alex] The other side up. – Come on! – Side out. (crowd cheering) – [Alex] Nice aggression
out of both of them right at the beginning. – [Jay] 0-0. – [Alex] Mr. Evans has made
his way back to the booth. – [Morgan] Hello, Mrs. Hamner. That’s a beautiful put away. – 1-0. – [Crowd] Ahh. – [Morgan] That’s a wingspan, right there. – [Alex] She did a fantastic passing job, but with that wingspan, he was there. Kept his twinkle toes out
of the kitchen, as well. – [Morgan] Oh, and after that
impressive dance display, you can tell he’s got the footwork. – 1-1. – [Alex] Painted the line, there. You showed a few twinkle toes, as well. – [Morgan] I do love to
dance, no doubt about it. – Come on. – Point. 2-1. – [Morgan] 2-1 is the
score, Simone already ahead. Ooh! Beautiful. (cheers) – [Alex] She held that. – [Morgan] Yep. – [Jay] 3-1. – [Morgan] Who’s your money
on this one in here, Alex? – [Alex] After those last two points? I’m definitely going with Simone. – [Morgan] Yep. I wouldn’t bet against it right now, but, you know, I didn’t think the men were gonna win the doubles
and they pulled it off. – [Alex] That’s true, it took ’em three and they did turn it around with the men. – [Morgan] Three is the new
two, let’s be honest, come on. – An out. – [Alex] Simone hit such a good
serve in the corner, there, and Scott nicely put it
back deep to her backhand. Caused all kinds of trouble for her. – [Morgan] Yeah, we’re gonna see early on what kind of strategy both
players are implementing. – An out. – [Morgan] You know you’re
doing well on the serve if the opponent stays back. Something in professional pickleball, more often than not, players
returning and volleying and this one means a
lot to Simone, you know. Yeah, obviously it means
a lot to Scott, as well. – [Alex] I think every match
means a lot to both of them. – [Morgan] Yeah, they
are true competitors. That’s a lovely shot. – [Alex] That is a very nice shot. – [Jay] 6-1. – [Morgan] Ooh. Looking
for that little touch shot. And I, honestly, against Simone, I don’t feel like that’s an
effective strategy too often. She’s so quick around the court. – [Alex] It worked the first time. – [Morgan] I mean, it
opens up an angle for her. – [Alex] Right and that’s the
second time that he tried that and she got there and was able
to do nice things with it. – [Jay] 8-1. – [Morgan] Oh! That’s an
impressive angle volley, there. – [Alex] Yeah, he read her down the line. – [Morgan] Yep.
– [Alex] Was able to be there. – [Morgan] Simone just checking the ball. – [Alex] ‘Cause, you know, when you hit a plastic
ball with a hard paddle. – [Morgan] Oh, she has, uh… Certainly, she wasn’t ready for that one. Oh, beautiful. – [Alex] Beautiful
passing shot of his own. – [Jay] 2-8. – [Alex] Score is now 2-8. (cheers) – [Morgan] Fantastic. Scott just needed quite a lot
more power on that forehand. – [Alex] This is a game of
passing shots, right here. – [Morgan] Yeah, it is certainly
first punch pickleball. And that might just float a little long. – [Alex] Simone looking at a 9-2 lead. – [Jay] 9-2. – [Morgan] Yeah. – Out. – [Morgan] And a linesman,
there, calling it out. – [Alex] It’s good to have
lines people in singles. – [Morgan] Yes, certainly.
It can get personal quickly. 10-2, this could be a quick first game. Simone putting on a
huge amount of pressure and they call it out. – [Alex] And there you have it. 11-2. – [Morgan] Wow, 11, two. – [Alex] And not much time at all. – [Morgan] Yep, I think probably
11 minutes or less, even. She’s gotta be happy with that start. – Alright, players ready? 0-0. – [Morgan] Start of game two, 0-0. Oh! – [Alex] Ohoho, great
hustle out of Simone. Just couldn’t do it. – [Morgan] I think if
she had pulled that off, Scott would’ve just walked off the court. That was an incredible get. – 0-0. – [Alex] Tough serve. – [Morgan] Yeah, he does
have that inside out backhand slice serve that causes
a lot of players problems. – [Jay] 1-0. – [Morgan] And one of
the very different things about this match,
obviously, is these two… – Out. – [Morgan] Would typically never see each other in competition, so they don’t have a read
of each other’s play. They would’ve watched videos, obviously, to get a feel for what a
winning tactic could be. Oh, beautiful. – [Alex] Well, her approach
shot wasn’t, probably, as much as she would’ve like it to be and I think that set up that passing shot. – [Jay] 3-0. – [Morgan] Yep. – [Alex] Scott out to a
quick lead, here, at 3-0. Oops, and maybe I jinxed him. – [Morgan] Yep. He’s obviously also playing
with a different paddle then he played with in the doubles and it takes just a little
bit of getting used to. – [Alex] Choosing for that
little bit of a longer paddle. – [Morgan] And again – Oh, unfortunate. – [Alex] Another almost-get. He’s using that drop
quite nicely this game. – [Morgan] Yeah, I think
he’s two out of four, so far. Thereabouts. – 3-0. – [Morgan] And there’s
a call of out, there. – [Alex] Maybe a little slow,
but it was still a call. – [Morgan] It happened, yeah. – 0-3. – [Morgan] Oh. Huh! Whew! (cheering) – [Morgan] That is impressive. And a patented Jardim fist pump. Wow, what a shot. – [Alex] Those four backhands
in a row, they were… – [Morgan] Yep. – [Alex] Each one of them
amazing on their own right. – [Morgan] Scott needed
to do just a little more with at least one or two of those to wade off the Jardim onslaught. Oh, and she’s found open court. – [Alex] Unbelievable. – [Morgan] That is a,
that’s quite a rare shot, an inside out, two handed backhand. – 2-3. – [Alex] Not gonna call
it extinct, though, we just saw one one the court. – [Morgan] Showing a lot
of versatility, here. – [Alex] Scott doing
well to get to that ball and he put it nice and
deep. Caused problems. Alright and I think
Scott’s serving at 3-2. – [Jay] 3-2. – [Alex] Oh, it went right behind him. – [Morgan] Incredible. And the… Scott questioning the line judge and the line judge
confirming that it was good. I’d say great. – [Alex] In a word. – [Morgan] Ooh, so close. – [Alex] Almost around the post, but she didn’t quite make it. – [Morgan] Simone asking,
kindly, obviously, to referee Jay Meinhardt to give her a little more
room to get around the post. I didn’t feel like he obstructed her and that is just wide. – [Alex] Got a time out. First
one in the singles match. – [Morgan] Okay. So, Scott clawing his way back after not the perfect start in the first game. – [Jay] Simone, you have
one timeout remaining. – Thank you. – Score is 4-2. – [Alex] Back in at 4-2. – [Morgan] And now 5-2.
Will they check the ball? Yes, they will. – [Alex] A little more
lift to get the maneuver. – [Morgan] Oh, it’s a great serve and an even better return. – [Alex] Wow.
– [Morgan] Oh, wow. That’s precision pickleball,
really, isn’t it? – [Alex] Using the whole court. – 2-5. – [Morgan] And he floated
that ball a little long. Great serve. – [Alex] The serve was
not as deep as, I thought, maybe, it should’ve been. Maybe that caused it to go out ’cause he was a little up on it. – [Morgan] Yeah. Variety is the spice of life. Oh. – [Alex] Yep, too high on that. If you’re gonna take advantage, you might as well do it on a high ball. – 5-3. – [Morgan] Another deep
serve to the backhand. That run around nicely to the forehand. – Out. – [Alex] Ooh. – [Morgan] That was indeed in. – Point. – [Morgan] You know, he is a beast, there’s no doubt about it,
but he still has great touch. – [Jay] 6-3. – [Alex] Ooh. – [Morgan] Oh, wow. – [Alex] What? Wow. – [Morgan] Fantastic rally. – [Alex] Should we say it? The point of the game. – [Morgan] It is the first
best point of the game. I’m sure these two will show
us even more amazing play. Fantastic athleticism from both players. 7-3. Just missed it wide. It’s given Simone the serve back. – [Jay] 3-7. – [Alex] Alright, time to
get a point, here, at 3-7. Tough serve, right in the corner. – [Morgan] That could be trouble. Oh, given a chance. – [Alex] Wow. – [Morgan] And Scott is going to not be happy with his volley on that one. That’s opened the door for Simone. – [Alex] Looks like
he’s taking a time out. – [Morgan] And there’s a time out. It is a warm day today. I think around 82 degrees here at the Bobby Riggs Tennis Club and Museum. – [Alex] Oof, went for a
little much on that one. – [Morgan] Yeah, just
hooked it wide, slightly. – 7-4. – [Morgan] Oh, fantastic. – [Alex] Very nice, inside out forehand. – [Jay] 8-4. An out. – [Morgan] Nice. Simone did well, there, to put a lot of pressure
on his third ball. – 4-8. – [Morgan] Oh! Unlucky. You can see Scott
certainly attacking her backhand. Her forehand is enough
to scare small children. – 8-4. – [Alex] I think it might
scare big adults, as well. – [Morgan] Yeah, it’s
not fun to be hit by it. I know that much. (cheering) – 4-8. – [Morgan] Oh, fantastic. – [Alex] There it is. – [Morgan] That’s gonna light a fire. It always just takes one or two shots for Simone to really catch fire and… And start going on a roll. – [Alex] Whoa! – [Morgan] Incredible play. – [Alex] We’re gonna run
out of adjectives, because – – [Morgan] Yeah, yeah. – [Alex] Amazing and incredible. – [Morgan] For me, that’s the
shot of the match, so far. Oh. – Side out. – [Morgan] And that pesky net
getting in the way, again. – 8-6. – [Morgan] That’s a fantastic serve. – [Alex] I don’t know how it stayed in. – [Morgan] Electing to stay back. Ooh. – [Alex] Oh, again. Right off the net. – [Morgan] Yeah, a full stretch, there, looking for the window down the line. And that’s put the score
at 9-6 to Scott Moore. – [Jay] 9-6. – [Alex] Ooh. – [Morgan] Fantastic. Very nice. Need some extra juice on that return and there’s a paddle down. – [Alex] That’s a time out. – [Morgan] I would
imagine that’s a time out. – Out. – [Morgan] Just missed and that’s game. – [Alex] Just missed for
the game, right there. – [Morgan] And the second game. – [Alex] The good news is
we get to go to the third. – [Morgan] Alright. So
both matches, going three. Obviously, they’re the kind of third balls that players are forced to play and doubles are very
different than singles. Not that that shot drops. Oh, fantastic. Great reach, there, from Simone on the first point in game three. – [Jay] 0-0 – [Alex] 0-0, first side out. Oh, and an easy point. You know, not getting
your return a serve in. – [Morgan] It’s a cardinal
sin, really, isn’t it? – [Alex] It really is. ‘Cause you’re giving a point away. – [Morgan] I’ve never seen
you miss a return, Alex. Are you ever planning to do that? – [Alex] Well, it’s never the plan. What? – [Morgan] Wow. – [Alex] How do you even hit that? – [Morgan] I don’t know. Some things just defy logic. It is one thing getting there but being able to place it accurately and a short angle, cross
court ball, just… – 2-0. – [Morgan] Just incredible. – [Alex] Uh-oh, get there. Ooh! – [Morgan] And I think he
might’ve missed it out. – [Alex] Out, yes.
– [Morgan] Yes. Wow. – [Alex] The line judge, again, a little slow, there, on the call. – [Morgan] That is a testament
to the kind of fortitude, she’s going to chase
after every single ball ’cause you never know when
something like that will happen. Drill it hard into the
body, hope for the best. – Side out. And like a true gentleman,
that’s what he does to repay her. – [Alex] Exactly. Well, he did apologize. He held his hand up. – [Morgan] Oh, he did, really. Okay. – [Jay] 0-3. – [Morgan] 0-3. – [Alex] And he’s ready to go. Oh. – [Morgan] Nice. Yeah, he was able to hit that third shot from well inside the
baseline and that just steals so much time away from
the returning player. – [Alex] And he had the
time to hold a little bit and therefore go inside
out once she had committed. Oh, a taste of his own medicine. – [Morgan] And that is out. There you go. Shoe’s on the other foot. – [Jay] 3-1. – [Alex] Tough return. – [Morgan] Incredible deep return. Oh, wow. – [Alex] Yes, he was ready
for that one, don’t you think? – [Morgan] Yeah, I think
when she’s on the run, she’s hit that short
angle ball enough times for him to start predicting it. – [Jay] 1-3. Side out. – [Alex] Alright, we’ve got a side out, we’ll have Simone Jardim
serving, here, in game three. 1-3. – [Morgan] Uh, I believe it’s 3-1. – [Alex] No, I’m sorry, it’s 3-1. – [Morgan] Yeah. – [Alex] Oh, that was pretty. – [Morgan] Very nice. Poetry, really. – 1-3. – [Alex] Whoops. – [Morgan] Whoops, indeed. He, uh, Scott does a great job of being able to hit
accurate passing shots while he’s still moving to the net. You know, in tennis you see, very often, players are extremely well balanced and they’re not in so much motion. – Side out. – [Morgan] But he doesn’t come from a pure tennis background. – [Alex] No, he’s got a well-rounded racket sport background. – [Morgan] Yep. – [Alex] Oh, and again
with the cross-court off the short ball and
he’s ready for that. – [Morgan] Yeah, he’s reading it like a children’s picture book, isn’t he? I can definitely read other books, but those I know quite well. Oh, again. He’s baiting her into short
balls on the forehand, waiting for her to attack cross-court. – [Alex] Yes. – [Morgan] A smart strategy. Ah, Simone – – [Alex] And I would think he will keep doing it until she changes. – [Morgan] Yep. – 3-3. – [Alex] So, game three,
tied 3-3. Scott serving. – Out. – [Morgan] And it’s just been long. Simone needs to dig deep, here. The crowd getting behind Simone. – [Alex] Ah, she was ready for that. – [Morgan] I can’t remember her, seeing her miss one of those before. – [Alex] Rushing in a little bit. That’s good, she’s taking
a little bit of time. – 5-3. – [Alex] Moore is serving at 5-3. – [Morgan] Oh, wow.
– [Alex] There he goes. She went down the line that
time instead of cross-court. – [Morgan] Yeah, a full – – [Alex] Was able to get behind him. – [Morgan] Well, it was
that full stretch volley. It seems like when the ball is bouncing, that’s when she’s going
cross-court, predominantly. – Out.
– And… – [Alex] Now Scott feeling
a little pressure, there. – [Morgan] Yep. See how he’s attacking that forehand and trying to predict her… looking for the cross-court ball. – [Morgan] Ooh.
– [Alex] Ooh. – [Morgan] The net just getting in the way of what was to be a spectacular shot. – 5-4. – Out. – [Morgan] Oh. – [Alex] That was uncharacteristic. – [Morgan] Yeah, I’ve seen that before and I’ve been in that
situation where a returner doesn’t come forward, it
actually distracts the server. It doesn’t happen very often
and you certainly find yourself with a huge amount of
options as opposed to two, down the line or-cross court,
and it gets in your head. Fantastic play. – [Alex] She went down the
line a few times on him. You saw him wanting to go cross-court, thinking she was going
to do it that next time. – 5-5. – [Morgan] Very few players elect to attack the Scott Moore forehand. If anyone can pull it
off, then it’s Simone. (cheers) – Side out. That’s unfortunate. She did extremely well
to get to that ball. – [Alex] She really did but
it is the smart thing to do because, you know, if you
don’t get the ball back, your opponent definitely wins it. She got it back. He could’ve put it in
the net or hit it out. – [Morgan] Yep. – [Alex] Ooh! – Side out. – [Morgan] Wow. – [Alex] Definitely
worth the effort, there. – [Morgan] Yeah, she read that so well. – [Scott] Nice shot. And even Scott saying nice shot. – [Alex] Right and we have Simone Jardim serving at five all in the third. – 5-5. – [Morgan] God, it’s exciting. – [Alex] Ah, that’s tougher. – [Morgan] That’s gonna
be a tough one, yep. – Side out. – [Morgan] It is one of the
more difficult things to do, play a grueling game of doubles and then switch gears… – Side out. – [Morgan] And play singles. Simone getting the serve back. Back to five all. – [Jay] 5-5. – [Alex] Our breeze has all but gone away and I think the players
are feeling the heat. – Don’t go there!
– Side out. – [Alex] Yep. Simone, she knows it now. – [Morgan] She knows
it and I think at 5-5, it’s not too late to make the change. – 5-5. – [Morgan] And Scott waiting in position. – [Alex] Switching sides with
Scott leading six to five. – [Morgan] And we’re getting
ready to get under way. 6-5, Scott Moore serving. – [Alex] That was a
beautiful shot off Scott’s. – [Morgan] It’s the return of serves that are costing at the moment. There’s a level of depth required. – [Alex] Yeah, Simone’s not
getting hers nearly deep enough. – [Morgan] Yep. This game is about time and space and when you’re the one at the kitchen, you need the time and space to react to strong passing shots. And it’s another time out. – [Alex] And time out. – [Jay] Time out. – [Morgan] The serve there
good enough to keep her back and that’s, that’s a tough sign. Oh, see that, there, was
much better return of serve. Put the pressure on. Let’s watch the comeback attempt, now. – [Alex] Right, Simone
Jardim serving at 5-9. – [Morgan] Alright. – [Alex] There we go. Good point. – [Morgan] Favorable
bounce, there, on the serve. – [Jay] 6-9. – [Morgan] Oh, fantastic.
– [Alex] Wow. – [Morgan] That’s the spirit. – [Alex] That’s what we were
seeing in the first game. – [Morgan] And Scott,
feeling a momentum shift, he’s called a time out. – [Alex] 7-9, Simone
serving in the third game. – Side out. – [Morgan] That was, I
feel, a crucial point. It was a short return and Simone just didn’t do quite enough
with the passing shot so she’s gonna have to
dig deep, now, here. Get a good, confident return. – [Alex] 9-7, Scott serving. Oh, that was a tough shot. – [Morgan] That was a very tough shot. – [Alex] Showing a little
bit of pain in that left leg. – Match point. – [Alex] And here we go at match point. Oh, I guess he caught the corner. – [Morgan] Alright. – [Alex] Off of a net cord goal. Scott wins the Battle of the Sexes. 2-11, 11-6, 11-7. What a great match. – [Morgan] Incredible
match, there, by two… Worthy competitors. The best in the sport.


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    What paddle is Scott Moore using in this match?

  • Reply Nick Boyle December 30, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    you could tell the old guy took it easy on her for the crowds sake but it was still fun to watch

  • Reply Roy Baty January 1, 2018 at 3:04 am

    Both doubles and singles battle of sexes matches were very tight and interesting. Bobby Riggs would be proud.

  • Reply Oliver Wood January 31, 2018 at 10:51 pm

    Another boring, zzzzzzz one, and you/Pickleball should thank me for being honest,

  • Reply Thor Matt February 9, 2019 at 6:14 am

    Next time she should play someone less than twice her age.

  • Reply DBJ February 14, 2019 at 3:40 am

    Until I heard Tennis center, I thought I was listening to MMA. Horrible announcing, no matter how funny he thinks he is. Of course, if you are 8 to 12 years old, the announcer did a great job.

  • Reply Nathan Gonzalez March 21, 2019 at 7:45 pm

    Tyson vs jardim

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    Scott went easy on her for the crowd. She wasn't ready lol. Go back to brazil.

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