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November 8, 2019

It’s saying that went offline like it went
offline. okay yeah bad stinky I gotta agree with that
you gotta keep up to date with what’s going on. It’s still loading, what do you want me to do? Need to know can anyone hear us?
us hmm because this might be like the last one and
then all of a sudden it’s brighter started and I started to dream I started stinky yeah stink you figured out stink
pants you’ve got a what a play on say it looks like it’s better this might be
your second stream again if I’m if we’re unlucky hopefully it’s still the same
stream and maybe not what do I do here is there any way to get out of that
because you might be sitting on that for a while restart the game
so I have to get it off suppose that’s one way to do it how do you do it here okay so I’m still I have no idea whether
they can choose I’ve got stream offline I’ve got it live it’s hard to work out
what’s going on how come yours is updating and mine isn’t stink yeah but
mine’s not so I can’t see anything scared to do that but I might have to
let’s see what happens here say you guys are gonna have to let me know you won if
you can actually gimme Oh because SIF is here as well
golden bullets here as well hello how are you all sorry I couldn’t see the the
chat for a bit there is quite a bit of a chat that I’ve actually missed so you
can hear us okay I’m not even sure if this is a the same stream at this point
because memo with the clash of clans one we ended up having two separate streams
now guys you might have to suggest something that doesn’t take that long to
to get the gameplay going because basically the stream stopped because
again nothing was happening what’s going on now stinking with your little friends
that have joined you alright so at least that said looks like that’s been kind of
sorted we lost a few people from this stream stinking I’m putting all of that
on you again you down stinker you’re a down stinky you know that tbz aiding you
aiding you Jackie I’m talking about random things what’s the best thing
about sweets Lund I don’t know but the flag is a big plus one big plus do you
know if this flag looks like yeah like a Red Cross that game rocks a it looks like you’re
you also playsets say with I’m not even sure if you I’m he capping again already
I’m not even sure if you’re playing with your teammates at the moment do you know
we don’t think he’s not saying anything too busy concentrating I sir annoying
orange playing pixel gun with fen effed map I’d saw something about Annoying
Orange today when I was doing order well I saw it as a jumped scared type game Oh
bed set saying and something different that you can put in pixel gum as well
and say random saying play Minecraft say is there yeah he’s already told me
privately how to get it for free I’m a little bit hesitant to do it because I’m
sure it’s probably not supposed to do it that way but we’ll get there eventually
we’ll end up playing that we’ve I spent a lot of time this morning before the
stream organizing all of the game suggestions that we’ve got we’ve had say
many of them about to compile a proper list say some of them as I was doing my
research in terms of the App Store weren’t good suggestions a lot of them
were they I must admit so it’s a bit of a mixed bag blue light show again that
games what do you call a pile of kittens and me Alton ten where he has Casanova
not sure what that one means play minecraft we have read that already
these kind just keeps coming up with the jokes why is there one friends with
Dracula because like sting pants he’s a pain in
the neck that’s how can rate it like sting pants
he’s a pain in the neck and annoying orange is an annoying orange sizing for
day setting I find oranges annoying they’re not that sweet they’re making
fuck’em ellipse do you get the lip pucker you know do you stinky
spoiled squad what what did the toilet say – what did one toilet say to the
other you look flushed that’s you’ll like that one
cleric say in the discord nice here well I think the game’s LED yeah random keeps
leaking the games so I guess anyone that’s in the discord gets to know what
we’re playing early isn’t a spoiler alert what are you doing there stinky
oh is that one of your teammates sort of someone flyby just then didn’t they stink no answer no response
I actually you’re gonna have to do the Kalam Konami entry again cuz commentary
oh that’s that’s another word that I’ve invented
yeaaaaaah Konami try cuz I got to check the other one just bear with me tape you
know how many three commentary ah lately but did it again unite and split
the strength are they coming to kill me oh my god me go away go away go away me
gaming’s here hello hey how are ya they’re saying minecraft played is
another request for Minecraft so we will have to do it at some point also random
suggested minecraft Earth which I had a bit of a look at and I’ve actually
downloaded that one already so we will have to we’ll have to do that at some
point how are you mythic gaming it’s good to
see did you celebrate Halloween and if so did you get plenty of tricks and
treats tell us all about it how do you do the tree well like the games le say patrons
supporters should get to know the game very early I haven’t checked patreon
recently we’ve I mean the last time I checked we actually had our first patron
right they don’t expect any tears but I’ll have to have a look but I have a
feeling we’ve only got the one patron that doesn’t seem too fast what we do by
the sound of it they haven’t even set alone say yes well left advertise that
at some point we haven’t really been telling anyone about the patreon at the
moment Kane says is a pool safe for diving it
depends deep in oh you got that one they already played minecraft now we haven’t
played Minecraft yet but we will who knows how to do three cats Pam I
don’t know what three cats Pam is that part of this game
stinky wouldn’t know good shooting Tex shoot Tex you’re doing really well run
away run away look at me I’m stuffing my face there’s
a little bit of solid safe while I was trying to cheat down on that three
categories spam I’m don’t know are three categories spam is do you stinking know oh I got reborn great congratulations a
stink-ass what do you think of Maine um that’s a good question I’ve got to be a
little bit careful about the whole political arena because believe it or
not there’s some governments that are trying to stamp out means which I don’t
because they can be all right you remember and I’m pretty sure you’ve
seen this one you remember that Maine with the Chinese woman the good-looking
Chinese woman and the good-looking Chinese man and then it had some really
ugly kids and then he was like looking for a divorce because she didn’t
disclose that she had plastic surgery do you remember that one yeah it was all
fake so they photoshopped the kids and the
woman had never had plastic surgeries just all fake right it ruined her career
that didn’t in other people of you talking about the Maine so yeah the kids
were not they weren’t real kids that was photoshopped
you know they like to make them look I believe it wasn’t real the whole thing
wasn’t real but what was real was that yeah ruined their life basically she
became a worldwide meme and ended up not being able to get modeling contracts and
all kinds of things so as a result of that no other worse things have happened
that some governments are trying to stamp out memes which I don’t think you
ever could I think if it’s light harder than not making fun of like individuals
that’s okay I mean if you made fun of animals they’re not going to be
– aware anyway they’re not gonna object if it’s an animal but people might I
don’t mind them if they’re in good taste and funny what about you stinky
Oh Robert Bobby you channels here hello how are you getting to see a lot of the
I remember his channel you should all check it out it’s pretty damn darn good
I’ve got to be careful with even the second and third category swear words
there say hello blue shy guy I you got point stink pants why don’t know if you
were taught talking about food up talking their sing pants didn’t say
anything she never does and stream Edwards has downloaded pixel gun 3d as
well so might be I would add them to well they will need some my tutorial
advice funny how to add people or are you an expert at that already sting
Lance you’re an expert shooter they look at you taking up the enemy and running
around with your little friend there so if finally getting somewhere and it’s
in the second string see what we did you have a good or Robert Bobby Oh she’d say
did you have a good Halloween I believe they would have celebrated that as well
now I know how to save it stinky doesn’t listen
haha welcome to Marta life random slinky doesn’t listen you don’t listen stinky
do yeah exactly ha death Dana listen Dre Madrid said
last time they played they were level 43 randoms level 45 what level are you you
stink 1 how can you tell Oh G take him out stinky you’re doing well
look at you you’re playing this game really well I’m very impressed with the
old stink pants getting much better at the first-person shooter but nicely done by the way can you play IRA case oh
there’s another one and I’ve actually heard of this one as well ice cream the
horror game I saw it today when I was compiling the list so we will let that
to the list but it is growing longer and longer so just be with me before when I
say it’s yeah it’s actually looks pretty good it’s pretty popular from what I saw
I’d say I’m gonna have to add it to these lists as I go on before it was the
max 30 nice game right about gaming skier as well hell I tell you it’s good
to see you again our patent does a lot of horror games I’m gonna say so if you
want to check out that no he’s got a good channel that’s right you get a
little bit scared with the Eldora games now alright guys play granny chapter 2
again there’s a new update no cuz you don’t listen D plus yet nightmares about
granny didn’t you and they have you been this week empowered gaming my friends
great to see you live stream again yeah we love it when you join again just a
reminder if you’ve got the time just drop a comment on one of our videos so
reminds me to go check out your channel because I don’t do it from the live
stream chat I’m usually pretty good with gaming because they’ve been joining a
lot of live streams getting a few tips I reckon on what games that they can play
as well although we’re easing up on the horror games for a little bit
your awesome youtuber like I can show that so don’t know who’s saying is the
awesome achiever but I’m gonna take that is as US what do you think stinky
is that us what ain’t blind people’s skydives
because it scares their dogs you like King Arthur tomates is here as well lol
are you I’m not sure with all of the new people
are coming from whether it’s because they play pixel gun 3d or is it the
first time in the stream and I just don’t remember the name yet it takes me
a little while to remember the names so how are you I thought did you celebrate
Halloween did you get any candies any tricks no one’s actually said anything
about the tricks yet we’ve said a lot of candy and that’s about it so Arthur says yes they did but I’m
assuming that means candy not tricks we want to hear if anyone played any tricks
where is that just not a thing now everyone’s too polite that they get all
of the candy ready so that they don’t have to get a trick played on them what
do you think sting you wanted a tricks isn’t it I want to know what trick I can
know that people’s not gonna Halloween I got nothing but help gaming I’m guessing
if I’m not mistaken I think pout gaming’s from a Asian
country so they might not celebrate Halloween there because you don’t
celebrate in your country do you Steve we don’t but we do some decoration for
Halloween Wow not we I should say maybe just like you know while steps heading
off for Eddie thank you for hitting the like button and thought Seth was
actually gonna play in this game with us but I’m already kind of confused as to
who’s who’s the friends in this game and who isn’t
look at you go you’re an awesome shot you wanna try no you’re you’re doing
very well look victory victory from the noob look at yeh no wonder they want you
as a partner in this game no no why from what I was watching when I’m getting
distracted by a game play you’re actually getting very good at cheating
no good avoiding it look at you go nice one you did it again
say I’m sorry to hear that pal gaming didn’t get anything if it’s any
consolation well we just had ourselves candy that we bought for the kids
because they kids came we ate in our own candy and what did you end up getting a
fan oh my it’s curious tonight we’ve led to about a few new candy traits that we
don’t really have here isn’t it I’d like to try some of these candy corn one day
although according to the guys on good meat
good morning man even I can at all uh you can’t trust them that much that’s
true that taste buds of ruined from the stuff that they’ve able yes we do know
what if digis digit spinner is in fact stink pants shade me remember that video
you showed me with a cat though is just lying on the ground swishing its tail to
make the fidget spinner spin around oh yeah that’s a fidget spinner there’s
a funny video to a mustard me is that still a thing people like fidget
spinners or is that a fad that’s already over and done with
did you ever play with one stinky no run away for you know a few the hands when
you want to be distracted by something I got that fella made some food gave it to
me grand new brand new and it was metal and it light it up well that’s pretty or
you know what I’d prefer to get something like that for Halloween rather
than candy which is just gonna eat and poop out I do but if you have a fidget
spinner that metal and lights up that’s gonna last longer isn’t it I like things
that last longer that’s the difference between you and I
stinky you don’t mind spending on a bucks on a meal whereas I think that’s
crazy that’s five minutes box I do you do it on the regular what are you
talking about you did it just the other day then you know 80 something dollars
from you alright wait oh we’re talking about the food for once
pouch saying maybe you should try the game yeah look pout gaming this one’s
very popular it’s I had a look at the reviews before when it comes to the
mobile phone app and it had something like 60 61 thousand plus ratings so it’s
one of the more heavily rated games around you compare that to clash of
clans got 80,000 it’s not that far behind so and I’ve seen on a lot of
channels that people do play this game it’s it seems to be very very popular so
yeah try it and then the thing has been paired gaming uploads stuff he plays
better than we do see he’s there’s been once or twice we had they said I might
play that game and then I’ve seen it later looks like well much more skillful
and you stinking got mine now when I say canes they’re
talking about Jack thieves the Raymond I’ve got my Jake’s from Ryan he comes at
least one food coax has put a pizza slice there so you’ve already got the
the food thing coming in actually they did that at the start of this string
plea or the previous one I should say Jake thief not for my noggin if you see
more Jake’s olive a different I’ll leave him alone random these two like fighting
with each other they do it in discord they do it in the comments section on
each other’s videos and other people’s videos including elves but they just
stalk each other that look at you guys stink there I can’t believe you’ve
managed to actually stuff your face while you’re playing this cheetah game
then show you some skill right there we go you’re a master at this already
I got friend behind me I am impressed stinky we might have to start getting
you to play more first well this isn’t classed as a first-person shooter game
that’s kind of what it is you’re getting very masterful at this if I’m ain’t
getting pretty commentary skills I would get on and try but then what are you
gonna do sit there in silence he’s an extinct that’s not common drinking let’s see I’m
probably the only one that’s laughing at that stink look you’re always happy that
humors which I like look at bad bad gaming saying kill them
all which is what you pretty much doing isn’t it no realize so they can revive
each other but if you even died yet yeah many times when you get revived see I
just died so you just press go back home then how
do you win just depends on how many kill who got more kills
what teeth loss I guess it’s a bit like koala GT is it being keep respawning for
a period until you can’t announce thanks a bit to kill another and got last one
from you team mate it’s nice one from you having a team mate well I’m very
impressed esteemed and do you know who your teammates are or not blue one yeah
we know that I’m I’m talking about the the people from the livestream because
you’ve got at least what two or three from the livestream in the game playing
with you really I don’t know well do they accept
their friends stuff that challenge whatever it was we try but it’s hard to
find the match so I think we didn’t really and if you walk away like you’re doing
running away like you did then just the health boost I don’t know what’s what I
just know when I die all like that but it looks like cracks us off to the the
barbers so thank you for staying as long as you did and for suggesting the game
big shout out to cracks for that one it actually suggested it more than once
did you know that stinking this game yep okay is was one of the yeah so we
actually didn’t play together this is my friend our friend from stream but you
got another win my thanks to my team makes some boy like fine at my school he
dressed as a girl you’re right for Halloween yeah a space you can do that I
dressed as gene Simmons when I was younger
what from kiss tube and gene Simmons ease was the bass guitarist and singer
okay but you don’t know he kisses their Peppa pig’s here hello how are you
and now parents Rex ever you hung do you know I’ve been playing the game at all
this is all stink pants doing it say how you pepper I think unless you’re another
one that’s changed the the names you’re new to the the streams well maybe you’re
not and I just haven’t recognized the name yet did you have a good Halloween
did you end up celebrating it and how’s your weekend beans
say fire if I’d probably just lost that they used to Kane and random and just
having fun with each other in the stream again Peppa Pig edited names up like to
see some of that did you watch pepper people when you’re
a kid no what is that it’s like a cartoon show Peppa Pig never heard about
it I’ve heard of it but it wasn’t around
when I was a little fella oh nice so pepper B doesn’t celebrate Halloween
they might not be from one of the Western countries curious to know where
you’re from but you don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to pepper and
yeah we didn’t technically I guess we didn’t celebrate it or maybe we did just
an your own candy bar it’s a British cartoon so I didn’t know that my new is
a cartoon shape just didn’t know which country there you go they come up with
some great stuff Teletubbies I think that’s from oh I
know donut happy to be weird they tell each of these the a friend of mine said
you should watch these Schism they’re her kids watched it and she said it’s
very strange so I watched a little bit and said why didn’t they know that I’d
let my kids watch that show it was very very weird
give me some kidding so he’s big a threatening day to each other’s candies
at the moment he’s not a little bit of candy here a little bit of candy there
here’s some candy dancin candy everything’s dandy again look at you go and look at a man
they’re saying they’re not gonna share the candy why’d you guys sharing the
candy in my in Java I don’t think you really want to
share anything with me either no I don’t to share anything with you
stink pants me that’s why I’m wondering what we’re gonna add for a meal today
Oh does that cilantro do you not wonder what road endings oh whatever
what do you want I always think of the bad stuff
oh not Lisa no not that I actually don’t feel like that today
good I feel like the other bad stuff like what you know you deal bush no no
Tubbs be good have to go to Glen ferry for that one why because the knee by one
not open you want to Sunday tried to do it for you before we’re gonna they’re
saying that their each other candy now and it’s still like tonight the you
never managed to play did you just get another victory lookie here you haven’t
lost the game yep that’s do my teammates always with thee say that but from what
I’ve seen you seem to be shooting quite well and running away quite well which
is what you’re good at doing anyway why everyone say that my sister told me
that too what are you good at running away you’re running away fishy an otter
not you stinky my coming from the stinked a busy
running away looking you guy and what have you learnt sci-fi state who’s the
doc I don’t know but I’m running away here chicken running away from a doc
isn’t it stinky yeah same kind doesn’t matter with you feathery friends do you
know you know that’s my enemy go feathery enemy do you know you look
clock boy are you dying just to be cold don’t have anything particular yet say
how come that person got to be your doc are you you can buy like the skins yeah Titan says you’re a chicken too you
don’t mind being a chicken today is stinky roast chicken why have to be a
rose because it’s tasty who wouldn’t want to be erased Ian I’m done
roast chicken a delicious you might have to get a skin at some point they look
pretty cool I’d have to say evening and do you get to change your
weapons as well where he just keep or get that guy race that duck it just
friendly stinky D tastes like chocolate let me see your arm all blind it off
funny that the kitten cat must like chocolate because it likes to bite your
arm off doesn’t it how about you all yours I’d like to bite me why because
you say how do I put it biteable no way that would be a nice fit
up by that now she bad ah what do you think sting I’m being kind says you’re accountable think sigh because you like eating rice
chicken right well you’re a chicken makes he cannibal it’s not something
you’d try quite a few things Arak and Matt’s not something you’d tries and act
tasting of the the human flesh unless you’re a zombie then you probably would
you know zombie first thing in the morning answered stinky yes
my stinky says Oh stinky says I’m just gonna kill that doc that’s returning the
discordant knocking people CCAC and clash royale the ping monster
hopefully you can take care of that random cuz again I really don’t may have
discord affects a heavily leave it up to to those guys hands telling me to fight
you all over the place to get another victory you’re an absolute expert at
this game sting is it the same team members you’ve got all the time I don’t
know they’re not paying attention to any of the names yeah I saw that as well then what nearly
all of them are almost at least Daughtry on this cake keep
these guys as teammates you doing that well I don’t think you’ve actually lost
one music nice shooting again Tex like the last time I’ll have a quick look bit
I’m not too sure what’s going on me looks alright I’m pretty short randoms
got everything sorted out there he seems to be on the ball when it comes to all
of that and I still really don’t know what all of these bots and things they
you don’t understand this quarter all day is stinky is that a change of the
gum Manstein nice one we are gonna have to do the split-screen
one day on the probably twitch I guess to begin with do you think stink just to
save a workspace that long since we’ve had the PlayStation up and running
barely know how to use it good I’ll give random a timeout he won’t
leave me alone what are you doing wrap him stop picking
on Kay no said the year before sometimes he doesn’t know when you’re joking and
you know you tend to Jake with him a lot be good I think they are good online
friends like they just like giving each other a bit of odd time
on occasion isn’t it Cain’s not too happy but I can’t give you a timeout
this time he hasn’t done anything wrong does he stink no comment he hasn’t it
yeah I questioned that as well Cain that I think random does have a bit of an
evil side but Oakley keeps it in check and creates a lot of good in the world I
have to believe that in random there’s more good than evil we need him to be
good very good influence there Adam not like stink pants who says Cain so that’s
the end of a lloween for another year and christmas is coming up shortly
isn’t it you got a Christmas wish list yet stinking you want this you want that you want
everything then now I’m beginning my thing I don’t know if it’s because of
the music in the background but randoms being quite evil now late the persons
channel what are you doing there I keep checking it every now and again but I
can’t standing but I wouldn’t know if it happened anyway that’s another victory
instinct you say faster getting them got the same people here pretty sure they
want to keep playing with you you’re a level 4 ready yeah what were they saying
before level 43 someone was I remember oh
turn-turn droid OMG you see one versus one insane or say how are you I think
you’re new to the streams um they’re suggesting you a 1vs1 random says they
1145 got a long way to go to catch up there so do you play this game as well
toner droid I’m a novel 55 there hole so I’ve got some experts here if you’ve got
any tips we’re happy to take them particularly stink pants but it seems
like you’ve actually got these games sorted out isn’t it stinky no I think
your days running and hiding so take it you’ve been playing for quite some time
tame droid we’ve got another expert in the stream which is always good and I
think you’d want to face off with them one versus one you wouldn’t stand a
chance would you stinky what are you doing quite well at the moment
look at you go Oh pepper says trick or treat three you on a trait I’m gay for
the trick because we know one in the entire stream has actually said any kind
of trick yet yeah not nan says pepper season say yeah do you like your traits
I’d like to hear what kind of trick would be played myself and can you do a
trick in the game you can do that in this you do it get in there and do that
again nice one
not cheap you’re in amongst the enemy they’re not so nice one the the
aggressive gameplay is supposed to work but maybe not for you maybe the running
and hiding we’re excited we’re better than the get in there and destroy up
close and personal well you did do a good job then I think when you do the
ganging up it seems to work a bit better doesn’t it stink love it when you gang
up take on the hordes you do and instead a big map or not really is that doc again your arch-nemesis I
don’t see you doing much jumping compared to that guy but flamethrower
nice one look at stinky I know you from my MIDI
they do replace or not really the knowledge III I wonder how many of these
in a row already have you been keeping count maybe a lost one yet
yeah have a Navi anyone wants some original skittles and a jolly rancher
anybody wants a warhead extreme sour flavor yes yes big pants like say the
warhead stay tuned is that your favorite sour candy which
one is my favorite it’s the one that is very sour when it’s touched your time
but then it goes wait for one that’ll be warheads wouldn’t it I don’t think I’ve had a jolly rancher
either skittles yes you can get those yet random saying chatters baby
warheads extreme sour lemons ones aren’t sour right to it once eat five of the
minute I could you put a mouthful of words in your mouth enough no problem maybe we’ll have to go get some more
heads put a whole dozen there see if it puckers up your face at all you don’t
really do the face pack or when it comes to sour stuff do you steam your nan
pucker up B doesn’t pucker ship some to me you can you get to say
our heads where UI random I thought that’d be an almost universal thing I’m
saying them in a number of countries the old Sal warhead you’re gonna get some
stuff that you can’t get anywhere else like Tim Tams that’s something that’s
Australian yeah he can get them in other countries but it’s definitely from me
out have you tried one oh how dare you say
that to me I got mad whatever in the fridge is from me but did you try one
one oh yeah has many flavor as well you have a favourite already know the
original is probably the best day Oh some of my friend like double coat and
you try it Lord double coat chocolates there likes that
but I think it’s a bit too much for me I like no extra chocolate you reckon yeah I’m not a big fan of chocolate unless
it’s forever a share isn’t it well I just said I can’t eat kingdom yeah it
can you love your team dams pay me $100 in American dollars no Canadian dollars
you’d probably want that in American dollars would means with the exchange
right I don’t know what take American what Canadian dollars be better than out
well how about Road Road bucks is there such a thing the road block says ray box
what are you talking about the Heavy’s these games have their own currencies chocolate cake well looks like you got
some chocolate fans in here not like yeast think you want to be a lava cake
chocolate lava cake that’s awesome how sweet it can be not fair not too sweet
chocolate thing look that one from the supermarket that it didn’t have any lava
in it how disappointing is that when you have a chocolate lava cake with no lava
I was about to change my gun do you made doing you getting you know
you’re racking up the victories like you’re a world-class player at this
point stinky why it’s true I don’t think you’ve lost the game yet playing is Lou
is it the same team that UK playing the green green suit but this guy always the
same to this guy you save more than one rounds like you know how’d you put it
like sets in a tennis match you know it’s got the time they meet nice a
people even geez can do what I know at caddies Jake Pitt ID like pineapple
upside-down cake I like upside-down cakes pineapple is
probably not going to write that highly if you even appoint cake but that’s not
PI like I think of pie though right that’s an American version of pie you
know crunchy bits with pineapple pie what do you call it
pineapple stomach in there then that’s okay hi to me means like mince pies beef
pie you know I like it but that’s savory pies it’s not gonna look like that
if this one might just look like squag rhyme the Chinese bakery pineapple
products are good hmm what about you came do you like them banana bread yes I
like banana bread that’s good you know when old uncle poot I’ve tried
to impress the young arty stink pants back in the day when he first kind of
met her they went to the effort of baking a banana bread for stink pants
and what a distinct pants say you weren’t impressed you didn’t think it
was very good he said I don’t really like it I like bananas I like bread that
I like to open an already that was the response that I got after putting in
hours and hours of baking for the old stink pants you Clocktower beast is
available I can’t do that mid-game unfortunately gonna wait until the
stream is over for that one and do you like those so or not Cain you seem to be
mentioning things that you like now he’s using the term old huncle product it’s
been a while hasn’t it since I’ve said old uncle Pehr dot and salutations I
used to say that as well you know in the older videos pixel gun 3d there loops
here how are you do you play pixel gun 3d now I have to assume that then might
not celebrate Halloween if they’re from Vietnam images that’s what it looks like
and if you play we’re happy to have some tips and have you join us all although
we did struggle people from the stream to join in the
team so any tips that you may have may be good and be given they’ve put pixel
gun 3d exclamation marks a few times I daresay they probably play would you
assume that stinking and has a weekend going so far then mood
I like the made no because we play everything is lubes stink pants is
playing as a noob right now well you’re probably an expert really okay so
there’s at a time we meant just for that round and that’s in vitro so it doesn’t
take long to to win it long look at you go Ola light crop one six nine is here
as well honestly such a great main ballgame there you go so again cracks
picture suggested a really good game to play
no I’m getting to it show me how good you are you can do it you want to see
the the expert play here which would be the stink pants mean or expose II it’s
haven’t lost one yet now when you walk into a bakery if you see a neighbor walk
away she might be mad at you because of all
the loudness I’m not sure what that meant that the way we we do have a
bakery near I know we don’t anymore we had a bakery near us one of the
chains but it closed down didn’t it stink even going there enough so that must be a really popular mobile
game but I believe it can also be played on PlayStation and I’m not PlayStation
and PC maybe can be played on PlayStation as well you haven’t tried
doing it on the PC yet have you and have you got any tips there like nester house
she can improve because at the moment she’s doing a lot of running as well as towards
in-app bit like the cat wanting to get inside outside all of the time you know
different isn’t it stinky well they are half the time you shooting at nothing
isn’t it shooting at thin air hopefully hopefully a bullet land that’s a tactic
you you duckies here arch-nemesis I you’ve got a match nemesis in these game
isn’t it you in the dark constantly fighting with each other
that’s kind of what I used to do I haven’t played in a while
ah there you go so you’ve got a similar gaming style tea light crop 169 at the
moment but it seems to work for them alone just so you died twice quickly
denied was that because of the duck that’s giving me ducks got a feather in
its cap you’ll come here safety get like you got the shield oh really
do you have any skin at the mining great I haven’t changed it at all say
the duck skins the way to go is wait you’re telling me
get yourself a dark skin well they’ve all got different skins things India
have is it the same is it the same with your team this shot that weapon that
looked like an RPG you’re a bit like the bait at the municipal you going in there
to be shot at and then I flee your teammates can do the rest
yep I don’t mind do it I’m your mate he’ll well they get a struggle against
that meaning all right our light says I’d usually kill people from my from
fire and not get so classy says he oh I see so I don’t know if you’re here as
she liked just let me know if I’ve got it wrong I tend to by default call
people a well you won again say he’s saying that you actually did very well
this is the reality when it comes to shooting games particularly if we’re
using controller on a Playstation stink pants and I both that aggressive are we
oh yes you are in this game you’re way more aggressive than you normally are
and it seems to be working all right yeah meet you so now I’d have to say you’re doing good
doing well as well aggressive Brock is your arch nemesis
the doc old placa doc I’m a he’d say okay awesome
now thanks for letting me know that light Kistler do you want to try and get
things right there then how long were you playing the game for and can you
remember what level you are at because we’ve had quite a few people in the
stream say that they’re much much higher levels and stinky but then again we’ve
never even seen this game before today adjusting pads so yeah from zero your
honor did your arch-nemesis get the duck the duck is that a lock if elected
he’s the woods there but I best not that duck must have decent skin is your on
him all the time and he doesn’t die until your little mates come along and
do all of the work but think you’ve got a good thing here years again you’ve got
a good tactic there in you wait for your partner’s to find these guys and then
there you go you took out your arch-nemesis but I
don’t keep track of my level but I had played it a long time are there you go
say how long does a game I didn’t actually research that Leslie for
sneezing right in my face you know you could have turned another
side that key valve you want to know a little
bit um how long is a game been around for light
we don’t why does days resemble Sade should when we haven’t told this story
yet and I don’t know whether we should be should be telling this story before
we get the animators involved but let’s put it this way I’m gonna try and answer
the question by avoiding it you know what I came to realize about the dlg
that’s almost every human being on the planet at least all the ones with good
hygiene can see what are you talking about who isn’t part of the dirty
laundry game doesn’t matter where you are in the world 90 whatever percent of
people on the planet have dirty laundry your Island
it’s only those people to gauge that well that’s what I’m saying like if you
have no personal hygiene you might not be part of the dirty laundry gang
because he never washed your laundry so then you don’t really have laundry like
say not not that this I’ll make this clear not that I think there’s anything
wrong with homeless people some of them are quite clean
in fact I’ve met a lot of homeless people and washed their clothes right
but then you might get the odd minority that don’t wash at all well then they’re
not gonna be part of the daily they just continue to wear dirty clothes
but for the most people on the planet wouldn’t you say they’re all part of the
D or D that’s where you got your nickname from extinct pants how about
you try play this game why I’m going to Titan did you just get another victory
aren’t I here we go I’d say just barely think guys that I
don’t even know you had a having a move steam Y minute let me go forward and say
my commentary is gonna be a little bit haphazard just while I’m doing this key
he’s supposed to shoot that horse no I guess not all right let’s go find the duck whoa we
took that one out I also don’t know is there a limit on that now or an a limit
on em oh I can see I’ve got a grenade this somewhere too I’m just gonna follow this little part
me here how do they jump how do you jump okay alright now we’re getting somewhere but I don’t even have stink pants in the
room here at the moment to give me directions so I can say that the the
chats moving a little bit but I can’t actually read it while I’m doing this
sorry go oh what’s that ray lighting I didn’t know you could ray light is that
friend enemy friend Oh someone’s shooting at me are there older friends yeah they still
home late to the body boys late to the party old Uncle Peter no we got him with the guide Taiyo I’m struggling to
jump around a bit look at me guys stinking well I think aggressive is a
way to go in this game to be perfectly honest I’ve cut my mi let’s throw a
grenade at you then stinky you didn’t tell me that he’s running out of ammo oh maybe but none of the I don’t have any ma oh
oh this is this a sniper rifle how do i zoom in but no I just died okay stinky I need some help here yeah but what does that is ooh
oh they’re okay we’ve got a zone well that’s no good
I mean to run annoyed well we got the victory without my help
awesome god stinky is not keeping up with the chat there yeah look like Jesse
ages here awesome hello it’s good to see you again don’t fit the Plantae Animalia
cruel cruelty I didn’t realize you had space to shoot the baby nice nose meant a and yes sir like Jesse
can certainly play with us you’ll have to teach us how to do that because I
think stink pants has already forgotten is it people we didn’t struggle a little
bit yeah we did struggle a little bit before but again if you can give us some
tips there cuz when we when we tried to add people before the game literally
timed out and cut the stream short so you got that say 2015 this has been
around on PC though that is so it might be neuron Mabel so the game is 5 years
old might be neuronal may evolve peponi is back hello
sounds like Stinky’s in the kitchen yes you’re right because she just like she
died yeah been playing since then so lights been playing for quite some time
Cain wants baked wants eggs and pancake no no I wouldn’t mind that extra syrup
please and blueberries and randoms back as well say like Jessie if you can tell
us how to join or what am I trying to say here get into a team but not have
the game time out like it did before we can try it’s just have to find a
match I’m surprised you haven’t tried doing the sniper because you’re good
with the sniper – I haven’t he’s off again
she only just joined she’s off again welcome back to the random I didn’t even
know that you’d go on random and did disappeared come back piece of bead just
like easting pants and the captain you know Brett bag captain I am surprised
you haven’t used that sniper can be brother
I was trying me easy yeah York you much prefer just to get in there in melee it’s not like there is a revival limit well I think aggressive is a way to go I
was being aggressive too until I found the sniper rifle it’s a light saying I
think you have to add them as friends and join so we did add friends before or
is the joining part that was a prop machine get the matching parts takes too
long yeah to get a matching team war yeah enemy team was it or filling your
own team what Mike is how he had the problems same got an a if there’s a way
around that or what but wasn’t much fun when the the stream cut short this is to
two or three games recently where we’ve gotten two videos out of it because the
stream keeps ending suddenly he’s an extinct my legs feel stiff because I’m sitting
on the floor that’s kind Kane’s got stiff legs keys
an old man already oh ma will love it when you’re taking on the duck what do I
get so excited every time you see it reminds me of pluck a duck
you wouldn’t know he that is they looks like like a duck to any Aziz that he
here will may that they all may be the pluck a duck is old cane says random got
that right he yetiz birthday recently I remember that yeah
he’s sending into an old man already I know how you feel kind they fell asleep probably that’d be all
right I’ve had legs fall asleep and then they
wake up later on and they say where’s the rest of you I was trying to come up
with a joke off the cuff there but I couldn’t think of anything amusing my
arm falls asleep every night distinct pants just lays on it isn’t it stinky if
you need that help with the game stinky I’m stuck on a level on Friday the 13th
puzzle game so he’s been playing that since he played it which level he is
stuck on came and did stinky get past it or not see calling healthy our food
Oh mr. glitzy means say mr. glitzy means saying that I keep on trying to join you
in pixel gun but there’s always too many people well we were having problems
before trying to get the game started so mystical et man’s trying to join you at
the moment and I think like Jesse was trying to join as well okay now she’s working on it there mr.
Blitzer men and light so basically with what we do a lot of the subscribers
clash of clans players we play clash of clans pretty much every day that’s the
only game that we play really isn’t it we don’t play any other games now having
said that every other game that you see in a live stream from us is mainly
suggested by the subscribers and our sort of Miche if you will is that we
play them as noobs so we never do any research on the game
before playing it so when you see it live you’ll see us do it from the start
just like pixel gun 3d never never played it before today never saw it
before today stink pants I don’t know whether she likes it or not but I tended
not even let her know until we start the stream it’s like here you go and then
she says what games this is she never knows before do you stand equipment and
what about you like do you have any other games are you like playing and
there you go so he’s also plays clash of clans it’s it’s a very very popular game
clash our level 9 our say town or mining is already which is impressive I’ve been
playing for a couple of years 2p doc can you stop playing PC games there’s many
more games too stinky to play we all have to do that at some point although
I’m gonna have to work out how to record that I mean I we can record the computer
screen but I’ve got to be a bit careful with the private information that’s on
that so you might need a private cheater funny how today the PC stuff the reason
we’ve stuck to the mobile games lately is it’s very easy to set up if they’re
free obviously we we download them and it just suits what we’re doing at the
moment in the hope of of getting approval for the old monetization we’re
still a little bit I’m in the watch hours but getting there slowly same and
then plus with that list that I was working on today there are that many
games that have been requested so far that it’s gonna take us a good year to
get through the all of the games that have been suggested already plus new
ones keep coming through whether it be in the live chat or I get private
messages or people comment on the video saying to play this we’ll play that so
there’s quite yeah there’s quite a few that we’ve got to get through already
all on the mobile phone and is I guess the point say and then all say with the
PlayStation when we’ve only played one game on that you do want to get into the
twitch a bit but it’s finding the time releasing its ting some days is pretty
much the only time that we can do this at the moment when the holidays come up
we’ll have a bit more time once stinky studies or over might be able to do a
midweek or something like that but for the moment it’s just like one week and
they’re always happy to to hear of any games you want us to play just bear in
mind it might take a while so mr. glitzy man says that they’re
going to invite you stinky okay I accept someone already I usually
play console games because I have ps4 like fortnight apex or quality B so
that’s one I mean we’ve got Oh finally this is you see we’ve got two Call of
Duty games is that right or three and that’d probably be considered old by now
by because this guy looks so advanced I can’t I can’t fly like this guy picking
me out of the sky guys I’m gonna be me to you mate you say
we like oh look at you guys speak pants there was a crack shot they’re awesome
what I didn’t do anything I thought that was you shooting at the dude in the sky
no oh well I try took him out say fortnight we might struggle to play call
it GT we love we’ve got World War two and black ops 3 but we also like playing
together so doing the split-screen multiplayer which you can’t do in World
War 2 which is a bit annoying I would have loved to have done that with stink
pants we tend to fight over one of this we’ll play and then the other one says
give me the controller say we would like to do one of those streams we just
donate how popular would be because these games are not nude fortnight I’m
not so sure about apex is another one that I think downloaded that but this is
for the mobile find oh okay say I read warrior we’ve got another one in this
stream that’s asking to be accepted she will do that but she’s got a I guess get
out of this this is hard this guy pretty advanced
pretty advanced hey are you in with mr. glitzy man-made shield say what sing
I’ve been off off on I just stayed to one account but I could have been a
channel 12 probably because been on town online a
couple of years and plan to stay on it sounds like easting pants here on
channel 9 for a couple of years and red warrior
hi red warrior by the way our year’s weekend mean he said he or she is saying
to accept them their name is mo p right did you read what I said on the Friday
the 13th puzzle game yeah I did see that but stink pants you got to get her when
she’s not pleased he’s saying he was stuck on a level in Friday 13th game cuz
you seen that trouble say light says it’s a ki struggle at fortnight and I
haven’t played in a while because I don’t have internet I think we’d really
struggle with for tonight the building aspect of it I don’t really understand
the game even though I’ve seen a lot of it it looks very very difficult to play
this fortnight you’ve got to be a very good shot and very fast at building not
from what people have told me it’s not good on a mobile phone
the this skill is you’re just not gonna have this skill set that’s the first
defeat ever because I changed now Reds asking is the game private which I don’t
think it is but they’re wanting you to accept them his name uh-huh how can I do that in white oh there’s a lot of them that’s my friend I
don’t have anyway Chris I think fine friends you got to say am i is there a
way to a mm I don’t know if it’s case which one which one then say you left
the lettuce no red worry a lot there’s a lot of them man a lot of em oh yeah it’s
hard on my ball but you can get controller to play on it so you have to
pay for that one mine and all see we don’t even have the play station
whatever you got to pay for annually we sleep cheeping scummy red warrior says
I’m level 39 where ma is level 39 so don’t know if that helped I hope that’s the one here is randomly
randomly inviting people it’s a free game so apex so that’s free
on my playstation isn’t I have actually downloaded fortnight on the mobile and
apex is apex ledges because that’s iffy if you’re saying apex is apex legends I
think we played the the equivalent of that on the mobile which is made by
legends right because your sibling plays apex legends as far as I’m aware looks a
lot like it’s a stinky is a mouse and peter is a dog you got that right you’re
a scaredy mouse and I’m an alpha dog woof but thought it’s cat Mouse correct
it is so yeah we’ve we’ve actually already done a stream on mobile legends
say and it doesn’t look too much different from apex legends at all from
what I’m saying very popular game stay but maybe we should try that we’re gonna
have to we’ve been safe slack with using the PlayStation it just sits there how
do I have to invite anyone else mr. glitz man say oh no your were in with
him because he said sorry about how hard that match was because I’m high level so
we have to fight beside people so you’re worried about to it mr. glitzy man do it
again do it again mate shield sorry man so we mr. glitz again you get in there
with mr. blades man where’s Logan yeah where his leg and he
hasn’t shown up at all apex Legends is ps4 Xbox and PC see
anyone else yeah if anyone else wants to join let him know let her Knight now
what she’s gonna get on I’m going she’s got she’s got the killer instinct you
know now Devin you sting he’s he’s sleeping on the couch you ain’t dies oh
he was adopted that’s what all the brothers do that the younger brothers
you know Cain saying that his younger brother is
adopted my sibling said that to me as well I would join if I had it downloaded
well you can still a space some people have have downloaded it while we’ve been
playing ever me not but I’m encouraging you to get addicted to the game or
anything like that like I’m still happy to just sit here and have a chat with
you but it looks like you’re in a high level game again oh you’ve only got a
knife yeah well then you’re gonna have to go
up close and personal mate shield okay where is my debate or argument where
that was there they’re all all up in that our leggings trend adopted two
years from Russia so they came to America carefully and English yeah
they’re picking on they’re picking on Kane’s brother who isn’t even here
poor old sky captain no way I don’t know what name he goes by now he keeps
changing his name so often yeah did same for us lied I really enjoyed chatting
with everyone including me I want to think that you need just because I
haven’t seen that whether the name hasn’t
I’m familiar to me yet a lot of the guys that are been in the stream today I know
you because they join pretty much every stream is weird and where are the
enemies and you’ll find they’re a good bunch of people as well I like this word so you can always join the discord to
stay in touch but I guess if you subscribed with the noisy Bell that
allows you to stay in touch as well doesn’t it stink look at you guys close
and personal I already say see you my mate yeah there’s some people yeah like
me Peter I’ve been talking to Kane and random for
months or years really isn’t it definitely gain there’s been with this
seems pretty much the start says random so he’s mr. glitzy man for that matter
remember the one of the very first video requests was from mr. glitzen and went
by a different man back then they all change their names what are you guys got
the hide changing your names like you do see you’re doing all right on this high
level thing I don’t get it place only allowed knife and looks like we only
have one enemy well maybe not only one but she’s always
mr. glitzy man might be able to explain that a little later on
looky it’s a mood playing a high level at the moment please stab my name is mr.
diamond three years ago other ways that the Dame who died unfortunately oh and
you think that it’s just restricted to do you achieve and all our online social
media heck no stink pants calls me put it on all the time they just think it’s
I don’t even think I can remember your real mine I call you stink pants all the time
that’s it’s what we do in our real life as well
these aren’t stinky people oh you got a victory though for we asked to leave oh
yeah but you’re low level playing in a high level game give yourself some
credit they stink pants so what do i do oh yeah yeah go on this is tee now you’re back with the
knife again change that ready glass you stirred I don’t know how they do it here
they can be in the live chat as well as play the game man
mr. Blitzer man if you’re listening or for that matter light sing as you play
as well or random anyone that can give our tips on how to get beyond the knife the way if you keep playing aggressively
like that it might be very effective hey you come back here Jason did you do
it ya think you are gonna need something
more than just a knife I can’t imagine well they this reminds me of what is a
doom there is a guy that I went to school with that the the olds not arcade
games like old computer games you still have the shotgun and everything else but
the one if it’s do you might think it was if I’m not mistaken or a might have
been Duke Nukem but let’s assume err is then that lowest weapon you could have
was a chainsaw and the guy that I went to school with played that only with the
chainsaw he was that good he was ridiculously good at the game all
up close and personal stuff just for the chainsaw very impressive to see aa red
warrior is saying it’s a knife party who only get knives so you don’t have a
choice they’re stinky can play meet other people and can shoes I’m sorry
random said it as well not know I finally say gotta get in there stabby
stabby cuz they’ve only got knives as well sting before how can I get I don’t
one knife my not sucks what are the others got better noise
oh that’s funny everyone has a knife this leg cane says I don’t like the arch
of Queens knees skin looks ugly I’ve never wanted skin yet in the clash of
clans oh man Jeep my name is here how are you
how are you welcome back I remember from a previous strain it’s been a while did
you celebrate Halloween at all get any traits and goodies all say do you play
this game seems like just as many people look like
clash of clans played this time as well it’s all frayed a nice party you getting
their stinky stabby step away I’m confused
it’s just too close and personal I can’t see you’ve been playing the entire game
close and personal Manjeet says that they’re finally hour
away we’re all good just enjoying the this Sunday stream so hopefully it’s
been relatively entertaining up until this point but let’s face it the old
food oh it’s a bit of a boring commentator and like you’re not supposed
to agree with me stink after this match all right say after this match go back
to squad invite me and I’m mo but red warrior before when she went to invite
there are a lot of ammos so you need to let her know which
one Mather I don’t usually do season pass
stuff on clash there neither – why not what CLA how are you I think you’re
needed the strings haven’t seen nightbot but well I’ve seen a lot of night BOTS
but you we should be able to set up a night bot for our stream but I don’t
know how to do it it does like an auto a greeting you know what I’m talking about
like so thank you for joining the stream whatever it is not my man my discipline
as well and he or she is asking how are you stinky pants well though they said
sticky pants maybe that’s what I should call you sticky pants from now on
so Annie bought a season one pass on clash Royale says came fake night but
now that means real person there’s a place to a
nightbot bots stinky bot bot I’m the only one on the friends list says red
warrior so you got to check that right after these see they’re easy anyone on
the friends list which Eman and random Chiba is okay the friend list – all
right so you’re gonna have to go so I check the friend least after you’ve done
that and nightbot says sorry wrongly said la sticky pads
I think sticky pads is better I’ll call you stinky bans from now on
stinky students oh she’s good I assume sings she has an answer – how are you
nightbot no no how’s your weekend been so far well and did you celebrate
Halloween at all or what’s that a cat yeah do you have to attack cats now alright now if you’ve finished this is
where you got to go to the friends thing and get ammo I mean there’s two but on
both cuz there’s a glitch that’s nice says night but we’ve got stinky BOTS
night but hurry it up why you haven’t finished did you get a better knife no
no not that you’re gonna say Oh who’s gonna say it looks better than the other
one do you play this game night pot and what are some of your favorite games
things we’ve been talking about a number of different games in these strengths
including the old favor classic lands which by the way why haven’t people been
attacking in the clan war leg my goodness already sent to clan mal
regarding that saying my thang getting to the class
plans made straight stinky you’re in the middle of a game oh my goodness she just
grabbed her eye and fine to have a look at the clash of clans while you’re in a
stream why are you playing another game what
are you nuts stinky but we actually suck you that as
well sting pants press the armory button to
get a better knife says random and get a good knife there there ya go now I play
clash of clans is my all-time favorite just like a sniper
clash of clans is the only game that we play regularly malaise stinky pants
stinky bot pants but cook you got the same any names yeah Oh stinky sticky but
stink bug pretty pads you I’m playing stop what are you doing get into the
clashing clans what are you nuts stick to the game that
you’re playing in the stream oh my goodness you crazy
so what I said classic Clams is our all-time favorite or late stink pants
does occasionally steal my phone to play some of the games that we played as
noobs in there the streams stink pants you need to buy it first you guys only
do streams on Sundays yeah at the moment I’m Angie that’s the only time that we
stream just because it’s the the only time that we’re both at home and have
time off to do it together that will change I think when stink
pants doesn’t have to study anymore but she’s got exams coming up so from that
point of view definitely only on Sundays and I do have to give a bit of a pre
warning that at some point we’re gonna have to start uploading
just some I guess normal videos I don’t even know how we’re gonna do it yet for
when we’re overseas because I very much doubt we’ll be able to stream when we do
that say and equip it do you all have a clan yes say our clans already got 50
people in it it’s already maxed out for the moment and your old uncle per dot is
the the clan leader at the moment for that one
although do try and give it up but it seems to be a bit of a curse every time
I give the clan leadership to someone they end up leaving they give it back
thankfully and then they leave I have mine level 6 clan awesome you’re at
level 6 already they’d be getting a few of their awards there that’s great man G
and what Town Hall are you always curious to know these things say random
mud and they random at his own level had his own clan but it’s level 4 we’re
tipping level 15 ourselves I think by the end of the not even by the end of
the clan war League I think we’ve only got to fight once or twice and it’ll be
level 15 takes a long time to get there is a school student or a college student
college student she’s too old to be her school’s jaden
although she thinks like a school student daintier mature a little
boosting pants stinky stick pants she’s ignoring me again
that sucks my level 6 clan in existing C it’s amazing that you get these people
come to the streams and how many of them play pixel but they also play clash of
clans and say just about everyone that’s in the stream at the moment does that
since global is gone my clan will never get people yeah well alright here we go
seeing as we’re talking about clash of clans let’s rant yeah well that I’m not
happy with the global chat going either it’s
I feel really sorry for any new clan or any clan that’s not really
well-established I mean douses however long clan wars is
being around that’s when I started the clans say let’s say clash of clans is
seven years old clan wars is probably what five years old say our clans been
around for five years and it took that long to to get really established to get
good strong players you know it hovers around the 50 mark but we booted a few
people recently for not fighting in war we’ll probably have to boot him again
it’s it is hard to get people to join now I mean we we can do it but we can’t
invite like they they find us I guess cuz whenever I’ve tried to invite people
it just does not work it’s an absolute shame that global chat is gone and on
top of that like I went to one of the clash of clans forums and a lot of
people were saying oh it’s a good thing you know because of the the guy even
Nietzsche doesn’t like me using these words the the bad stuff I’ll say that
would happen in global but I didn’t see a lot of that for the most part global
regulated itself you did have to be wary of the the scams and I know some
children did get scammed and probably other things but for the most part
whenever I saw anything bad happening which was usually just people picking on
each other I just say just think do that and then that’d be it so yeah not a fan
of our global disappearing where are we so sorry I was way behind in the chat
from that tangent just rating just bear with me my level six can since global
was gone yeah you need a loyal clan leader I
don’t have don’t like people that leave yeah we’re the same we tend not to let
people back in once they’ve left although you know unless you’re familiar
with these in the clan you might let them back in but if I recognize the name
I generally don’t mangetsu town all 12 but it’s a rough space I’m now in Titan
League three well you’re doing very well my clan is having 50 on 50 members well
so you’re having an established clan for sure man G yeah I noticed that and I was
going to try to look for clan but just joined random one yeah it’s it’s
difficult I feel sorry for people that are looking for a clan or a clan that’s
looking for people not having global makes it more difficult that new system
just does not work and Bret lightnings here hello he’s finally arrived
good old bright lightning how’s your weekend being so far did you have a good
Halloween get any tricks or treats as soon as me is here it’s called afk I
don’t know what that means hopefully it’s not spirit okay calf a
cos that’s KFC calf a cos I love asking for free cow in sexy I kick everyone out
random dopey like that silver white tee is here hello I think you’re new to the
streams nice to meet you deeply how’s your weekend been and do
you play this game or clash of clans scene as we were talking about that and
these funds a pixel or you’ve got a gun now
I’ve been keeping up with this the normal thing that I used to see is
people just being mean to each other yes so there was a bit of that that went
on in global as I said whenever I saw that I get involved a little bit
probably when I shouldn’t and just ask people to be polite you got a penguin
arch-nemesis now well we’re all these new characters come from you got laser
beams gee this looks very high-level the normal thing I’d see is people ring afk
means are away from keyboard okay thank you for that I learn new stuff all the
time for you guys it’s Halloween for us it’s Diwali and ah that’s right happy
Diwali what is it it’s Indian celebration so they do it at work they
have Diwali day and they also have dipawali I believe what do you do well
at work all I do is share food I don’t know actually
Manjeet you’ll have to explain it a bit more I feel quite ignorant here but yeah
the Diwali at work they just they dress in colorful clothing and share food but
I don’t know much more about the festival than that other than people
come in and say happy Diwali and then they’ve you know got the the women in
particular have really colourful dresses on I’m not sure
say explain us so nice I’ve got that wrong Manjeet says dipawali and diwali
are the same so there you go I didn’t know that
and now what what is this celebration and now while you’re answering that I’ll
answer your question yes we do we’ve already played call of duty mobile as a
previous stream we do also have koala duty black ops 3 and World War 2 on the
PlayStation we haven’t played those in a stream yet yes we’ve already played PE
BG mobile in a previous stream and free fire I have downloaded but we haven’t
played it yet there is another suggestion from a subscriber so that
will be an up and coming one I think is free fire is very popular as well so
I’ll have to get into that and I assume Manjeet that you play all of those games
Christmas is on Friday what if it’s on the 13th well we’ve already played
Friday the 13th so I don’t think we’ll do that again or late when I did some
random youtube video searching the Friday the 13th
I guess PlayStation game or maybe PC game is very different from the one that
we played it’s got much much better graphics and it’s a lot of puzzle game
so there’s a lot different in dipawali we wake up early morning and we take oil
bath and we do puja for durga devi and best crackers and make sweets and share
amongst all so I don’t know what pooja is or durga devi say i’d love to to know
what they are as well mangie you know do puja or durga devi yeah
I start to have motion sickness okay alright well I can have a bit of a shot
at it Alan we always been going for almost two
hours already all right stinky can you keep up with
the chat there all right so just bear with me guys I’ll try my best to play
and talk but it’s not gonna be that easy particularly why am i jumping and I
can’t see what stink what did you have any ammo yeah but someone’s suggest you
should use sniper because you can really you are seriously you meet you here how
do I get a sniper rifle just press on sniper rifle all right
sorry this is a my style of play not the meat shield not aggressive stuff hanging
back an ID so pooja means worship and Dirk Davies is a corner oh I know Davey
is a god jamie is a goddess right and you got Dave I don’t know maybe you
didn’t distinguish between male and female gods
okay try headshot them with sniper for your current level if you hit them in
the head they should be I will if Kato why my partner’s will get out of the
right I was widening the guy out menti said I’m seeing the game you are
playing for the first time master cute cat said hello hello master cute cat Oh
master cute cats here how are you having a good way are you having a good weekend
so far gee that guy was quick oh he was so fast keep up with the chat they’re stinky
which is at the moment your old uncle praedyth’s trying to it’s hard when I
don’t have the practice that stinks head get there
well do the snipey baby 3 we don’t do ink NDG invite I am as there already
it looks like say missing anyone oh we’ve got everyone in then you just keep
okay so just okay yeah on the right okay to battle there’s any two of this
Fierstein I know come they gate about was there any two of us there’s a my alright we’re come on any red hazing or
this museum oh hey they said that the blood some alright can I get that
so now cool like playing this game instead of me because I got Morton
sickness K and I bright lighting said you have a fair few coins for it to buy
more guns and stuff one man guns let’s say hi hey that’s got balloons so hello one man conflict right not said
sting pan is sleepy I’m not sleeping you sleepyhead man take sake are you sleep stinking I’m
not sleeping you know this game this kind of game out of playing for why it’s
just doing my head thing I can’t play these type of game too long so pulleth
have to help me they whine Dizzy’s bounce ran so much like why
won’t it stay steady because because you move around on your left hand side so oh
so I’m just gonna do that but that’s our friend done don’t go get still Oh
someone is killing me from the left hand side exactly pick up that mi first stop
I pet die on me again uh-huh sorry for that research meant
you’d say and where I stink shirts did I kill that guy I don’t know give you a
summary at the end maybe go up high sniper rifle means get a vantage point go ahead and keep up with the live chat
there stinky Ken said stink is playing COC I’m not
even playing COC at this point I can’t otherwise my nausea is gonna get worse
yeah you seem to get mad after playing these games through all damn yeah Mandy
said okay bye guys need to go have a great day ahead okay thank you for
joining us Mandy hopefully we’ll see you in the
next one what is this kind of song pulled up huh that’s cool
are you shooting me that guy probably remember the red one is our enemy this
is so calm and Saudi it’s such a aggressive game what achievement
unlocked back – we won yep I was just running and hiding I don’t know what
happened their name is literally keeping up with a bright lighting said name is
literally epic new friended yours between oh you wanna play with him yeah
my my you know really want to finish this game and then but right now after
that I told you before if you didn’t press GO it will automatically join
after y better more than anyone here so I didn’t say anyone else what’s that
blue coming don’t worry about it is just say someone join better mom I am because
I can’t say anyone you’re not the only one and just keep going stinky yay
commentary no one say anything at this time now pick up that armor yeah you
just want true and he’s trying to pick it up go kill no cute Judah’s god Oh what I thought I had shut
it him twice already you find these quiet for a head no but teammates right in the middle of
it just as I was lining him up my teammates are there push again why does
it am i pressing the wrong thing tell me stinking which ones a shooting
one is this one I’ve been pressing the wrong thing but that’s why I was
bouncing up and down the whole time they were pressing the jumping zone saying
why why won’t it hold steady why isn’t it not shooting it they’re my guys in
the whole time when I think I’m shooting but actually just jumping up and down
stink pants thanks for your help I can’t don’t nothin I can wash I told
ya Oh someone say goodbye or something like okay Iove said it’s been fun
talking to you all I’m gonna go I tune in next dream awesome thank you for
staying as long as you did might come back in a little bit if you’re still
streaming I wish someone had told me out of shade not until I can actually shoot
something cuz right now I’m getting annoyed at the fact that I’m caught you
not even being able to shake yet like your song Titan no one no one let me
know that into our time I’m talking you stink pants you didn’t know you didn’t
let me know Sims here awesome how are you this weekend
great to see you in another stream I already read
your comment random that’s why I’m not just repeating it
yeah what was my space to do after these Oh God press okay and then yep
then who is joining me so now you can your friend oh we have someone said
already friend requests but you don’t have any requests oh I can’t remember
who it was like but there’s none yet Wow bright lightning is saying friendly
see who’s who are you though bright lightning say me to meet an answer with
that I gave to the menu you may need to quit for little hit friends yeah I’m not
there what yeah that’s no one yeah epic no okay we’ll get you in there
bright this bear with this did you celebrate Halloween is my don’t think
it’s a big thing where he’s where he’s at the moment could be wrong about that
now it’s my don’t want a big movement and by the way if you haven’t checked
out each other’s channels you should hey Sam has been doing a series on miniature
weapons at the moment he’s gonna have enough for an army by the end of it the
master kit kats here what’s the user name thing say a you all say wanting to
join epic noob is that you at the top there bright no there’s a lot of epic
noobs so you’ve got to tell us which one epic in double OB does that no there’s a
case since it is it maybe okay can you just tell me spell it capital epi see
yep yes space lowercase in capital double o
and then lowercase B now still four people here you’re gonna
tell us which one see this is why you need a name like bread on sting dance
how many food on stink answers are there you don’t let us know which one you are
bright lightning I’m a noob okay so at least one what’s to use anything no
there’s no space I want to join yeah you can master kid but you gotta let us know
it is I now bright lightning saying I’ll change it to bright lightning that is
case-sensitive epic noob level 38 master cute cat wants
to join as well you gotta let us know you who you are their master cute cat
whether it’s the same this is white yeah exactly if you like us you got the same
name for everything we don’t stink pants all over the place
master cat might have a different one say let us know now must keep cat who
you are in the name of the game pixel gun 3d you still not feeling great say can you handle a bit more or am i
doing it wisk supposed speed everywhere you go
that’s baby’s name comes in say whisk a capital W small I capital S the cute cat
well the name is master cute cats that could be that one is it the only one
that’s capital W lowercase I capital S top okay looks like we got one two three four and
me included then five that should be done so what’s next so that’s the the
good one we’re all good we’re in everyone’s in and ready to go
yeah we will end up stopping the stream scene here’s evenly see these guys 20
have joined to climb to late today you can we’ve actually been at it for
two and a more than two and a half hours already because the first stream cut out
after half an hour so we’ll get there but Stinky’s doing whatever she’s doing
new one okay Equipe so what are we doing now mr.
glitzy man’s there as well okay team yes so he’s deciding what they do
poor daddy I think I press the wrong one where is it I can’t remember how did I
do it is it you that decides there is a way
that decide because I add every friends here yeah so
I guess I should okay press ok press squad on battle now and
determine virtues here near to the stream as well I think hello how are you
welcome to the stream do you play the pixel gun 3d or clash of clans how’s
your weekend been and did you celebrate Halloween
do you have been asking the same questions in this particular stream ever
no stinky well there’s another one check my account determined virtue shaking yet
another one well you can’t full already determined
virtue is another one please your joy may determine virtue or because you’re
getting ready to go into battle and have you got one more space looks like he’s
not there well he was the one that said say what are we doing now Oh see say
what are we doing now and then read War II said press squat on battle now yeah I
already in right him the rest are in our squat now so waiting
for mr. grisay man oh yeah here we go let’s go sorry we don’t have any more
space let’s do this thing come I doing it real hard
geez guys you keep up with the the chat there the instinct no lady we’ve got all
professionals in here except for me so it should be great well what’s his gun
that oh nice you know I’m just gonna run around with
my little team mates use them as maid shields have that why is it going
exploding in front of me what someone just kill you how did that happen I
don’t even see anyone okay determind virtue
my account is level 18 yeah that’s good I was just notified or something so we
are at the very news epic news we are recognized I’m yeah yeah sorry for that
we kind of full at the moment there’s already five people in the stream that
are in the game isn’t it sting and little might want to join but he’s gonna
be number six so we can’t do that unfortunately maybe next time Oh mate
shield that’s all I am yeah you are battalion go ahead time before he get a
clear shot better be all right Ben is here am i using a sniper where
because it seems in I have no idea what I bought Oh run away run away how can
you go against the flow is there to run away she chewed maybe I should get amel
and not the guns for you because you are me t Oh Rama I don’t think I have any
more coin for it oh you don’t really need this aiming for this one
Oh someone’s shooting at me from behind they got me again sneaky coming out from behind why when
they can’t from behind I always use reflect the cost is Opie what is all
pain run away I don’t think you need to use anything my chilled run away oh geez
you’re talking about your clan made to run away oh you have no idea my look I’m
going against the flow again what happens if you shoot one of your
mates does I don’t think you can say I can literally just shoot away like that
that’s what I do I mean I that’s what I did Opie is all the power oh my goodness
that doesn’t seem very fair like that will seem to get me very quickly even
while I’m shooting like I’m actually shooting them do you know what I mean
like that and then born dead you’re not really a me I’m Aiman see look at that
how many times have I shot him I don’t know
you have to run away as well or you know dodge it
you gotta dodge it nothing mmm-hmm meet you alright so one shot is
truly insane sniper I got that guy random said well now when we won
it’s truly insane say random saying that they’ve was random in the game nine because they use different name so we go
on to battle again are you might want to go back first to add someone alright
let’s see here we’ve got a young Oh we’re full wisk bright lightning yeah
they’re all there already so no one leaving no one’s left yet
all right hang on someone left so is this where we get the tank can you get
determined doneck that’s he did he say determined Veggie say you’re gonna let
its nice I don’t name that people keep joining and leaving what’s going on no
idea now they’re all the same players yeah but Gosselaar is in battle so I’m
not sure he is waiting for us or what’s going on yes a determined is saying at
even add me on the squad please my account is the chairman virtue because
cost a lot already ended can you add him as a friend first all right just bear with us guys okay so
we’ll add you as a friend fast to term and virtue but it looks like their squad
still fall what’s the name determined say DDT yeah
am I in AD and Vecchio one word and now hi Jane Ashley Terrell Chi I think
you’re near to distrain telling you which one don’t buzz line level 18 and
city yeah so first one all right how’s your weekend bein safe I’d John
Ashley do you play this game as well say he’s a squad two who’ve we got no one
just yay who’s the new one determine Vichy has to at first I guess
I haven’t seen Godzilla’s normally there right yeah but he was who is that ran
was that random mystically she man bomb then my and then you’ve got an empty
space for determined veggie but he hasn’t accepted me yet I haven’t
accepted yet yes the stream will in the same time you have been at it for quite
some time but we’ll get at least one more of these battles in say determine
virtue you haven’t accepted the their friend request so she can’t add you to
the squadron red warrior I’m level 39 side grind well he’s still way ahead of
us but I can’t remember who you see red worries in this squad already is well
right anyway I don’t know how you’re gonna do
it in white and we have an answer from yet determined virtue say red worry is
am I in and then you can always add to whoever the last person was there that
was listed things we still haven’t Mary answer from determined veggies I can day
long well that’s the same person ass mr.keshe so what did you got two
accounts as well you tell me yeah well he’s here now so you can go alright
let’s do this thing oh right let’s do this thing you mean
I’m doing these things of course you are doing it alright so this might be the
last one that we’ll do what is it two hours twenty yeah this might be the last
one you can change controls camera settings what am i doing just do it
before I don’t like that sign at all oh there’s Godzilla what are you waiting
for me for let me go faster Oh what is my cat doing I’m gonna hang back Oh keep up with the
chat they’re not gonna too busy playing game yeah there’s still other people in
the chat Bay right okay I think I’m just shooting it my God why again from the
side I ran away run away I’m on why now I’m going up but there’s
a guy behind me trying to kill me oh he did that was so unfair
deserve the whole squad took off and then someone attacked me from behind
well with the flow don’t go against the flow I have to run away from me buddy
we can’t stay there and get shot looks like you can’t have a pet here
what kind of pep you want in this game if you can choose I don’t think you can
again I gotta find where they are where are they look he’s that lets me stay I’m
I know that’s got Cielo oh did I get that guy from that distance you might I
think I might have got him all away from that their desk are just diseases
hey I’m not on the same level as everyone else you know this whoa little
guy how come what I never pet I think I got that guy – oh you got range
look at me Joey oh come on lion again no oh that are there for much help –
potamia but I think I did get one person let’s do this thing where is everybody
they’ve left me or mine because you white so you’ll start from different
spot oh geez some sniper tried to get me I’m just gonna or hey des it she can
attack me Oh who’s that is that one of our guys guy what are you doing
am I allowed to say you said that it is matter if I’d shot in their general
direction I don’t know do you get any warning for
friendly fire yes victory you’re number five here in the list of kill one person
I killed one person who I’m a one person killer
hey let’s see this again guys so do I just press K to battle now yeah well
let’s do it I got the killer instinct now now kill
one you have you think you’ll have what does killing the RAM kill mine again
just go find someone look the look for the explosion
oh let’s see how guys that’s not the red one is not okay
I want my Phoenix I get the killer CST’s Oh was that mean did I do that
nice did someone just shut up me let’s do this thing oh my and again I
really end up on mine quite a bit uh-huh I think I might throw a grenade this
time you fucking find someone to throw a grenade at it’s playing a wall go ahead where is everybody and towards the gravity is moving away
there but pinko is more of a meat shield than anything else a key project
say hello Ken I’m playing with you sorry I’m from Russia and bad at English hello
Anna do the Google Translate Russian gone well you can play this
okay ladies okay this bear with me and yes you can
certainly play with us from the start so then I’ve got to okay say I’m not sure how good a key how
good the Russian translator is sorry I’m weekend and play with you sorry I’m from
Russia and bad at English so hopefully that translated correctly say what do
you call it like game tag or game name try that ah I’d say a key project that’s the same is
okay so we’ll add you after this match maybe
if I speak more slowly that will help as well and he’s written a little bit of
Russian they say I’m gonna translate that back to find out what he said what
a surprise say just say that say I’ve got a couple
of templates that hopefully work alright say hey young man stinky is
still in the same battle as in mid day more all right
well then that leaves a space for a key project so we’ll get a key project in
there after this one seeing the net yeah came must be very
late for Cain now he’s been there for a while
quiet so I guess he’s sleeping he’s been falling asleep on us all cainy Cain
thank you for staying and joining us again Cain much appreciated keep the the
streams entertaining for us they haven’t poison in the game didn’t make that I
though what’s going on there I’m just doing
some google translating Russian at the moment seeing is Aki’s the only one
that’s talking there in Cannes left victory night victory still going nice
one let’s see how good at the game now we
have good what do you call them team mates which is true isn’t it
they carrying you isn’t it well lads if I gotta say you’re pretty good at it I’d
have to say that you’re pretty good at it I’m really not good at talking while I’m
typing that’s the one thing that I struggle with by there you go didn’t know that came is
saying that Russians they news that say me adding him now it’s just a key
project say okay it’s exactly the same as the a ki space project prie je CT i’ma leave because I’m snuggling my
sloth PJs how well let’s created a space say thank you for joining his master kid
in the game and precarious he did very well with the Gary is there more than one a key project so you just found the one there I
basically just gonna invite everyone and if you don’t want to join and don’t join because I can’t remember who’s who now
I’ll say determined that she was playing with Chilean yes but I can’t remember
what’s his name yet yeah it’s sad when they don’t have the same night this was
the same determine her cheating was the same they slopping you play well that
didn’t translate properly say level 11 so we got one free slot here but we can
go if you want oh you got low battery now I guess you can just do one or two
more than that sit put up did you eat why did you invite a key yes
ah so we’re good all right so it’s your old uncle P dot
in it again oh hang on red worries saying invite me on red
warrior I changed my name is it too late oh you can go to squat and do it again
oh man g-man I was back welcome back to the steamed down with Troy Lee get
another one sorted here but it looks like red red
warrior changed their name or something red warrior – red warrior okay
so weeks out rocky scene and due to my virtual it’s good to have you back man
Jade we’re just trying to get another game going
having said that my fine batteries almost run out so we might not be able
to play for much longer yeah sorry guys so I have to get you
accept the requests again for this last one red warrior sorry my game crashed said a key project
oh okay that’s all right you’re not in what you can’t just in white except in
right again they should just be read for you in that
so we just waiting for you guys to accept and then we can go I will one or
two one and man GT answer your question the next clash of Clan what we’ve been
doing with the clash of clans is pretty much waiting for this special events so
they’ll definitely be one around Christmas time there may be one before
that as well but we do get a lot of game requests so that’s tends to slow down
the clash of clans streams once through the university year is over we might do
mid mid stream one as well now sorry midweek stream as well just depending on
on how things go say I don’t want to sort of give a firm response and
disappoint if that makes sense alright so I can go now alright we’re gonna go now and stink pants has disappeared for the
moment say bear with me I’m trying to do so many things at once at the moment
that it’s hard for me to type play a game translate into Russian
it’s all happening on my end and I guess I gotta press ok to battle all right I
mean let’s do this thing so sorry I won’t be able to see the chat for a
little bit Oh died already that was fast Oh died again I’m just a meat shielding
this one say Cain I was just saying that the stream will have to end soon because
my phone battery’s almost dead but because someone asked to join at that
sort of let them do that so you can fit in one more game but this might be the
last one I’d say oh no hey stinky how’s it going
I’ve been a mate shield twice or three times already and these guys keep I mean
the perfect corner cuz all the enemy keeps running right past me
they didn’t none of them saw me they all flew through that door ten we can’t put
the phone on reason because we have to use that and let’s face it this is
technically being a marathon stream what with the first one cutting off what are the dead shop was that me and
my RTI just died again here I was about to Pat myself on the back I want to find
that spot again where they they all literally just ran right past me and I
was shooting at the back of their heads you keep up with the chat they stink ah miss luckily she man said he missed to
join so he will just watch well mr. glitzy means the carrier they
can I use a woman carries me I’m cornered by three of them where was that
spot that spot was awesome and I can’t find it again hey this guy’s got a
shield what am I supposed to do to that I think I took that guy on I think I
took that guy out you better tell me what the stats are at the end of this oh
man I’ve died a few times but having said that run away oMG I said hi Oh MJ
pixels gun Edie’s here MJ pixel gun Edie looks like that you play the game and
easy game is here hello welcome to both of you victory I gotta do one hey you sure
where we were am I in the thing I wanted to know how I did well I’m weighing a
battle already you know my wish well I’m on mine all right we’re gonna get lone
wolf in what our knife on my wine but I’d say anyone Wednesday DS thing do you
have to kill those little pet so you don’t really and they didn’t attack you
Dan that’s okay I think I’ll run away run away run away OOP I
fell down Jesus was persistent
are you his safe assistant he killed me again he got me nothing better made
chilled ah okay ooh
What did he say here MJ said I’m proud of this cream so that I always win at
this pixel gun 3d games I have a lot of time the cooler than the powerful gun
and it seemed Daniel Halloween skin I have a new Halloween skin oh okay nice
mr. Cushman sin last time meant it said guys if you play COC now please send
friend requests to this play attack are we not playing it today sorry for that
mr. Cushman said wrong button okay you give up that right I don’t know what
buttons I’m pressing stop went on IRL means the glitchy man said dawn oh ever
times I guess can say poo doggies a pro really really I key projects head oh
that’s that’s she yay got a chance late so yeah I did before I was translating
commenting playing all at once I was stinking yeah well if I can do it you
should be able to do half of that isn’t it oh he’s shooting at me they say I’m
approached run away from the prelate running away okie said sorry things
appear so good luck to catch more kilos good luck what this translation is not
gonna be that super correct but anyway thank you for joining and this is gonna
be our last game play for today anyway yes that’s all good yeah I think this
will be the last one just cuz Oh cuz I just keep getting shot at
oh you only have 20 seconds and you almost said shut that guy here many
times and he didn’t die he wasn’t even shooting at anything and he still
wouldn’t I defeat that’s probably my fault there guys all right now thank you
all for joining Luke you leaving it’s our two kills I
got look at me look at you i’ma kill ingenious it’s twice as many
as last time please reply on me stole of that say stop oh you’ve already
including the man James no no he doesn’t one fact guys please reply okay next
time I don’t know what I already say thank you guys for staying as long as
you did this one’s almost three hour stream plus the half an hour from the
other one marathon today right away same two hours it was a pleasure to play with all of
you hopefully if you haven’t subscribed already you will because we really
enjoyed interacting with everybody today and hopefully we’ll see you again in did
you translate that yep so hopefully we’ll see you in another one mm-hmm I
have to go for a late lunch yes excuse me
feed me all right say take care everybody we’ll see you in the next one
I flee by


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