Play Ping Pong Against Yourself (crazy spin)

September 2, 2019

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity And welcome to another episode of Challenge Pongfinity This is the series where YOU Challenge US With your craziest ideas related to table
tennis. If your idea gets picked We’ll feature it in our next video And give you a shout out. So make sure you leave your comments and ideas In the comment-section below! This one is from PokeExpert Thunderbolt Let’s do some push-ups! Eric Primeau wants me to play against myself
while doing backspin. Let’s see how many shots I can do! Next one is from Dude that’s amazingly perfect. We are going to play a rally of 10 shots On each of these 4 tables. Eryk Ozarowski suggests we should play with
a balloon. Thanks for watching guys! Hope you enjoyed this episode as much as this
horse enjoys me! Remember to subscribe to our channel here And watch our previous videos there. Until next time!

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