Positions and Zones–Tennis Doubles Tactics: Doubles Strategy Guide Pt 1–

November 6, 2019

talk about the zones and talk about controlling the center of the court the lower part of the net and where most of the doubles action is and we can do that or attack the edges. We can talk about that also doubles positioning and options when playing incorporating also the zones the ideal positioning is standard like this but the idea for the blue net person is position yourself so if you lunge to the sideline come down the line lunges to the croscourt cover crosscourt and if they lob, you get back for that the overhead the red and yellow stand appropriately, the yellow stands by the service line I prefer the yellow person stands further in that way you’re in a more aggressive stance because if they play a ball that you’re in a defensive shot and a bad positioning the odds of you getting it (back in) are very slim note the shift of the blue player at the net as the serve goes down the middle the player at the net, if the serve goes wide, they go wide (rule 1) if the serve goes middle, they go middle cover the options on the return of serve very important that the server and net player cover the options on the return of serve work together to cover the various options serve goes wide net player goes wide serve goes middle , net player goes middle watch the net player shift to the middle now there are options net player goes to the backhand they have the backhand down the line backhand inside out and the lob the backhand down the line is the difficult shot a big change in direction and hitting it past the net player not much angle there inside out is the preferred shot on the backhand or the lob (aim it to the backhand of your opponent) but the net player might get it on the forehand side the down the line could be a very good shot It’s a yellow shot (caution) because it goes over the high part of the net, change in angle, and shorter distance the lob is a good play also and the crosscourt return is ideal. basically the returner’s job is to keep the ball away from the net person the net player must know the options whenever his partner plays so when he serves down the middle I can lob or go inside out note the shift serve down the middle net player is trying to get to my backhand return shift to the middle of the court (as his partner is offcourt) there’s no point in covering net now the net player is in the middle to cover the entire court there is an idea that the net player and the server are connected by an imaginary rope about 12 feet between you. but the idea is you are monitoring the zone in singles you divide the court into threes in doubles you usually divide it in half hit to the middle the ball is in the middle follow it wide, you go wide my partner will shift with the ball I will come to the net attacking the ball and the player at the net will shift also and he will watch to see what his partner does partner lobs, he will retreat if he drives (the ball), he will stay up it’s very important as the net player to know what his partner will do back to me now the idea of close to close ball is hit to me I am balanced inside the court, I will hit the ball to whomever is closest to me as hard as I can at person at net if not, I will go deep to deep I want them to move short angle I could also lob, but the lob volley from that position is very difficult and so preferred shot is crosscourt short If I go deep, he could wind up and hit a very strong forehand but with the ball short (and low) I force him up to net and we’re all at net to volley dont go at the person in front of me because the ball is low here’s what we’re talking about divide the court into threes want to maintain the ball–ball is outside outside ball (between us is inside) my partner will cover line, I will cover middle (more to come next video) and I cover short angle the ball is inside (between us) you want to keep the ball inside. or play cross zones basically if the ball is on the outside (not between us), keep it outside inside keep it inside the people become the demarcation lines (markers) of the court outside on my partner and my partner should keep it out go back to him because I am in position reason to play outside/outside inside/inside is because of position if my partner plays it–outside back to him,I am in perfect position for the next shot my partner plays cross zone which he does (alot–as do I) then I have to shift that’s the biggest thing in doubles it’s about positioning in tennis it’s about defense depends on your level of expertise if you’re very offensive, you can do a lot of things generally speaking, you go cross zone then you have to shift I am pretty lucky he missed that shot go crosszone–I have to shift and cover line and the USPTA says outside outside, inside inside go back to the player at the court outside I would have been in perfect position at the net if you go crosszones i have to cover the lob is not a very good shot to play as they are both at the service line the ideal shot might be the down the middle shot green cause there’s a big space down the middle but it’s also what you can do my partner won’t hit a driving backhand controlled low backhand controlled so it’s better to go crosscourt and watch the shift shot–ball bounces shot, can’t drive it cross zone,I shift to cover line that’s the key doing what you can do and what your partner can do also we have a saying height of ball generally want to keep the ball very low when you’re at the net everything should be below the waist so you hit up on the ball above their waist above the level of the net hit the ball down at you so we havent even talked about height of ball you want to keep the ball low when you’re playing low for the dough, high you die what is going to happen hit the ball up and I will hit the ball down at you so when you’re at net thinking about the options court zone it and know what your partner can do my partner can go back down the line outside outside or crosszones or play middle the bad shot would be lob as they’re both back know what they can do like what makes a good doubles team is both partners are consistent at what they do(shots they hit) so I know what he will do with each ball I know my partner so I can shift ball as he hits pretty much know he will go crosscourt he does that alot i press the middle and make them people worry about me shift with the ball so I know what my partner likes that really helps it out other key is work together know what they can do adjust to it. you can’t teach your partner how to play doubles in the middle of the match you need to adjust to it generally speaking good players work together if you’re a stronger player playing with a weaker player then the stronger player should adjust to the weaker player because the weaker player is already all he can do the key to doubles is work together and be a team

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