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Practise Irregular Verbs with Verb Tennis! (The B Verbs)

January 23, 2020

Hi! Today we are going to practise irregular verbs. How are we going to practise irregular verbs? We are going to play Verb Tennis. What is ‘Verb Tennis’? Verb Tennis is something that I use with my students quite often, and it works really well. How do we play Verb Tennis? Well, I hit a Present Simple verb to you and you hit a Past Simple verb back. This first video is on the ‘B’ words. I hope you learn something. Did you know all of them? If you didn’t, it doesn’t matter, because we can just carry on practising until you do know them. Let’s try them again, all mixed up together. – not in alphabetical order, but all mixed up together. Did you get them all right? If you did, you are a genius! If you didn’t, it doesn’t matter, because you can watch this video as often as you want, until you get it right. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Bye for now!

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