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Prepare for The Open with Ian Poulter: Saturday (7/8) #OpenHSBC

September 15, 2019

I’m ready for the Open.
How about you? Saturday. You’re hoping for the alarm
to go off at about 10 o’clock and have a late morning breakfast, followed by watching some TV coverage
and tee off by 2pm, because if that happens, you’ve put yourself in a really good frame of mind,
going into Saturday, moving day. I remember very vividly 11 years ago, probably my first Open I’d ever been in contention, I think in the top 10, and I was on the range warming up and I could see in the distance off to my left, coming over the water,
just looked like Armageddon was coming, this huge great big black horrible nasty cloud coming, I said to Terry, “I hope there’s some electricity in there,
because I don’t fancy playing through that storm.” That Saturday was the toughest weather
I’ve ever played golf in. Looking at the scores. 78 actually wasn’t actually that bad a score. There was some really really high numbers. I think Tiger shot 81 that day. His worst round of golf as a professional. It was damage limitation. You knew it was going to be a tough day,
you were just trying to survive the round, make sure you had enough gloves in the bag to get your round. You needed an octopus as a cabbie to be honest. You couldn’t hold enough towels, brollies, mittens, gloves. It was absolutely brutal. I remember that course being very punishing in bad weather. Very punishing in heavy winds. There’s a lot of bunkers out there in the right place
to catch you out. But it’s a good golf course, it’s a great test. Every player plays Saturday with the mindset of being as far ahead as they possibly can. If you are not ahead, you obviously want to be
as close to contention as you possibly can. You’re trying to make the job
as easy as possible to try and win. I’ve never won one. So I’m still trying to find the right answer to be able to get over the line. You can’t be enough shots in front to be able to feel comfortable to put your name on that trophy.

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