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Pro-Bowl Defensive End Melvin Ingram Was Built For Smashing People | Ridiculousness

February 3, 2020

– Pro-Bowl defensive end,
built for smashing people. – For sure, for sure.
(laughing) – Have you ever hit someone
so hard you felt bad? – Yeah.
(laughing) – [Rob] Okay. (mumbling) – It was right away, yeah. All the time, all the time. – No, I thought for sure you’d be like, “uh, never, never.” You’re out there playing with it, you’re gonna get hit by it. – Yeah, for sure.
– Okay, look. This category is dedicated to football players getting smashed. We call it bone crushers, take a look. (cheering) (whoosh)
(rock music) – [Rob] Coming across, coming across. Boom, blocked you! – [Audience] Ooh! – Hey, have you ever popped a mans helmet off his head? – Yeah.
– 100%. (laughing) – You don’t make it to the
NFL without popping helmets. – I’m not a football expert,
but 23 ain’t blocking nobody. (laughing) 23 says I’m scared. That’s like me trying to block him. (laughing) Go ahead. – You got it. – [Rob] Here we go, here we go. Feeling good, aw. – [Audience] Oh! – That’s a great form tackle right there. – Is this legal? Are you allowed to body slam a guy? – No, you can’t drive him
into the ground no more. Football’s getting soft, bro. (laughing) – [Rob] Here we go. – [Audience] Ooh! – Oh! (beep) – That’s his quarterback, he set him up. – But look, he just
like, da da da da da da. – That’s when you can
intercept a ball but you don’t even do it, you just try to
take his soul out his body. (laughing) – There you have it for bone crushers. (cheering) – Okay. I’ve heard your motto for
defense is pretty simple. Can’t score, can’t win. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. My dad used to tell me that
too like, you can’t score, you can’t win. (laughing) – Yeah, yeah. Look, it is so true and it’s
the simplest philosophy ever. All you gotta do is prevent
someone from doing the only thing that can beat you. – Exactly.
(laughing) – And that’s scoring. Take a look, can’t score, can’t win. (cheering)
(rock music) Here we go, oh. (audience sadly moaning) (mumbling) – He slammed it though. – Yeah, yeah he did. – Y’all quit playing with me man. – [Rob] This guy playing with me. Watch out he’s got a golden glove. (laughing) – [Melvin] That’s crazy. – [Rob] I’m a tell you
who I’m not marrying. – [Audience] No! (clapping) – [Chanel] He said hell nah! – Look how serious he is though! He was serious, like no. – She is so mad. – [Melvin] Yeah. Look how she looking. (beep) (laughing) – Rumor has it that you’ve
got the meanest arm in all of pro-football. – Yes sir. – That you can throw a football
further than anybody else in the National Football League. – Yes sir. (laughing) – How come they can’t use this? How come a kid be like game
on the line, three seconds left on the one yard line
and they bring him, they let him march in there and just woo. – It’ll be rough man, they’ll
have to pay me more and– (laughing) You know how that go,
you know how that go man. – How could you even define
the amount of money you’d have to pay me to use this? (laughing) Okay look everybody in
this category right here got the same strength. We call them cannon arms, take a look. (cheering)
(techno music) Whoa! Accuracy. Woo. – [Audience] Oh! – That’s his fault though. – No, but that’s like. – He missed that pass,
yeah, he dropped it. – Oh man, then he got caught
by the safety coming across. (muffled speaking) – It just wasn’t his day. – [Rob] Here we go. I could run it out but you know the arm. (buzzer) (muffled speaking) (cheering) – That was a good throw. – [Rob] Show them your power. And your accuracy at distance. What’s up Jeff? (laughing) – That was the most dramatic fall though. (laughing) (beep) The most dramatic fall though. I mean look, he start falling
before he ever got hit. – Yeah look. (laughing) – Might as well been like
a full 12-gauge shotgun. (laughing) Okay here we go. (muffled speaking) Here we go. – [Audience] Oh! (laughing) (mumbling) – That’s what I’m saying,
wasn’t that weird. – Where are we going and
where are we coming from. – It didn’t even seem like
that hard of like a hit. – I love she get to tell them it hurt. You ain’t got no (beep). (laughing) – It looks like a very like,
light like, bounce, you know. – It don’t matter. (laughing) – There you have it for cannon arms. (cheering) Speaking of your versatility. The Chargers last year gave you a chance to run in a touchdown. – Yes sir. – And the refs robbed you. – Yeah, they for sure did. – They robbed you.
(laughing) – Now when are they gonna
give you another chance to get back out there but I have a
feeling they’re not because they’re gonna have to pay you more. – Yeah for sure. You know that. (laughing) You know that. – Your celebration should be
you signing a new contract– (laughing) – Okay look, the thing
about being a running back, you don’t know you’re really
good at it til you’re given the chance, right? – Yeah, exactly. – Everybody right here, they’re
getting chased by security and cops, so they found out
really, they’re street backs. Take a look.
(laughing) (intense instrumental music) (shouting) – [Melvin] Oh yeah, out of
there, get up out of there. (laughing) – [Rob] Oh, oh, oh, oh oh. Oh no. – He trying to taze him,
he trying to taze him. – He fell into like, a weird
break dancing move, like yeah. (laughing) – That move actually helped him. – It did man, man he spun
him right back to his feet. He should’ve commanded his vehicle. I command this vehicle,
race me after this man. (laughing) (shouting) Somebody’s gotta get him. (laughing) Oh man, oh look. – He high-stepping and all. – [Rob] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. (laughing) (mumbling) – Other one’s just walking,
he be like, I ain’t got time for this (beep). – True, true champion street back. We’ll be right back with
more Ridiculousness. (cheering)


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