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January 12, 2020

Racket The Story starts with a School Principal School which is very popular in the City. Because of It’s Education and it’s very Popular in the City. Since the School was very Popular Most of the Parents Admit their Children in this School. Parents thought with this School’s Education their child will be a successful Guy/Girl in Future. But They Didn’t Knew that Principal Runs A Racket inside this School. Whenever there is a New Admission in School He puts a Smile on his Face. Every Year in School, There is an Competition Conducted by School for Senior Students for which Rules are Explained by Principal himself. He Encourages all the Students to take Part in the Competition with Dedication. So the Competition Rules are as follows:- 1. Students from 9th to 12th Class has to Participate in this Competition. from Every Section of Each Class. 2. These Students will form small Groups and Go to Peoples Houses. and Collects Money in the name of Students Suffering from Major Diseases. to cure them, Moreover Every Year School admits such Disease Suffering Students so the Racket can run. So According to Rules Kids Visits Peoples Houses and ask for Money so the School can contribute for the medication of Students suffering from Disease. and even Peoples pay them out of Sympathy. That’s how they used to collect Money. Students do this for 2-3 Months till the Competition Ends then all the money from all the classes and their Sections gets submitted to the School. then out of all the Groups In every section of every Class First 3 Groups get Prizes from Principal For example, Tuition Fee Waived or Books, Sports Kits will be Given. etc. After Distributing the Prizes, On the Back end, Principal used to manipulate all the data. who has given How much money, that sheet gets replaced with his fake sheet He use to decrease the amount and the remaining amount he use to keep it for personal use. That is how he use to change the Data. After manipulating data he use to keep sufficient money for Health care as well as managed to keep money for Personal use after paying extra to Accountants. From the ‘Personal use’ money he use to buy fancy things for his Family. He was doing this in Every Year during the Competition. This Competition was Condected by School from a long Time but few students were there who didn’t like this Competition at all and they knew from the ‘word of mouth’ something wrong happens from the inside. so they thought to make a group of students and Complain against the Principal. Students went to their Parents and Convince them to complain about him They told their Parents about the ‘Racket’ The Principal is doing wrong and Parents should Register a Complain against him. Parents also thought, this is wrong kids go to school for studies not for these things. They should Immediately stop this Competition or at-least there should be full check up. and Parents Finally register a Compaint against the Principal. After Registering a Complaint, Police give a Visit to the Principal. They tell the Principal we have a Complaint against you and they want to Question him about his Schemes. and tell the Police that they are helping students who are suffering from Major Disease. Principal shows them all the documents, actually he shows them Manipulated data and creates no Suspicion. Coming back to the Parents, Police Mens tell them that they had found nothing against him So they can’t take action Further. On the other Side, Principal after Dealing with the Police thinks that he might get Caught He might have saved himself now, but he will not last longer On that note, He decides to change everything back to normal. So that the situation will cool down and Next Year He will Change the Rules for the Competition. At that time the case gets Closed Next Year Principal changes everything, He changes the Staff, He decides not to manipulate the data and to Compensate everything He adds a rule of Minimum amount to be collected means for Prize money you have to collect some minimum amount plus the quality of Prizes will Increase. After implementation of new Rules, specially the rule of minimum amount Due to this reason, even more students gets angry on Principal because the principal has gone for new strategy to earn more money. Some students were angry because of new Rules and they wanted to end this competition forever. But they were helpless. Few days after, They meet a Guy He shows them proof of some Old and New Sheets. He tells Everything about the Racket and He can help them to Arrest the Principal. He was was working under the Principal Previously But due to Appointment of New Staff He lost his Job and Now he wants to take Revenge him Accountant Tells them How he use to convert Old sheets to new Sheets on the order of the Principal and use to Manipulate the Data as well. He tells all the Details to Parents and Kids. Parents Complaint against the Principal again with the Proof Principal Finally gets Caught. A new Principal is assigned by the School and the Racket gets Closed. Next Story is about a Foreigner Women, She came to India for a Trip. We will see, What will be her Experience? How she Manages in India? In our Next Story ‘AN INSIDER’

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