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Richard Gasquet – Road to Roland-Garros [2014]

November 7, 2019

-Hi, Richard. How are you?
-And you? -You’re fine?
-You too? Not too bad. I’d like to know how you are
since your back has been hurting you lately. It’s been 7 weeks since I’ve had a lot of trouble
with my back aching very intensely. I’m doing my best to be ready,
but it’s going to be difficult. We wish you all the best! I heard you like football pretty much… -Indeed.
-PSG? Yes, I’ve been in Paris for 10 years
and I like football very much. Like almost all tennis players. I heard you met the living legend,
the mythic Johnny Halliday. I suggest we do a little interview
based on Johnny Halliday. -Tough!
-Let’s go: tennis/Halliday! To whom would you sing “I’m crazy about you”? -I wouldn’t sing, first of all…
-Clear enough! Next one: “Memories, memories”…
Your worst memory ever in your career? I got disqualified at the US Open,
I remember. I had unwillingly thrown my racket
and it hit a linesman. I felt lonely. I left the court to whistling and booing
and it was not very pleasant, even in qualification. We ask all players
to produce little sounds and we have all sorts of instruments
for that purpose. We’ll integrate what you do to a piece of music
created by all players. Too tough. -It’s been ages, isn’t it?
-I can’t take such a risk. We have arrived. I always take a little selfie
to end a nice interview. Let’s go!

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