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Riding With Recruits: Charlotte’s Caleb Stone-Carrawell and Brice Williams

August 22, 2019

All right fellows we got the future of Charlotte 49ers
basketball with me now. These are the guys that are gonna
turn around your program roster. I got Caleb Stone I got to say Stone and
in the back I’ve got Bryce Williams. Both have famous dads, the parking brake. Bryce Williams’s dad, Henry Williams,
is probably in my opinion the best player, no offense anybody else,
in Charlotte basketball history. And Caleb’s dad played at Duke and
is an assistant coach at Duke now.>>Yes sir.>>And your teammate is going to Duke, so I’m sure you saw your dad
on campus [INAUDIBLE].>>Right, yeah.>>What was that like?>>Yeah, Yeah.
It was cool. I ain’t really been to a new campus. In a minute, but I used to go there a lot,
but now it’s kind of, I don’t really go there too much now, but-
>>Was that a weird recruiting process? So he was coming here, your dad and
your teammate, what was that like?>>No, it wasn’t really weird. Right, right. No, it wasn’t weird, no. Cause I mean, you know, my dad didn’t talk
to me about her or nothing like that. Right.
Yeah so. Now I’m not looking for
any NCAA violations, hey that’s my pop, gonna go see my boy. Yeah you know, it was cool like,
like, you like that’s my, you know, one of my best friends and
that’s my dad, it was cool though. It was kind of cool. Tell me, Bryce I know you lost
your father last year, but how badly do you want to go to Charlotte
and kind of maybe remember that day?>>Not really any more than I already did. I talked to my dad He was always like,
I don’t care where you go, as long as it’s the best situation for
you. But personally,
I always told him I’d beat records.>>[LAUGH] Posting big records.>>[INAUDIBLE] Now I’ve
just got to live it out.>>Word.
>>You two look like two. Two of the fastest rising dudes, like in
my opinion in North Carolina, you know?>>Right.
>>Like a couple of years ago I never would have thought that
you would be the player you are.>>Right. Yeah.>>And you,
you just exploded last year, you led your team to
>>Championship, and man and everything, 27 points a game. Where did all this come, first Price, where did all this improvement come
from so quickly, and how did it happen?>>Well, I always had it. Just confidence levels for me, and That whole April period,
no, the whole June, July period I was in the gym outside
every day, and really committed. So I guess it’s just the guys
giving me some payback.>>Payback? [LAUGH]
>>Not payback, they’re just rewarding me.>>Yeah. Something I should add
>>Done it all before>>What about you? How’d you get to where you are?>>For me I just, I knew I always
had a real good work ethic. For me, I just always wanna stay in the gym [INAUDIBLE]
>>Yeah.>>So for me, I just always want to just
keep working and just keep getting better. Because I knew something had to give.>>Was it hard for you, though? Because you played with Carolina, you’re
playing with that you’re the third wheel.>>Right.
>>Was it kind of hard to>>Do your thing when so much attention was on them?>>Not really, I don’t really
focus on that type of stuff. Like that last year,
when a lot of people used to ask me that. I didn’t never really focus
on that type of stuff, I just really focused on my development,
trying to help the team win. But for me, No,
I didn’t even look at it like that. I just always just stayed in my lane and
just kept working.>>And Bryce, tell me about
what’s gonna happen in Charlotte. Cuz they need talent. They need scoring. They need to win and
they’re brining in, in my opinion, two dudes who can certainly
help them do that. You guys should be all
conference players year two. At the latest.>>Right.
>>I felt like that with the class we coming in. I don’t know their names, but
the point gaurd that goes to and the big man from New Zeland I believe
>>Yeah.>>I feel like we’re all
going to come together, and we can all score the ball, Caleb can
score the ball, I can score the ball. But we can real Diverse team, and
they needed some under the radar talent. And, I mean, they’re gonna get it,
we can all score the ball.>>You all [CROSSTALK]
>>Right. We just gotta learn how to play together.>>I know you all [CROSSTALK]
>>But with all the talent and shooting and athleticism, there’s no reason why
we shouldn’t be top in the league, and going forward to-
>>You bringing in two He’s been setting for the wing guys if you can
most do it pass it as wing. Did you guys know each other?>>Yeah.>>How long have you know each
other how did you know each other?>>Since he noticed 16, you?>>Yeah.
>>Yeah, it temporary, it’s just temporary.>>So y’all played together some?>>Yeah, we played together [INAUDIBLE].>>And did you ever talk about going to
school together or did that just happen?>>At the time I no, not really. [INAUDIBLE] Talk about it like that.>>It was late in the recruiting process.>>Yeah, yeah, it was late.>>Where he was texting me, he was like,
I think I want to go to Charlotte.>>Yeah.
>>And he was like, hey, if that’s what you want to do.>>Right.
>>I was like, I don’t know what I’m gonna do yet. And then when I figure I
[INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE]>>So neither one of you put each other over the top.>>No.
>>It just kind of happened.>>yeah, because you know, looking back in
tenth grade, we played good together in tenth grade, so it was kind of like it
kind of just fell into place, really.>>And then once you guys both
decided that’s where you’re going, what was What was the conversation then?>>Just you know, we, [INAUDIBLE]
>>Turn here?>>Yeah, make a left right here. But really just you know,
I’m just ready for next year really.>>You ready for college for
one he wants his freedom and two you can do like when it comes to
the gym, you can do whatever you want. Like now, I have to wait for my
>>Specific days.>>You get that swiped card.>>Yeah, right.
>>Like on our visit, we stayed up until 1,
because we were at the gym. So we’re just ready for that,
because we love being in the gym. We’re not really party guys, so-
>>Like on our visit, we was in the gym.>>You all wanted to visit together?>>Yeah, it was together,
we went on our visit together.>>Yeah, uh-huh. We was in the gym. You know a lot of people party and
stuff when they visit.>>Yeah, yeah.
>>We didn’t, we was actually in the gym. It was cool, though.>>So, I mean, the mission,
obviously, it sounds like, is to put Charlotte back on the map?>>Right, yeah, definitely.>>How do you guys do that?>>Just take it a day at a time I’ll say,
just keep working hard, and then once we get there Coach Sanchez and the coaching
staff, I know they have a plan for us.>>It’s a process but
it’s like an advanced process.>>Yeah that’s a process too.>>What number you gonna wear Rex?>>You wearing three?>>I’m either gonna wear.>>You’re not wearing 34?>>That’s retired.>>That’s retired.>>What’s retired you can’t,
that’s the I’m gonna wear a 3, 6 or 14.>>I’m gonna probably either wear 11,
25, or probably 0, something like that.>>Do any of those numbers have
any significance to you guys, why you would wear them?>>Well 25, that’s the day I was born. What the.
>>And 11 lections like a big guard number to me.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>All right.>>But 3, 3 and.
>>Sometimes and.>>My favorite player I want.>>On time, at one point with Dwayne Wade.>>Yeah.
>>So that’s three, six, Lebraun, and then my AU, where I had the breakout season,
that’s where I played in that number. So it was a good memory.>>[LAUGH]
>>And then 13, 14 is what I started with. I always wanted to play my I just
remember years ago when Patino and those guys would come to Charlotte,
you probably were a little kid, and the place was packed, Carlton was packed. And it was loud, and I had to win 20
games, [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] that was such a great experience, and
I want to see that place like that again.>>Right, exactly.>>That kind of,
do you guys ever talk about that?>>I at the gym.>>[LAUGH]
>>Yeah, that’s why I was thinking>>Thing about that too, that’s what I really want to do too. Start
>>Putting butts in the seats?>>Yeah.
Building the fanbase up back again and>>Charleston is beautiful. I mean I don’t think people realize if you
haven’t been out there in a long time.>>And the arena is big too.>>Arena is big.>>So if we can get that place packed
out that’s the biggest in Florida.>>They have one of the largest
alumni bases in the area. They just need a reason to come out. Yeah.>>That’s you guys wish.>>Yeah I want to start gonna date or
someting.>>Tell me about this movie. You guys did a real times for I make
Oprah and you get to know the Meeks and. Over there how can you gusy
make a noise and big players.>>Right now is about national
investigated and learn. Play basketball. Like I said we’re taking it
a day at a time over there too.>>Yep.
>>We’re just playing smart. I’m trying to be a leader on and
off the court.>>Have you guys had
some injuries this year?>>Yeah.
>>What happened?>>I didn’t play the first four
games due to a right foot injury and our pointguard
>>They’ve been in and out every other game so.>>Is everybody get healthy now?>>No.
>>No. [LAUGH]>>I wish.>>Maybe by conference tournament you think? No?
All year long it’s gonna be like this.>>All year long it’s gonna be up and
down.>>For real?>>Well, not for me though.>>For the team. I got ya. Caleb, you’re in a totally
different situation.>>Yeah.
>>You guys are Were nationally ranked. And you lost down in beach bowl and
more of your team mates. This guy county celebrating
like they won the Super Bowl.>>Right. Yeah
>>Everybody wants to beat ya.>>Yeah, Ha
>>They have a chance to make history three state titles. Can you do it with all that pressure?>>Yeah, I think we can do it. It’s possible.>>Possible. I think we can do it I think we have
a real good chance of doing it. We just, keep playing. Just keep playing as a team. You know, I think we can do it.>>How much pressure is it? I don’t think it’s no pressure. Because at the end of the day,
it’s just basketball. So I don’t think it’s no pressure. Especially for me,
I just don’t think it’s no pressure.>>So you enjoy those games like last year
when they had that three-pointer at Duke.>>Yeah. You enjoy those games like that.>>Yeah, I like that. I like those types of games. Yeah, I love those times of games.>>Verses the 80 to 50 games.>>Right, yeah, yeah. I like to have those
types of games like that.>>You got a lot of 80 50 games left.>>Yeah, until playoffs.>>What are you guys gonna
remember most about, first Bryce, about your Some communities,
you know summertime stuff. What are you gonna remember most as
you get ready to go to Charlotte?>>All the work I put in. All the times I cried,
wanting to be better. Wanting to try to better somebody else. Just that. Everybody says the journey is what’s
important, and that was the journey. I mean the journey’s still going.>>Just really the freshness
that I had out of high school. I but yeah, just the freshness, and
definitely all the work that I put in, I’m gonna really just keep going,
build off of all the work I just put in. Just keep building off of that.>>And
Charlotte’s going to the tournament, how many years
>>Hopefully next year.>>One year, he says. Ron Sanchez, no pressure.>>[LAUGH]
>>No pressure, one year, one year. All right, 49ers fans,
this is PTU program, appreciate it,
>>Yes sir, appreciate it.>>All right, yo.
That was easy, right?>>Yeah. [MUSIC]

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